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March 20, 2009

Hi from Austin-quick outfit post.

I've been running around Austin like crazy today!
Been shopping a lot too...whoops..
My mom and my sister are at home. It's just me and my dad here in Austin. He's so patient with me. He doesn't even mind when I ask him annoying girl questions-"Did I get my legs too orange??" "Should I roll my pants up or leave them uncuffed??" "Can you see my underwear through this??" 
Thanks dad, you're rad....
 It's so crazy here! Traffic and everything...still not precisely sure what I'm going to do tonight! So many shows but its kinda hard when you're not over 21 (or 18!! bah!) 

Anyways I've got such great things to blog about! But I'm running short on time so I'll hold off on that stuff. For now, here is what I wore today. I'm standing outside of Feathers vintage boutique, one of my favorite stops here in Austin! I'll be back there tomorrow too to meet the owners and check out new stuff. Fun!


Oops I snagged my shirt. Oh, drats. Wearing a bell sleeve lace shirt from Forever 21, green silk organza skirt from Anthropologie, a belt from my mom's old store in the eighties, Alex and Chloe deerhorn necklace with an old cross, American Apparel hat, and Givenchy wedges.

Sorry for posting outfits with this hat so much.
I really love this hat though. Confession: today I picked up the brown and the grey versions of this hat too. Whoops. Looks like you'll be seeing more of them, if youre a regular Sea of Shoes reader...

To make this post more worth your while, here are some really really cute dogs.
I met them today when I met up with Esti Choi in her new store, Buy Definition. Expect a post about this amazing treasure trove in the next few days! 

Must get going!
xx jane


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Photo of miss a.

Awww, she has a Westie. I have one, too. That shirt is amazing. I have extreme envy.

Photo of najeema

In order of awesomeness- 1) shoes, 2) doggies, 3) hat, 4)necklace. I bet the grey version of the hat is gorgeous!


Photo of Fashion CHALET

I have a Boston Terrier too!!!!! :]


Photo of keren

I love the skirt, and I adore the shoes ! :)

Photo of the glamourai

ooooh... feathers is my austin favorite! i'll be there next week so don't take all the good stuff!


Photo of Jen

I find myself wanting to wear that hat with every outfit too ^^;

Photo of Brigadeiro

I will never tire of seeing that hat, and plan to get one in black & grey ;) I've had a similar one in beige I love. LOVE that Anthropologie skirt & can't get enough of it either ;) Hope you're having a blast in Austin ! Those dogs are too cute!

Photo of KaySha

Hi, I am kinda new to your blog. but I really LOVE it. I went back and checked out ALL of your old post :) keep up the nice work.

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

words aren't enough to describe you.
you're very very beautiful!


Photo of naboonies

Beautiful shade of green - looks nice on your porcelian skin :)

Naboonies from DUNIA FASHYON


Photo of Jamie

I have to get one of those hats, I see everyone posting with them and they look amazing. The skirt and belt combo is especially nice!

Photo of ohphilippa

eee these dogs are so so cute! enjoy houston with your dad

Photo of Mary Kathryn

I absolutely a d o r e your outfit! The green skirt with the lace top is genius. But, you look like you have a cute body, why not show it off in some cute fitted jeans/ trousers? Just a suggestion though, anyhow.. Love the site, keep it up!

xox MK

Photo of S.Elisabeth

aww those dogs are so cute! and i know! i was feel too young for everything! and that hat is classic.

Photo of MK

I absolutely a d o r e the outfit! The lace top with the green skirt is genius. But, you seem like you have a cute body, so why not show it off with some fitted jeans/ trousers? Just a suggestion though. (= Anyhow, I love the site; keep it up!


Photo of eden

hey jane,

like everyone else i'm an ardent follower of your blog! don't ever think i'll ever meet a teenager in our locality as fabulous as you. keep it up! check out my site by the way if you haven't encountered it yet..


Photo of Alexa

great outfit, you're so lucky your attending sxsw.

Photo of erin lynne

can i please have that bostie baby? look at that sweet face!

Photo of Alfie

Austin is pretty awesome, huh? the buffalo exchange on the drag is a regular stop for me, though I know there's one up in Dallas somewhere too. cute outfit and that hats are adorable

Photo of Meg

I visit Austin yearly to visit family, and I'm not sure I've ever been to Feathers! Where in Austin is it?

Photo of quelle

love your skirt and what a shame about snagging your shirt! :(

Photo of momazpe

haahah this post made me smile, those dogs are extremly cute. And i love the green wall for your picture.


Photo of Nini Nguyen

awww. The puppies are so cute. You look great as always Jane. I hope you and your had having a great time in Austin.
See you soon,
Nini Nguyen

Photo of stephanie

The background colors are so complimentary, especially against your skin tone. The buildings remind me of my tropical island home!
Beautiful, stunning photos. :)

Photo of joanna

that pug is frickin cute!! i have to show him to my boyfriend n_n

Photo of Hoa

you have given that lace top so many liveS!!!!

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

i love that hat. I really admire how you mix the unexpected and it comes off so perfectly. And those pups are adorable.

Photo of Amanda Sejnowski

I live in Austin and am seriously considering going to Feathers tomorrow and stalking you from behind the racks haha. You'll probably be really freaked out when you read this :\ don't worry I'm just a 17 year old girl! I know I have been turned down twice this SXSW it sucks not being 18/21. Hopefully I'll work up the nerve to go see you tomorrow!

Photo of Denise L (Denisekatipunera)

great outfit. You dress so nicely considering you're so young. Unlike some teenage blogs you see out there, wearing almost nothing. You are sophistication. I love your style.


visit me sometime.

Photo of justnicky

hi there! i'm a new reader. your shoe collection is amazing! i love your outfits and i wish i have the skills to throw outfits together (haha). :) thanks for the share.

Photo of agnieszka

i just found your blog like a week ago and it is great!
i have the same westie , but his black nose changed and now it's light brown- weird haha ;)
u inspired me to get some nice shoes / strappy sandals on platform from guess , uncomfortable but really pretty ;)

Photo of gennie

love how your outfit blends in with the backdrop!

I have a westie in texas too!! :D

Photo of Shin

I love your oufit so much! So pretty and polished. Plus the dogs are supercute! xxoxxo

Photo of lunarzie

love the dogs. so wanna hug them :-))

Photo of clémence

the second dog is just like mine...french bulldog...
rrha i shouldn t read you so often i ran on americanapparel.net to order one like this in grey the first time i saw it here a while ago...now i d like a black one too...not so reasonnable...

Photo of Maia Jane

Now Jane...The hat is beautiful, absolutely stunning, but you you really need to look into getting some rabbit felt versions. I have one in orange, with a bit wider of a brim, and compared to any wool ones I have ever tried on, it is spectacular. Mine is from a craftsman, a proper hatter, in Florence called Boutique Nadine... The rabbit hats also last much longer, long enough so that you could, theoretically, give them to your children. No doubt the American Apparel version is inexpensive, but I think you would really love the effect of the rabbit version. I'll snap a photo for you.

As always, I love your blog and your posts, keep it up!


Photo of Jen

I love westies ! So cute. The colour of that skirt is great, and I have major shoe envy over these x

Photo of arline Jernigan

I love westies too, and I love bostons.

I always get the wants looking at your blog.

The shoes are me, and I want a pair of my own :)

Photo of Antonia

I NEED that lace top!

And that Boston Terrier in the last pic is ADORABLE. I want one!


Photo of K

hi jane! love your blog!

im confused though -- does your dad live with you guys? or does he stay in austin cause he works there?

Photo of Kaja

I love how you make this skirt work in so many different combinations!

Photo of Melissa

Hey Jane!

I just bought the same Anthropologie skirt on sale for $20! I was amazed when I found it!

Photo of juliet

Cute dogs, but I have to Love that skirt of yours!

juliet xxx

Photo of sarah

love feathers! welcome to austin! i'd love to meet you but i'm in san antonio today! have fun in austin, isn't it just the most fun city ever?!

Photo of Hanene

I have a hat on the same style , and i love it too

You look great Jane. And i WANT YOUR SKIRT

Photo of Roxanne

Hi !
You're looking so good ! :))
By the way, I'm from Poland, I really like Yours blog ;))
I will be there often
Kisses :)

Photo of Paige

i lived in Texas for 12 years and i never got to go shopping in Austin. sure, i got to see the capital of Texas, but no shopping. and now it's too late, i live in Florida. lol.

Photo of sarah

awesome! the feathers girls are friends of mine! when you've been in the thrifting resale trade in this town long enough you end up knowing/working with everyone at some point.

like i mentioned to you before, would love a list of your fave places in Austin to shop!

i know being under 21 is a bummer at SXSW but Yelle at Emos tonight and Kanye at the Fader fort...i'm sure your know someone who can get you past the door :)

good luck!

Photo of ColoursMarie

This will not help with the extreme shopping wants but I love this boutique. I've been living in Austin for almost 20 years and it's still my favorite shop.

By George
Last Updated by Marie on Mar 5
High end gorgeous boutique. From runway designs to local favorites like HerffChristiansen. A true gem of the city. Great for browsing after lunch at the local Whole Foods Flagship location. Fantastic accessory collection.

By George
524 N Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78703
(512) 472-5951

Photo of jessica

wonderfffulll dear! i hope you find lots of fun under 18 things to do - i cant wait for the vintage post!


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