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March 27, 2009

Babooska's Harem Johphur Pants

Thanks so much to the lovely Francesca for sending me these harem jodphur pants-they're killer. I had fun wearing them at school today. (It was no-uniform day) I also had fun doing a little photoshoot with them too.
Worn with vintage ultra-suede band jacket, vintage ponyhair & rhinestone belt, vintage glasses, and Givenchy wedges.
Thanks Francesca!

You can get the pants here at Babooshka boutique-she has tons of variations, plus some other amazing stuff in her store, like the jumpsuit she sent me!

xx jane


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Photo of Punky

Hello Jane!

Love your style!

Hope you can drop by if you are not busy..

Photo of whimsykid

I don't think I would wear pants like that, but they work with the outfit. And the jacket and glasses are amazing.

Photo of Laura

Where is the place? I love the colors!

Photo of AK

I LOVE that Harem pants are here in the US! About 4 years ago, they were HUGE in Amsterdam when i lived there. YAY!! Love the outfit!

Photo of Cari

Love your shoes. Pants are def not for everyone. http://isnotfashion.blogspot.com

Photo of Angelique

already on my etsy favs :)

Photo of Alice

amazing shoes, love love love them :)

Photo of Monique

These photos look like they were ripped out of an editorial! I love the contrast of you in black with the bright background :)

Photo of Libby

i have been looking for the balmain like military jacket forever! And those pants are great with the sunglasses, so jealous!
Libby ~ www.fashionconfectionairy.weebly.com

Photo of chloe

hammer time!

Photo of Melissa

Are you standing in front of a Legorreta building? You seem to like all types of design so I recommend getting one of his books. He's an amazing architect.

Kanye West reads your blog?! That's crazy. But yours is really one of the best blogs out there so it's no wonder.

Photo of faithsalutes

some of my favorite images on this blog and i am a long time follower. kudos little lady.

Photo of David Diaz

This jacket is so Balmain,it's crazy.SUCH a good look,jane.

Photo of Elle

These photos are my favourites of you ever! Where are you? Looks like a photoshoot location!

Photo of anna

hi jane. nice outfit (as always). though, i am also interested to see you wearing school uniform. :D

Photo of Anika

These babies are something else. Love them, and what you've paired them with (hello Lennon shades!)

Photo of emilia

OH Nice! I love that outfit, it looks really great with that harem-pants.

Photo of sandraJeanette

I totaly love your style from what I've seen of you 'til now.
Scooluniforms are so hawt, but luckely we don't have that here in Norway. I think people kinda lost their personal style of that. But it's sexy, and fasinating.

Photo of Jenny

I love your blog!

Photo of Sara

still SO jealous about your givenchy wedges! i'm trying to get yoox to send me their 38s in the UK...and just find a cobbler who can make them fit my 37 feet!

Photo of Laura

I love it all...you look great in the whole look! I'm especially loving the band jacket!


Photo of Valerie

Thanks for posting the link !

Photo of Becca

This is a fabulous outfit! I love the jacket and the sunglasses especially.

Photo of MT Days & Nights

I love that you wore this outfit to school!

Photo of robert

you've been showing the Givenchy wedges some serious love lately...

Photo of lilly!

AWESOME!a fugly little girl tryin hard 2 be a model.

Photo of Carolina Botelho

for me.. your best post! you look fabbb&fantastic! :)xx

Photo of Buzzflikr

Looks like a muy caliente foto shoot in the Santa Fe District of Mexico City - waaaay to go, chica!!! The whole Buzzflikr PR team luvs ur style.

Photo of grace

red lipstick forever!

Photo of Christina Chan

Though this is an impressive blog, we cannot escape the facts. She is extremely privileged not only financially, but in the level of intimate fashion exposure that most girls her age and NOT of her financial disposition, she has received. Her mother was a former model that lived aboard for an extensive portion of her life in addition to providing for her children to the ability to live free of the usual constraints that afflict the masses. More and more I am beginning to feel that fashion & art, are privileges of those of have versus those who have not. I would be entirely more moved by this blog, if she were middle - class or even poor and scrapping a bit for her clothes and shoes, let alone, making them herself. This isn't to completely bash her efforts, as she's exercised considerable dedication to her blogs but let us not forget the reality here: she's a wealthy 17 year old girl in Texas, with a former model for a mother and an unlimited wealth of resources at her fingertips. This is not common and her popularity is directly linked to "our" i.e. the "have nots" and the "masses alike" OBSESSION with the lives of those who possess the material things and opportunities we wished we had. It is really our ENVY, shrouded in "appreciation" that allows this girl to have reached the heights that she has, and will continue, as long as we worship material idols instead of going out, into the world, and inspiring not just ourselves but others. - CC

Photo of Sarah

LOVE it! Shout out to Solana! LOL

Photo of jessica

I love the second picture from the bottom..the blue pool reflected in the glasses is a nice touch..

Photo of Hanene


Photo of Sabina

I think this is my favorite outfit that you wore so far...

Photo of becca

the trousers are gorgeous.
i really do love your posts there great! :]
would you like to swap links?

Photo of Ariela

Love your harem pants! I have jumbo thighs and don't know if they'd look good on me but they look amazing on you. Thanks for always being a style inspiration

Photo of Naki

I used to live in Philly and loved shopping at Babooshka. Check out this great one-piece that I bought there:http://stylechile.blogspot.com/2006/10/babooshka.html

I remember those Harem pants. Francesca is awesome!


Photo of FASHintuitION

This shoes are fierce girl! Love them so much :)
BJS *keep it stylish*

Photo of Elle

My god! what an outfit!

Love the little jacket and the glasses, so cool!



Photo of dana

i would kill for clothes like that!

Photo of Chelsea

love the shirt and jacket but don't like the pants. i agree with Laarni. i also don't love the sunglasses. i mean, i don't like that shape of glasses at all. but i do love the shoes. they are so cool!

Photo of Johanna-Catharina Edin

I never seen a girl on 17 years old and have so nice style like you!
/ Johanna-Catharina

Photo of *Dith*

ur blog name is very befitting. u hv d best set of shoes and u rock them very well. i am a fan.

Photo of acid reflux diet

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Photo of אומנויות לחימה

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