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March 24, 2009


A helpful reader recommended I stop by BuyDefintion's new showroom while I was in Austin-BuyDefintion's impressive online store has been going strong since owner Esti Choi first started it in 2007. This year she is moving into a space on South Congress and it is going to be jam-packed with amazing things, as you'll be able to see from the rest of this post!

Go peek at the site and you'll see an impressive line up of independent designers and discover some great newbies that you've probably never heard about-Esti has a very discerning eye and opened me up to some new labels like the Copenhagen-based Wood Wood, and also stocks old favorites like Society for Rational dress.
What I liked about Esti's store is that it didn't have a specific 'look'-so many times small boutiques really only cater to one kind of customer and that can be such a turn off. But there is truly something for everyone at Buy Definition and Esti seems to favor pieces that are extremely 'stylable' and versatile.

Oh, and when I say new showroom, I mean really new-when these pictures were taken, Esti and her boyfriend were two days into their move!! Wow, they work fast!

Buy Definition's soon-to-be space on South Congress...it's huge and super cute. 

A row of beautiful dresses and jumpsuits...ahhh pretty colors!

I've always had a soft spot for the pinkish-nude color of this Quail dress...flutter sleeves set my heart a-flutter. I photographed it against the light so you could see that it has an open back. Lovely.

Hot pants for a babe with a bod. Sooo cute.

Remember that episode of Sex and the City when Carrie wore a green mini skirt with a little peplum in the back? Yeah, Quail's Valentine skirt reminded me of that too!

Shofolk's sandals-so sweet. But that little saddle shoe is the best.

^This leather jacket by Tankus is exquisite-all crackly and love-worn. Esti showed me how the collar is moldable-so cool. I just ordered one for my mom and I to share.

Beautiful Esti modelling one of her neckpieces from Fernanda Pereira.

I think it's safe to say that Esti is the queen of jumpsuits. Check out the onesies section of her site. She has two from Society for Rational Dress that I am crazy about!

^The one of the right is almost the same as the Society for Rational Dress jumpsuit I bought last year, but this time it has a little chain halter. 

A hot little Catherine Holstein number.

This tuxedo jumpsuit by Sea is the perfect formal jumpsuit.

While I was checking out the showroom, I came across this Wood Wood jumpsuit and couldn't help myself. It was calling out my name. It has an almost aviatrix feel to it.

I love it so much that I had to wear it the day after I bought it.

If you're ever in Austin, give Esti a ring and check out her showroom-and if you're not in Austin you can always check out the online store.
My trip to Buy Definition made my whole trip to Austin worth it, and thanks so much Esti for showing me around! Can't wait to stop by the completed showroom next time I'm in town.

xx jane


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Photo of Soraya

I love you're white Ann Demeulemeester shoes!

Photo of Carmen

Seems like you had an amazing time!
Can't wait to see new posts!

Photo of Leia

Wow, it looks like she has some really great items! That neckpiece is gorgeous. Love that jumpsuit on you as well. Off to check out her online store!

Photo of quelle

oh what a great find!
and the jumpsuit looks awesome on you!

Photo of Lara

your outfit is amazing!!! and great clothes!!!

Photo of tfs member

wow ill def check it out when i get some more money!

Photo of Patricia

I already Luv the store, I'll have to keep it in mind whenever I go there!

Photo of viv

OH! looks so great <3 but it´s a harm that i live in Finland :<

Photo of coin-operated ninja

the pinkish nude dress is exquisite!

Photo of Soraya

Where do you find all these great hats?
Please tell me!

Photo of mademoiselle chic

I love the nude dress! :)

Photo of Antonia

What a great place. The jumpsuit is FIERCE!

Photo of Lainey

I have fallen in love with everything you photographed at that store. Especially the formal jumpsuit!!!

Photo of S.I.Q.

i like the online store so much!!

-new louboutin for barneys
and marc jacobs engaged
in my blog

Photo of C

Your jacket sold out! I went to check it out and it's gone. You look adorable and the store looks great too! xoxo!

Photo of momazpe

ohhh what taste and style! amazing


Photo of RICCARDI Matilde

yeh!! the second jumpsuit from Society for Rational Dress is INCREDIble!



Photo of michelle

Is there anything that you don't HAVE TO HAVE?

Photo of Elizabeth

wow that jumpsuit you got is amazing!

Photo of wroxton

The neckpiece looks more like it's by Ka Pow Wow. I've been wanting one of their scarves for awhile now.

Photo of keren

Wow, the showroom looks great! I love practically every piece pictured, especially that jacket. The jumpsuit looks great on you. :)

Photo of sd

that showroom is probably everything i've ever dreamed about and more haha

Photo of Molly

You look amazing in the floppy brimmed hats. They're a great finishing touch.

Photo of Sam

The store is great. I've been looking for a place with Lorick sales, the past like year. My heart goes out to you people dont understand my fashion at all...

Photo of Corrie

So impressive. And you wear that jumpsuit infinitely better than the model. Gorgeous!

Photo of gennie

wow that Tankus leather jacket is sick!!! love it!
How did I know that you would end up getting the Ann Ds in another color ;)

Photo of Elizabeth

That neck piece looks strangely like Ka Pow Wow...


Photo of Sus

The jumpsuit looks stunning on you! Totally fab.

Photo of Manja

Ooooh....that store looks SWEET! It I ever get to Austin, I have to go there *mental note*...and that jumpsuit looks so awesome on you...wow, great!

Photo of juliet

I'd need something like that to get my day better.

juliet xxx

Photo of Dinky Dot

ooh looks wonderful, and the white shoes! super xxx

Photo of Account Deleted

oh my, i love that neck accessory, its just amazing!! thank you so much for sharing it with us! I love your blog, my friend introduced me ur blog a few weeks ago, i have read it from the 1st page to the last! pls do keep us updated!! btw, I am from China, a girl who loves shoes and sells shoes!

Photo of Account Deleted

btw, i've just found Fernanda Pereira on facebook, lol.. added her( I think), im so excited! Pls do keep on finding new cool things and share with us, hehe..

Photo of ray

damn jane!! my eyes water from scrolling without blinking so hard!!!!!!!!!

love the new damn ann's in that beautiful color!!! and i really need to get that formal jumpsuit with one of those SICK tie dye scarves!!

how cute!??!!??!

ps i just found those new stellas in nude. i now have my mission and will go forth

as always XOXXX

Photo of Jen

The jumpsuit looks so much better the way you've worn it than it does on the model !

Photo of Saree Elias

I love those brooguesss and jacket i wanttt theeeem, and the b&w jumpsuit is gorgeous did you get it? hope you diddd! kisses dearrr, hope to hear from you soon.. ;)


Photo of Brainz

BTW the scarves are sunshine and shadow. You look great. :)

Photo of The Six Six Sick Girls

I can't believe you ordered that Tankus jacket---we represent that line at my showroom, and I was thinking of ordering one their jackets, you can style them a million different ways. Good choice.


Photo of Jenni

I both love you and hate you for this post...

love you because i love just about everything on this website

bad because this website is seriously bad to my bank account ...argh!


Photo of erin :: the olive notes

super cute shop!!! Love the neckpiece.

and ps: your waist is like 11" in that photo :)

Photo of Tamia

I would do some SERIOUS damage in there. The hotpants are so Cindy/Claudia/Naomi circa 1995. And that green skirt is reminiscent of what was quite possibly my favorite Carrie look.

Photo of Becca

there are so many fantastic pieces! I love the catherine holstein and also the green mini, and that pretty quail dress as well.. sigh! lovely.

Photo of Bee

esti the model is cute!

Photo of maggie

O.M.G. i neeeedd that suit! im totally in luv w alexander mqQueen's STUF!

Photo of marie

i love that necklace!!!

Photo of Sarah

I have that Quail dress in the Dark Green.
I just love love love wearing it, and if you wear a pretty bra I think it's super cute with just a spice of sexy :)
I'm in love with your blog that I stumbled across just today.

Photo of Institutethus

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Photo of Frøken Salicath

The jumpsuit looks great clinched in the waist with a broad belt. Love all the other items too...

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