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March 26, 2009

Cute little thrifted jacket w/ new silk boxing shorts

This little 80's jacket my mom picked up at Salvation Army on Tuesday is killer. I'm so into it! Sadly it is not mine for keeps. Expect to see this cutie on the vintage site soon.
I love wearing these little bandage tube tops in the summer-I got mine at Mango last year.

I had fun playing with it though.

These glasses were purchased at Buffalo Exchange in Austin for eight dollars. Kinda goofy but a little bit good too I think. Speaking of goofy, aren't I great at doing my hair? Oh geez...

Givenchy wedges...oops is that a blister I see? Ouch. Whatever.

Whoever gets this jacket is a lucky lady. It'll be up next week I think. I'm not in charge of that stuff so I don't know for sure.

The silk boxing shorts are Dries van Noten-purchased at By George in Austin. I'm in love with them! I'm thinking they will be perfect for Tokyo this summer-they're light and airy and perfect for humid weather.
My mom used to sell to By George back when she had her line. I'm going back to By George soon and can't wait to do a post on their amazing store.

*I realize I am way, way behind on my email-hopefully I'll get back to them soon. Things are so crazy with the school and the blog. Seems like they are constantly at odds. Gotta budget my time carefully. I have so much homework due next week not to mention a scary, scary test. (DP Biology...shudder...anyone who's ever taken a higher level IB Biology course knows what I mean)

xo Jane


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Photo of mr. freddy's mom

it's another outfit blast, jane!
i love that jacket!


Photo of Alana

Nice jacket! I envy your warm weather. I took Higher Level IB Biology -- all I can say is good luck!

Photo of Alyssa

You're going to Tokyo?! How exciting!

This outfit reminds me of Blade Runner. and that jacket looks in mint condition! i'm jealous!

Photo of Jill

By George is one of my favorite Austin haunts. We have a house in Marble Falls...outside of Austin. I bitch and moan until we take our detour so I can see what's new at ByG.

Photo of Ann

hey jane! this seems like a shot taken straight out from the sartorialist! excellent!..i really like how u put the outfit together.it reminds me Michael Kors collection for 09 i think (the glasses esp).

Photo of Stylecrusader

I am loving those shorts, and very cool sunglasses!


Photo of Rachel

Any chance you'll do a Tokyo Style/Travel Guide in future posts?! Heading there in May and would love to hear about places you recommend!

Best of luck w/ school!

Photo of Cycy

You look really really great in Black and Pink! i luv it!
(i'm a French girl but i check out your blog every week, luv ur style)

Photo of Jessica

you look just so amazing!!! this is a really great outfit!! i just adore that little jacket!! :)

Photo of andrea

Bandage tube tops- I wore them in the '60s and '70s under my jumpsuits and overalls! They cost $1.00 then! Please visit my blog that I just started. I would appreciate it if you could tell me how do link my daily reads because I want to put you on it (as well as your mom!). Thanks for the inspiration! xo

Photo of andrea

Oops, boy am I new at this- it said that my URL was automatically linked but didn't link the address. It's http://styleobsession.typepad.com. Thanks for any help you can give me!

Photo of Amee

I'm in love with this look Jane! And the glasses are sweet!

Photo of lilix

I simply love it!! Beautiful!

Photo of hardliquorsoftholes

ah, the dries shorts are EVERYTHING I'VE EVER WANTED. jealzzzz

Photo of faithsalutes

Silk in Tokyo is bad...think wet and drippy. Wet silk is very obvious. Outfit is adorable though.

Photo of Jane

You look stupid as fuck.

Photo of dewiutari

The shocking pink color makes the jacket looks GREAT!

Love it so much, wish I could have it:)

Anyway, I'm a fashion editor and I love your blog specially the way you write about your daily stylish life. Superb!



Photo of robert

that jacket is amazing with those sunglasses

Photo of Alyssa

hot hot hot..

that is all i can say my dear!!

Photo of jessica


jane its sooooo superrr cuteee!! <333

Photo of hanako66

that little blazer is fabulous!

Photo of S.I.Q.

the shorts are perfect!

-louboutin for barneys
marc jacobs engaged
and Christian Lacroix for Gola
on my blog

Photo of S.I.Q.

and the color of the jacket is amazing!

Photo of S.I.Q.

the glasses are so 80s!

-louboutin for barneys
marc jacobs engaged
and Christian Lacroix for Gola
on my blog

Photo of Antonia

This may be my fav look of yours to date!
I'd die for that jacket
Keeping my eye out on your Mom's vint site... ;)

Photo of Victoire

this outfit is a stunner! the pants/shoes/sunnies combo is so futuristic and yet now and fun! ahh

i'm taking Biology SL for IB next year. it's supposed to be a bit easier? lets home so... :S

Photo of AM

The shoes are amazing. Too bad about that blister.Yikes! I hope that gets better =]

Beautiful as always.

<3 AM

Photo of Adriana xx

Oh My God! This jacket is amazing <333 I love it. Can you borrow it me ? ;p

Photo of Ellie

That jacket looks really really good. At least you got to wear it for one day of awesomeness. Matches so well with your sunglasses!

Photo of Wanderlusting

Great shorts - great shoes! Great pics. great post. yadda yadda just love ya!!

x0x0 Lusty

Photo of Ava

beautiful shorts-- great proportion! and those givenchy wedges are so hardcore/amazing!



Photo of vanessa datorre

Cute jacket!! love the mix of colors!!

Photo of Darian

The jacket is super cute!

Photo of amy

Givenchy's are giving me a "I heart" attack! OH my!
super cute jacket

Photo of claudia

that is the most amazzzing jacket i love it!

Photo of Becca

I love the jacket and those AMAZING givenchy sandals..

Photo of GGshoe

In love with those pants, an amazing piece!!

Photo of lipsticklondoner

incredible outdit i am so amazed, muchos inspirational xxx

Photo of Adrianna

I love that you are so sure of yourself; that you can wear outrageously amazing outfits. I love the confidence that you exude.

Photo of hania

we're starting IB at our school next year! I'm kind of worried, haha!

I really love the flowiness of your shorts, with the sharp edges of your jacket - they go well together

and of course, the Givenchy's are beautiful :)

Photo of zara

i actually love the red bandage top with the pink, grey and black. a very sophisticated color palette! your style is truly original (and very refreshing among all the same old fashion bloggers out there)!!! good luck on exams :)

Photo of Victoria

You're great !
i love this jacket :)

Photo of Kathleen

Your outfits are getting better and better! This one... it may be my favorite to date!

Photo of Peter Eliason

Jane Your So Flyy!! Love The Frames!!!


Photo of raisa

i'm in love with the jacket. they're really omg. the whole outfit looks cool

Photo of aya

god dam you so gorgeous and super stylishhhh

Photo of sandraJeanette

You totaly look like a model. And those photos. Jummy! :D

Photo of Justine

I love that you shopped at Buffalo Exchange and By George.. I live in Austin and attend UT (and was also at sxsw)! Someone asked to take my picture for style.com and I thought it was awesome... I would have been just as proud to be on your blog though! You really put things together amazingly and creatively.. keep on keep on

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