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March 05, 2009

grocery shopping....blah!!

Wearing a thrifted polyester sundress, Lucky brand ombre cardigan, soft buttery wrap belt by unknown designer, and Emanuel Ungaro branch heels.

I look sooo natural and laid-back in this picture....NOT!! Sometimes it is so hard to not look like a freak in front of the camera! You only have ten seconds between the time you press that button and the time the timer goes off and snaps you!! 

I didn't go anywhere today. Wait thats a big lie, I went to the grocery store to buy tea tonight!! Sometimes life is so boring! But that is high school in suburbia, right?! 
But hey in Paris its burning! Wish I was there!!

Even when life is dull, nothing puts a spring in your step like a sick pair of shoes!!

Tonight those shoes would be.....the Emanuel Ungaro branch heels.


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Photo of Thumbelina Fashionista

I am madly in love with this outfit--if one can be in love with an outfit. Truly fabulous!

Photo of ann

these are SO HOT.

Photo of meg

i didn't do anything today either! but sometimes those are the best days. your outfit is amazing, those heels are fantastic! you look very lovely for a trip to the grocery store! xx

Photo of Cruz

The belt idea is inspired by the new Balenciaga collection maybe? ;-) Anyways, very cool ensemble, I wish they made shoes for guys that cool!

Photo of D

Your makeup has been looking really great!

Photo of LK

love love love this outfit!!
and I wish I could do my makeup half as well as you.

Photo of Zarna

those heels are fabulous!!!


Photo of Zarna

those shoes are fabulous!


Photo of M

i wish I could look this great for a trip to the grocery store!
love the shoes! xx

Photo of deltay

Oh. Wow. LOVIN' the heels! :)

Photo of Sabrina

Holy cow. The branches. I'm drooling

Photo of emily

Those shoes are fantastic I love the heel!

Photo of Tars

hi, i've got two questions,
where can you get the branch heels? and do you know which season of junya watanabe the shoes the girl in the picture is wearing is from?



Photo of Timber

Those shoes are beautiful -- and your outfit looks amazing! The perfect mix of classy comfort.

When I take my waywt photos I usually have about thirty horrible half blinking shots and then one gem. But such is life...

Photo of elaine

those shoes are so adorable with the branch heels!

can you show us how you tie your belt? I have a belt that's meant to be worn that way but I can't seem to tie it properly without it looking very awkward. thanks!

Photo of Juliette

You look like a wonderful stepford wife. Such awesome heels though!!!

Photo of Cleopatra Daily

I love this look! You are so stylish. Where do you find inspiration, mostly likely from your mother I'm guessing?

Photo of Stéphanie Chanavas
Stéphanie Chanavas March 06, 2009 at 12:09 AM

This footwear remains unquestionably my preferring...

Photo of gennie

that heel is so so so amazing!!! you need to take a photo of those in a forest or something hehe :)

Photo of Jenny

those are some of the most amazing shoes ever ever ever!

Photo of Shay

see if your camera has a setting to take multiple images once the timer goes off - if it takes 3 or 4 in a row you have a moment to adjust your pose.

Photo of brigadeiro

This outfit is so incredible! love the muted colours, the ombre cardigan, and of course, those amazingly gorgeous shoes!


Photo of Anna

I've just been visiting your blog lately, and I'm loving your style! I adore the colours in this outfit

Photo of lins

exactly the right amound of extravaganza!

Photo of Laura

goregous shoes. I'm so jealous! the heel detail is immense!


Photo of Iris

sublime! the colors are perfect and the shoes...

Photo of aysha



Photo of cindy khor

the shoes are just gorgeous... love the heels...and the dress...they really come together as a whole outfit...love how you wear them...

Photo of Manja

Wow....this is such a great outfit! And those shoes are so amazing! So gorgeous!

Photo of Vintage Tea

You look absolutely stunning. I love everything you are wearing. it is so chic. And the shoes.... wow

Check me out at http://vintage-tea.blogspot.com/


Photo of Stéphanie

Among all the women I see in blogs I watch everyday you are the only one who SMILE! And for that thank you!

Photo of Hanene

Those shoes ... I NEED THEM !!!


I really like this outfit you look so wonderful.

Photo of Kimi

Jane, the outfit is so soft and pretty and natural. I love it. :) esp on you!

Photo of Britt

Shit !!! this shoes are fucking amazing - love them.
& very nice blog - greetings from germany - hamburg.


Photo of Jin

Love this shoe.... and every other shoes you have.....
glad that i found your site....
i can't find these in Malaysia though...

Photo of cathze

like your blog and your shoes. especially this pair! greetings from germany!

Photo of J. Rene'

I am so in luuuuuvvvvv with those shoes. I wish I looked half as cute as you when I went anywhere, much less grocery shopping.

Photo of naboonies

Lovely cardigan! I wonder if they have a version for guys?

Photo of Lorena.F

Those branch heels are georgous.
Kisses from Paris! (even if I can't go to the fashion week :[)

Photo of Weronika

I'm polish girl . Your blog i amazing ! ;)
jestes świetna , pozdrawiam ;)


Photo of cassiopeia

gorgeous shoes! you look so sophisticated... wish i could stand up that straight and look so poised in outfit photos lol.



Photo of autumn

What color/brand lipstick are you wearing? I absolutely love it!

Photo of Connie

What kind of camera do you use? If it's a DSLR you might just want to get a remote. I have a Nikon D40x and the remote for it is like a small stick of gum. It's so unnoticeable and works perfectly for self-portraits.

Photo of Vicki

I was at Loehmanns the other day and they had your baby pink pointy-toed Givenchy heels. GOD HOW DO YOU WALK IN THOSE THINGS? I tried them on and the second I put wait on my foot I knew I wouldn't even be able to make it to the end of the aisle to get to the foot mirror. Ouch!

Photo of Triufelis

Oh, I love thoose shoes, they're perfect in so many ways!

Photo of belle fantaisie

those shoes are fabulous, i love the heel and the colour is just perfect!

Photo of Ulvo

Lovely shoes. But I don`t like this outfit, to be honest, you look like you were 30, not 15.

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