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March 31, 2009

MARGIELA by juergen teller (for PURPLE MAGAZINE)

More scans ahead-from Spring 2007 Purple Magazine
(scans from style expert at tfs-thank you v. much!)


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Photo of Hazel

always adored this editorial.

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

these are fantastic photos!
i love it!

Photo of keren

The editorial is BRILLIANT.

Photo of darragh

beautiful photographs, i'm never disappointed coming here. it's all lovely.

Photo of Stephanie

Loving the toe boots

Photo of GGshoe

Scandalous!! I love it!

Photo of Brigadeiro

Absolutely AMAZING! Especially the first top, like those paper cut-outs I used to make when I was little :) The floral halterneck top is also gorge (of course, everything above is too)

Photo of Cruz

I have a lot of this saved already, but I haven't seen them all including the last one which is AMAZING. Thanks for posting!

Photo of cassiopeia

gorgeous! loving the baggy denims... thanks for posting this chica!



Photo of jules

Love these eds! I remember when I first saw them I was in awe

great post Jane

i follow ur blog care to follow mine?

Photo of Sally

wow! inspiring pictures! and great new layout!!


Photo of Ava

Hi Jane! I love the cutouts, I tried that last weekend on a pair of shiny black leggings and they ripped. I like the halter top and the HUGE jeans. I like your new blog header. ***Ava

Photo of Ava

Jaw-dropping, show-stopping, heart-palpitating clothes!!! And Juergon Teller's photography is so beautifully stark!

Also-- Jane, did you see your picture on JUSTJR's new collage?? FAB:


-Ava (again, different one than above :D)


Photo of lxlloyd (exAONY)

The textures! Oh my god the textures look so satisfying. That shiny peach... the delicate rob ryanesque cut outs... i'm in love.

Photo of Nina

I love Juergen Teller, he is such an inspiration!

Photo of eugenia semjonova

THIS IS THE WAY MARGIELA SHOULD BE WORN. rugged, cool, as if the shit cost $1.50. splendid

Photo of zana

I'm in love with the two-toned tabi's!!!

Photo of Lesley

oh, the denim here is fantastic. i really enjoy the minimalistic aspect of it all.

Photo of donna

Love all of this, but please, whatever you do, don't get the cloven hoof boots!

Photo of Style Scientist

Margiela is a genius! I love his design. He defines what Avant Garde clothing is.


Photo of Daphne

juergen teller is just fabulous! thanks for posting about him :)


Photo of mr. freddy's mom

i love the new header, jane!

Photo of S.I.Q.

-karl lagerfeld quotes
-overpriced balenciaga and balmain
-Christian Lacroix for Gola
-Marc Jacobs engaged

Photo of Cara

jane....please please check out my post about you and my other fashion post....u sitll havent

Photo of Fiona

I love the first photo!

Photo of chantelle

that first photo is the shiznitz

Photo of emma

oh la la miss jane! and I love the new banner ; )

Photo of a la mode

Wow, I love that second one!

Photo of Maurenice

I have to say Jane, this editorial ROCKS!

Photo of juliet

That's what I call inspiration!

juliet xxx

Photo of kiki

purple has the best editorials....

Photo of mandi

fourth picture down, her hair and eyes are incredible! Also I know I shouldn't like it, but I'm loving the first girl's blonde hair!


Photo of Cady

the first one reminds me so much of Christian Lacroix's skeleton necklace

Photo of sara

ilu MMM. why was your london boutique closed today when i went to visit!? margiela is not carried by nearly enough english stores!

Photo of Cari

I really really hate the horse shoes. http://isnotfashion.blogspot.com

Photo of alice's diary

I like a previous post, your dress and shoes are amazing, mostly due to colour!
But, I have a question - are you really 16 year old? I thought you are older than me and I'm 18 :DDD
You're really gogrgeous girl with lovely stlye and great shoes!

Photo of Kelsey

WOW. I really love that first picture!

Photo of Yaya

oooo i love the first pic. makes me want to take scissors to everything in my closet and attempt a lookalike!

Photo of a la mode

Where have all the shoes gone in your banner?

Photo of momazpe

purple always has the most original editorials!

Photo of Sofiya

Such a shame that because of Renzo Rosso Margiela has left the brand....besides now they are putting logos on more and more items ....those pics are great they remind me of the time I worked with Martin thank you for this

Photo of Julia

Cool, such unconventional styling. ps- love the new header

Photo of jamieofalltrades

Awesome photos. I love Juergen Teller, such a fantastic photographer.

Photo of E.

I am so proud of this story, I worked during two month with Jane to get all the archives out! I miss Margiela's archives so much (used to be in charge of it). I love the fact that you're so young but understand his work so well.
E.who used to work at MMM and now is working for the French shoe master PH.

Photo of girlontape

love purple, jurgen, this story! thx for posting

Photo of tanya

Anyone know who this editorial was styled by?
It was photographed by Jurgen but styled by . . . ?

Photo of Justine

Purple magazine is awesome.. these photos are so raw even though they are just shot in a white studio. Check out Love magazine (just launched last month), Interview, Nylon and V magazine for more shots like this.. I'd love to intern for one of these magazines. You should think about doing an internship in New York.. you belong there! Anyone would be lucky to hire you.

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