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March 10, 2009

inspiration board #?

Haven't made one of these in forever!
I guess that's because I've been so busy image-gathering at Leeland.
But anyways,
The two men in red are Raf Simons Spring 2002-WOW! wow! wow!


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Photo of thefatandskinny

This is so beautiful.

Photo of Caroline

this is so visually stunning. the color palette/theme reminds me a bit of sayat nova.

Photo of amber

Oh i really like your images! very well done! Great job Jane!



Photo of Kathleen

wow! that is a great group of colors and images.

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

the red men remind me of one of my major inspirations, the imperial guards in star wars. great collage though!

Photo of Bonnie Klyde

I love the bird and the nun they contrast in demenor but blend colorwise. It's so great!


Photo of Kelsey

I like all the red. Always have loved that colour. Especially when it's this vibrant.

Photo of ashley

gorgeous inspiration!

also, i've been seeing more and more red popping up. 2010 color?

Photo of cindy

I love when guys wear red.

Photo of Isa

omg you're amazing! i can see you love the ysl heels!:)
kisses gorgeous!

Photo of Kathy

If you like the face coverings and hanging fabric, you should check out this editorial as I think you'd like it: http://reedandrader.com/unamerican.html

Photo of iru

amazing! so stimulating and rich in reference. you have a real eye, jane. is leeland all yours?

Photo of Cafe Fashionista

Love it! You have an eye for color! :)

Photo of zana

CHRIST girl. I'm usually not one to be moved by inspiration boards but this one is so spot on. I would be tempted to also add in this hauntingly perfect diffused red look from Haider Ackermann FW09:



Photo of joy

jane, this is my favorite one you've ever done.

Photo of emma

omg i think it's incredible to hate some one and love some one this much!
i love all your shoes so much, i've just been browsing through your past blogs since chrismas and i'm in awe :)

Photo of planetalf

how visually stimulating

Photo of David Casavant

I'm so gonna go and look at old Raf collections now!!!!!!!!!


Photo of caroline

A) I love what you're doing at Leeland
B) I await Atlantis
C) I envy your fur pillow collection
D) I referenced you on my blog. cool?

Photo of Lauren

why the wow wow? it's just men in red. you could see this on a janitor. the material doesn't look fresh, it's worn, sleeves are too long, and pants seem scrub-like. I know, I know people will say "that's the point" but is that fashion or is it just love due to the label.

Photo of Anna

lol! I am interested in seeing how the nun outfit will inspire a vintage creation :-D
Keep up the good work!

Photo of Liz

Scrubs and niqaab type head-dresses? Women in the Middle East wear those every day....ehh, I think that the headdresses are always a beautiful item, but those outfits are not WOW WOW to me at all. the board is beautiful though.

Photo of Estelle

Great picture, your blog is just amazing !
Check out ours : figuredestyle.blogspot.com
xoxo, Estelle

Photo of tivogirl

you do know that the 9/11 hjackers pulled out red scarves and wrapped their heads in RED scarves before they killed thousands. that's what these guys remind me of. sorry honey, you missed the mark on this one...

Photo of sabijoon133

Dear Jane,

I am a big follow of your blog and love it! Your inpiration boards are very unique and creative! I was just wondering how you made them , are they made online (if so what program) or by hand? Either way...well done! :)

-Sabrina with Je Veux Te Voir Magazine

Photo of HN

It seems you forgot the cult Cronenberg's Dead Ringers film. :)


Have a good day, you have already a good blog.

Photo of db

heey, love this one, very pretty. (y)

Photo of Air Jordans

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Photo of Fernando

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