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March 16, 2009

a darker form.

This dress was supposed to go up on Atlantis Vintage but I couldn't part with it.
It's a nice wool and has rounded shoulder pads. Purchased at Goodwill on Saturday.
Perfect with my Balenciaga boots (first time debuting them on Sea of Shoes). 
Perfect with everything, really. Feeling really good about this sillouhette.I hope I get to wear it a few more times before it gets too hot for wool here in Dallas.


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Photo of Brigadeiro

OMG!!! Can't believe you have those Balenciagas!!! They are 2D4! Love the vintage wool dress too!

Photo of quelle

i wouldn't part with that dress either!

Photo of David Casavant

Why have you been hiding those boots! What other shoes have you been hiding from us?!?!


Photo of gennie

wow you would have those balenciaga boots!! haha.

i saw your blue bubble skirt today at the barneys on rodeo drive :)

Photo of mandi

I LOVE the boots... I LOVE the dress (don't part with it...ever!)... and I LOVE the hat.

I don't know how I feel about it all paired together though...the proportions seem a bit funny.


Photo of whitelightning

THIS IS MY FAVORITE OUTFIT OF ALL TIMEZ. seriously. it's genius perfect amazingness.

Photo of macky styledump.com

stunning!! i love this darker feel!

Photo of becca

do you have a livejournal?

Photo of william

I've been waiting for you to bust these boots out! I kept seeing them in the background of photos wondering when you would wear them. I love how they look with a long hemline.

Photo of Lucile

Are those boots ? Or is it the just leather pants paired with pointy shoes ?? The illusion looks great anyway ! Gorgeous dress ! x

Photo of Karen

i love love that hat!!

Photo of Archibald Maximilion
Archibald Maximilion March 16, 2009 at 02:09 AM

I love this beyond belief. I have many favourites of yours but this is right up there.

Photo of veronica

Oh my, those boot's are made for walking.

Photo of avant-garde ephemera

oh Jane - this is definitely the best outfit of yours! Absolute brilliance, that dress was made to be worn with those shoes!
Show us close-ups and more outfits of these shoes ASAP!

xx b

Photo of nathalie

wowwwwww!!!!! just for the vintage dress

Photo of candice

omg those shoes are amazing!!!

Photo of Skylice

wooow lovely clothes and killer boots!!

Photo of keren

Wow, my first thoughts were something along the lines of witch-like. Really great look, and those boots are gorgeous! :)

Photo of PHAMZY



Photo of Leia

The dress is really lovely and looks so great on you. At first I thought the boots were leather trousers and had to look twice!

Photo of Evlin

I love this hat!
It's perfet!
great outfit


Photo of Melissa

Boo, why can't I find anything like that dress when I go to goodwill? Poo poo pa poo. Love the outfit, dear. Those boots make me weep!

Photo of cindy khor

that is really one of a kind boots... those chunky swollen base really adds effect to the boots (literally shouting "hey, look at me...")... super funky...love em

Photo of Justyna

I love your style but the most i love your house!

Photo of vintage Tea

I love the dark and mysterious look on you

Click here to visit me at Vintage Tea!


Photo of lucille

U look so beautiful ! You have a style ...
love your blog !
Lucille a sea of shoes addict !

Photo of Emma

o.m.g I love the hat so much. It's A-Mazing!


Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

amazing. i like this, with the hat it reminds me of ann d. I love that dress too, i dont blame you for keeping it.

Photo of Margarita

Those boots are absolutely amazing. You look mysterious.

Photo of char

love love love those boots! very apt together with the dress!

Photo of Mariona

Everyone knows that I love Nicolas Ghesquière and of course their boots but the pics are uauuuuu, like the look, you looks absolutely fantastic with this hat, très chic ...

Photo of lunarzie

mysterious look today :-) always something new from you. really nice! :-)

Photo of deltay

Mmm beautiful dress, can def see why it's hard to part with ;)


Photo of J. Rene'

They all look really great together! I wish I would have been half as cool as you at your age!

Photo of luxirare

...........................wtf...................those boots..................................

Photo of shoesick

Ohhh man, i am going to need a close up of those balenciaga boots. Stat. LOOOVEEE.

Photo of Wanderlusting

wow you are scaring the crap outta me! great pics and LOVE those boots. So Matrix :)

xoxo Lusty


Photo of jessica

i loveeee the bootss!! so amazingg!!

Photo of Kristina

perfection from head to toe. that 2nd picture just drew me in

Photo of Zoey

Whoa! Are you channeling one of the coolest movie posters ever? http://www.filmint.nu/?q=node/101

Photo of Stephanie

What a great look. I love the dress...good call on your part for keeping it.

Oh! and the boots...swoooonnnn!!!


Photo of laruss

Hi jane! my name is lara,of course you don't know mw,becuse i'm italian and i've a blog from a very little time..anyway i really really like your style and how you interpret fashion..i LOVE your mum's comme des garçonne and also this dress.. see you..;P

Photo of ida

where do you buy all of your shoes?? I can't find these anywhere.. at least not online, and that's the only place where i can find balenciagas in Sweden.. do you have any tips of where i can find them?

Photo of preciouspeters

This reminds me of the Alchemist in the movie The Holy Mountain.

Photo of Serena

Such an amazing outfit! You look like a super-villain in the best possible way. Great pictures as well.

Photo of Emelie

your style is so awsome! Love the outfit.

Photo of Heleen

yesss keep the dress! I want to see what other combinations you come up with!

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