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March 31, 2009

MARGIELA by juergen teller (for PURPLE MAGAZINE)

More scans ahead-from Spring 2007 Purple Magazine
(scans from style expert at tfs-thank you v. much!)

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March 30, 2009

Roadside pictures in Fairy, TX-from March 22nd

These pictures were taken on the side of the road on our way home from Austin last Sunday. So sorry, these pictures are a week stale.
I scored this Alexander Wang dress on sale at Barney's before I left for my trip.
IT WAS REALLY WINDY, as you can tell by my hair and the way my dress is about to blow off of me.

Wearing Alexander Wang dress, vintage beaded cardigan, and cut-out Marigela heels.

Wait, wait...gotta zoom in on my new Margielas. A sandal patent cut-out seafoam green sandal. So simple, so perfect and that color is out of this world. It is my favorite color-and it is so hard to find in clothing. Now I have a dress, a sweater, and a pair of Margielas in this hue. Can't wait to add more to the sea-foam green collection.

Not such a good picture, doesn't really do them justice! I'll try to snap them later this week.

xo Jane

March 27, 2009


Was very excited to get an email from Mr. Kanye West today.
I mean, whoa!

Kanye reading Sea of Shoes-glad to have visual clarification that this happened.

Thanks so much, Kanye. So glad you like S.o.S.

xo Jane

Babooska's Harem Johphur Pants

Thanks so much to the lovely Francesca for sending me these harem jodphur pants-they're killer. I had fun wearing them at school today. (It was no-uniform day) I also had fun doing a little photoshoot with them too.
Worn with vintage ultra-suede band jacket, vintage ponyhair & rhinestone belt, vintage glasses, and Givenchy wedges.
Thanks Francesca!

You can get the pants here at Babooshka boutique-she has tons of variations, plus some other amazing stuff in her store, like the jumpsuit she sent me!

xx jane

March 26, 2009

Cute little thrifted jacket w/ new silk boxing shorts

This little 80's jacket my mom picked up at Salvation Army on Tuesday is killer. I'm so into it! Sadly it is not mine for keeps. Expect to see this cutie on the vintage site soon.
I love wearing these little bandage tube tops in the summer-I got mine at Mango last year.

I had fun playing with it though.

These glasses were purchased at Buffalo Exchange in Austin for eight dollars. Kinda goofy but a little bit good too I think. Speaking of goofy, aren't I great at doing my hair? Oh geez...

Givenchy wedges...oops is that a blister I see? Ouch. Whatever.

Whoever gets this jacket is a lucky lady. It'll be up next week I think. I'm not in charge of that stuff so I don't know for sure.

The silk boxing shorts are Dries van Noten-purchased at By George in Austin. I'm in love with them! I'm thinking they will be perfect for Tokyo this summer-they're light and airy and perfect for humid weather.
My mom used to sell to By George back when she had her line. I'm going back to By George soon and can't wait to do a post on their amazing store.

*I realize I am way, way behind on my email-hopefully I'll get back to them soon. Things are so crazy with the school and the blog. Seems like they are constantly at odds. Gotta budget my time carefully. I have so much homework due next week not to mention a scary, scary test. (DP Biology...shudder...anyone who's ever taken a higher level IB Biology course knows what I mean)

xo Jane

March 25, 2009

Your new favorite streetstyle blog-NAST-MAGAZINE.FR

I'm interrupting this week's Austin newsfeed to tell you about a blog you must add to your BlogLovin' if you haven't already!
Nast Magazine is a new blog I've very recently discovered and though it is only two months old, Sophie Arancio's amazing photography (and stylish subjects) puts this newborn streetstyle blog in the same rankings as The Sartorialist and Garance Dore.

Here are some of Sophie's shots from the last two months.






I was wondering who the talented woman behind these beautiful pictures could be...so wandered over to her 'About' page....


Wow! Sophie herself is a total knock-out!

So, if you're new to Sophie's site I would suggest going over there now-can't wait for more updates!

March 24, 2009

MORE PICTURES of that WOOD WOOD jumpsuit

Wore this on Saturday morning in Austin!


Do you want to know something really sad? That little field behind me? It is a graveyard. Look really, really close and you can see the graves. What a sad graveyard.

I just got these glasses! Groovy, right? Yes I put a funny filter on this picture.

Breakfast at a little vegetarian spot that Esti reccomended-YUM! It was so tasty. I had spinach lasagna...yeah that's a breakfast food? 

Okay...I totally just went there...yes...I had to get them in white too....whoo hoo bye bye paycheck!
But I think I like them better than the black and even the brown versions of these shoes!! of course they are all good, the best even!

They are too good with my too great jumpsuit!


A helpful reader recommended I stop by BuyDefintion's new showroom while I was in Austin-BuyDefintion's impressive online store has been going strong since owner Esti Choi first started it in 2007. This year she is moving into a space on South Congress and it is going to be jam-packed with amazing things, as you'll be able to see from the rest of this post!

Go peek at the site and you'll see an impressive line up of independent designers and discover some great newbies that you've probably never heard about-Esti has a very discerning eye and opened me up to some new labels like the Copenhagen-based Wood Wood, and also stocks old favorites like Society for Rational dress.
What I liked about Esti's store is that it didn't have a specific 'look'-so many times small boutiques really only cater to one kind of customer and that can be such a turn off. But there is truly something for everyone at Buy Definition and Esti seems to favor pieces that are extremely 'stylable' and versatile.

Oh, and when I say new showroom, I mean really new-when these pictures were taken, Esti and her boyfriend were two days into their move!! Wow, they work fast!

Buy Definition's soon-to-be space on South Congress...it's huge and super cute. 

A row of beautiful dresses and jumpsuits...ahhh pretty colors!

I've always had a soft spot for the pinkish-nude color of this Quail dress...flutter sleeves set my heart a-flutter. I photographed it against the light so you could see that it has an open back. Lovely.

Hot pants for a babe with a bod. Sooo cute.

Remember that episode of Sex and the City when Carrie wore a green mini skirt with a little peplum in the back? Yeah, Quail's Valentine skirt reminded me of that too!

Shofolk's sandals-so sweet. But that little saddle shoe is the best.

^This leather jacket by Tankus is exquisite-all crackly and love-worn. Esti showed me how the collar is moldable-so cool. I just ordered one for my mom and I to share.

Beautiful Esti modelling one of her neckpieces from Fernanda Pereira.

I think it's safe to say that Esti is the queen of jumpsuits. Check out the onesies section of her site. She has two from Society for Rational Dress that I am crazy about!

^The one of the right is almost the same as the Society for Rational Dress jumpsuit I bought last year, but this time it has a little chain halter. 

A hot little Catherine Holstein number.

This tuxedo jumpsuit by Sea is the perfect formal jumpsuit.

While I was checking out the showroom, I came across this Wood Wood jumpsuit and couldn't help myself. It was calling out my name. It has an almost aviatrix feel to it.

I love it so much that I had to wear it the day after I bought it.

If you're ever in Austin, give Esti a ring and check out her showroom-and if you're not in Austin you can always check out the online store.
My trip to Buy Definition made my whole trip to Austin worth it, and thanks so much Esti for showing me around! Can't wait to stop by the completed showroom next time I'm in town.

xx jane


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