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February 05, 2009

kind of gothic today?

Wearing jeans from VOD, Balenciaga booties, shearling and suede Richard Chai jacket, a Junya Watanabe shirt I'm borrowing from mom, and major bedhead...

These jeans are so boss! I cannot remember the name of the designer-it is a friend of Jackie's from VOD who does these insanely cool rock & roll leather jackets and skirts and jeans like these.

I have gotten a crazy amount of email from new readers (and old readers) this week-I'm sorry if I don't get back to all of them. But thank you so much to everyone who has written such sweet emails + Facebook messages-you guys are unbelievably kind!

xox Jane


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Photo of Fitz

OOh, am i first to comment? *wins at life*

I love those booties. I like how they are sorta bulky, but still have a clean line to it. Those jeans are fun too; they seem casual, but are still sophisticated.

I also really liked the look you did with the faux-leather leggings a little while ago (I gave it a shoutout on my blog when I tried to do something with those leggings, though admittedly not nearly as chic as yours: http://ifthesokfitz.blogspot.com/2009/02/youre-real-good-at-matching-your-ties.html)

Wow, with all the time it took to write this comment I'm probably not first anymore. Oh well.


Photo of Fitz

Nope I'm still first haha

Photo of Angela

Um. Oh my god. The jeans.
I'm in love haha.

Photo of Brigadeiro

*drool* Those Balenciagas always make my heart beat just that little bit faster. LOVE it! Btw, love the bedhead! (serious)

Photo of marina

I love the shoes, but the jacket really stands out in these pics. Love it.

Photo of Nubby

Amazing jeans...and I am convinced that you can do no wrong fashion-wise! You have a way of making everything your own with the way you put your looks together.


Love the jeans! Nice... I love how chunky the zipper is and the stitch detail is sick.


Photo of Kathleen

omg, i love the jeans! they are so awesome!

Photo of Elise

Hey girl, i saw you in teen vogue, i love your style. Way to be for dressing the way you want even if your friends think it's odd (: you have great style

Photo of Stylecrusader

Awesome jeans. I freelance for a showroom that works with the buyers from VOD, I've heard great stuff about the store.


Photo of Mandi

I'm so in love with the Balenciaga booties! Such a classic shape. And the sculptural silhouette of that jacket is incredible!

You should check out the photos i put up on my blog yesterday - heidi mount wearing athletic tape as sleeves with vintage margiela shoulderpads!


Photo of Shok

I have the biggest crush on you ever! Lets get married I live in Dallas!

check out my blog i think our blogs should have babies and make mini blogs



Photo of Christine

oh goodness, the jeans! you look like a stallion (in the best way possible!) love!

Photo of Marina

You should play in rock band!Amazing jeans and the whole outfit!

Photo of Vale (:

the upper part looks... off.

Photo of Kristina

wait, i dont remember you wearing those Balenciaga booties before! i freaking love them!

Photo of Kimberley

Your hair looks awesome. The jeans are hot. The jacket makes for an interesting silhouette. Love the boots!


Photo of Tina

I love the jeans and shoes!!

Photo of metallicatrollet

I love that jacket, and the shirt. You look amazing! :)

Photo of Ria

I don't think you're gothic at all. Very well put together. Those jeans are boss.

Photo of Rebecca.

Like youre style, really nice!

Photo of nita

the pants are awesome! I just can't get enough of zippers

Photo of Saree elias

Gareth daughter,jane haha kisses


killing it! you're probably the only blogger that owns real balenc

Photo of Martina

AAAH, your Balenciaga booties rock!
I never had the chance to get them in my size! YOU LUCKY GIRL ;)


Photo of Cissi

You deserve all the kind words. You and your style is outstanding!

Photo of Keren Alshanetsky

Those booties are most amazing.

Photo of tanya

wow, i have to say, i'm in love with those jeans--they are perfect for the outfit, or, um, ANY day of the week :-)

Photo of Zarna

looove the balenciaga booties!

...and you've got great hair i must say!


Photo of CC



Photo of Lilou

I'm a french reader (from Paris) so I hope you'll understand me.
I look at your pictures everyday and I really love your style...and shoes!

This Balenciage booties are just amazing! I think I'm in love with them!!!
I hope you will continue to share your passion.


Photo of maya

oh my god i love those booties so much!
anyway the total look relly rocks!

Photo of lucy

wow - first teen vogue and now the big one, style.com! congratulations!!

Photo of The Fashion Pinko

Please don't hate me, but while I love the jeans and the booties, I think that there's something ever so awkward about the proportions on the jacket. Not really sure what it is- you're usually on top of your game, so maybe it's just the angle?

Photo of charm

oh shoes, you kill me...

Photo of Lindsey

Hi Jane! Did you see that you were featured on Style.com's iphone application? Pretty amazing. The fashion world is taking note. Congratulations!

Photo of Noemi Sunshine Ferst

I'm desperate for those Balenciagas.
A year and a half I've been searching for them!
Really really want them.
If anyone knows where i could find them, please please please let me know.
You look devine Jane.

Photo of Emily Rose

I want jeans like that but with a GIANT zipper. Great outfit, as always!


Photo of Zoe

Ohhhhh the booties... i'm rendered speechless every time!

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