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February 08, 2009

Trying on my new Rugby Ralph Lauren jacket


So I spent this gloomy Sunday playing around in a set that my mom and I constructed out of odds and ends from our garage. Yeah kinda nerdy but whatever...Thank you so much mom for being my patient photographer in this little photo session, mom.

Our set kind of has the feel of an explorer's tent...LOL. Like a Walmart photo studio but with an explorer backdrop.

Yesterday I was in Rugby Ralph Lauren and happened to spy the most amazing red military jacket on their sales rack-what a score! It's incredibly well made and *so cool*

Definitely one of those pieces thats easy to throw on with anything...see some of what I came up with for it...


Worn with skirt from Anthropologie, Rugby Ralph Lauren hat, Margiela cut out boots, lots of bangles 

These pants were part of an Oscar de la Renta suit found at a thrift store-a lucky find. Worn with Rugby Ralph Lauren hat and Dries van Noten sandals.


Worn with Hysteric Glamour jeans (borrowed from mom), Ann Demeulemeester laceup boots, and a Zara top.

Worn with an old Banana Republic dress and a Christopher Ross antelope belt stolen from my mom's belt collection.

Shelley and Staci were big fans of the set up, as you can probably tell...

I had to keep shooing them away the whole time I was taking these...hahaha.

My sister was so kind as to take a turn at modeling it-thank you Carol!

Yesterday when my mom and I were at Rugby Ralph Lauren we saw this dress and immediately thought of Carol-doesn't she look so cute in it? Worn with Made Well boots and tartan knee highs.

I can tell that I am really really going to enjoy this jacket! 


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Photo of Lauren

i've never looked much at the rugby line..but now I might have to take a look..i love the st. peppers inspiration mixed with grunge glam you have going on here.. great blog jane!

Photo of Amee

My boyfriend loves Rugby! The people at the Highland Park Village store are exceptionally nice. I missed out on an amazing pair of jodhpurs one time. Too bad we don't have one in Houston. Your jacket is amazing..I can't stop staring at all of the buttons!

Photo of coin-operated ninja

i like the second and 4th look a lot. and oh, your sister is soo pretty!

Photo of DUSKIN

you are TOO much!
i love it all. but the most coveted piece?
the oscar pants.

Photo of Brook and Lyn

I love the second look with the blue oscar trousers and hat. I have to say I dismissed Ralph Lauren as being way too preppy but this jacket is pretty fantastic.

Photo of jo

jane! gorgeous jacket. love the first outfit a lot, the rest are great too. would love to see you in your school uni :D

Photo of Ivy

I'm watching the Grammy Awards right now, and I've just realized who you remind me of! You look somewhat like LeAnn Rimes, but with much larger eyes :) If anything, it's a compliment because LeAnn's pretty!

Photo of Diane

WOW!!!! A 5 STARS Aldridge editorial for sure.the jacket is beautiful *droooolll* LOVE ALL THE LOOKS JANE! you and your mum did a fantastic job i really like the picture of you and your dog where you could see the details of the jacket closely,the belt matches it really well too :) don't you just love the colour of the classic military jacket? Have you tried these looks outside yet?! Keep it up, you ROCK!

Photo of Tracy

that jacket looks great on you! i can see what you mean about it being so versatile, looks great in so many combinations!

Photo of The Minx

You and your sister are adorable! I love the third look, the shirt looks so romantic, and your hair is amazing!!

Photo of Robin

oh my gosh i am jealosu of ur clothes and wish i could pull off or afford what you wear....all i can say is wow u and ur sister are gorgeous!!!! love the maggelan boots

Photo of Rose

Nice outfits!!!

Is ur lil sis going to start a blog as well?

Photo of mademoisselle Chic

i love the jacket! sooo cute :o)

Photo of jburgess

Jane, Nice job! The jacket looks amazing and you make it look effortlessly diverse. It was made for you. Glad you stopped by and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Photo of Mandi

I love you in the banana republic dress with the jacket - which is gorgeous!

And Carol looks adorable!


Photo of Melissa

that rugby jacket is soo awesome. i'm going to go there tomorrow and see if they have it!

Photo of amy

I love the jacket with your de la Renta pants. Gorgeous!

Photo of denishabeybeh

i can only imagine how is it in your house.

CAN YOU ADOPT ME? please!!!!! hihi.

Photo of Eper

My fave outfit is the one with the Hysterics jeans! And I love Carol's take on it as well :)

Photo of cattirun

that jacket is amazing.... i love its silhouette
and those margiela boots, at first i was skeptic, then when you made the first post about them i though they were ok and now i think they are amazing; they look so great
I love the set and it's refreshing to seeing the photos in new sets, so bravo
btw i love your blog and your style

Photo of sune

that is perfection in a jacket! it really was a lucky find :)

Photo of Elsa

I like the outfit with the Oscar de la Renta suit trousers best, but I think it'd look better without the hat. I know then it would be boring by your standards but I think soemtimes it's best to resist the pressure to accessorise.

Photo of Ria

That's an amazing jacket and those lace up boots just look boss.

Photo of Karin

Haha, I'm almost embarassed by how well you dress - in the morning when you put on your faboulus clothes, all I can bare to take on is a booring pair of jeans and a sweater..
Anyway, can you show some pictures of those wonderfoul vintage belts with gild animals? I can remember seeing some pictures of a mouse-belt or something a while ago, but I'd really like to see all of them!

(Please excuse my poor english, I'm swedish actually. I tried my best though!)

Photo of Sabrina

This jacket, in red color, is absolutly fabulous!!
Where can i buy this?!
A french fan <3 XD

Photo of CAROLINE.

Something about the ruffly sleeves of your Zara top sticking out has this quaint aristocratic touch. Nice.

Photo of misha

The oscar de la Renta pants are so hot&in this season. Congrats for the blog ;)

misha, Romania, Europe :)

Photo of Silje

These pictures look absolutely beautiful!

Photo of Anika

Ooooh, love the red jacket. Red's one of my favourite colours, and I have been ransacking all sorts of shops trying to find a band/military inspired blazer or jacket!

Love it....and love all the photos too :)

Photo of Fashion Victim

showing off your all-time best shoe collection ever?
in love with the jacket!

Photo of Dusty

what a versatile piece! the first look is my favorite- straight out of a ralph lauren ad!

Photo of Amy Williams

OMG the shoes in this post are beyond amazing, all my favourites of yours! Those Dries sandals have to be the best for me though...!

Photo of Milly

all of the outfits are lovely

Photo of Anita

Hello from Spain!!

I love your outfits!!

This jacket is... fab!!



Photo of Stephanie

Please check out my blog.

Photo of Natacha

Your sister is so pretty!


Photo of FRED EGAN


Nice find :) Unfortunately the associates there know me by name now but Ralph Lauren is so top drawer...can't help myself.

Photo of iiiccchhhaaa

aw your clothes in this post totally adorable


Photo of vera

i always love how you put things together.
but i must say, your mother also looks gorgeous in your posts.
didn't you post some time ago that she started a blog
(and if not, please persuade her to do so) ?
anyway, i can't find it anymore, could you maybe post it next time she has an 'appreance' in your blog ?

Photo of Sunset

That jacket is SO perfect! I love the hat along with it too, it totally works in a nontacky way.

Your sister is a cutie!


Photo of Monique

the third outfit is my favorite. indeed, a very awesome jacket!!

Photo of belle fantaisie

ooh i love it, the colour is amazing and looks great with navy clothes!

Photo of not a nice comment, i know, but hey, people are dying
not a nice comment, i know, but hey, people are dying February 09, 2009 at 03:23 PM

children are starving in ghana

Photo of Jei

This post is lovely! <3

Photo of Burn These Bones

I've been looking for the perfect red military jacket for ages! and you found it, haha. It looks cute on your sister tooo!

Photo of Krissie

This jacket is gourgeous-- & the third outfit is my favorite. <3

Photo of Sarah

I LOVE the jacket! Especially with the yellow anthropology skirt (my favorite store), the whole outfit just pops!!!!! And the boots gave the outfit extra pazzaz

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

i read this this morning, but i didnt have time to comment, so many phenomenal visuals! and i had to get ready for work!

i like the set you've created! you and your mother have such a knack for mixing and matching so many different elements but yet keeping it all cohesive and harmonious.

that jacket is very cool! im surprised that there isnt a rugby store where i live! despite having at least 3 RLC stores in my county.

i love your hair in the loose braid.

i really the the ensemble with the OdlR pants. But then the sheer blouse top and the Ann D boots, completly blew me away!!! Absolutely phenomenal!!

I have to say your blog really puts a smile on my face! take care!

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