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February 08, 2009

Trying on my new Rugby Ralph Lauren jacket


So I spent this gloomy Sunday playing around in a set that my mom and I constructed out of odds and ends from our garage. Yeah kinda nerdy but whatever...Thank you so much mom for being my patient photographer in this little photo session, mom.

Our set kind of has the feel of an explorer's tent...LOL. Like a Walmart photo studio but with an explorer backdrop.

Yesterday I was in Rugby Ralph Lauren and happened to spy the most amazing red military jacket on their sales rack-what a score! It's incredibly well made and *so cool*

Definitely one of those pieces thats easy to throw on with anything...see some of what I came up with for it...


Worn with skirt from Anthropologie, Rugby Ralph Lauren hat, Margiela cut out boots, lots of bangles 

These pants were part of an Oscar de la Renta suit found at a thrift store-a lucky find. Worn with Rugby Ralph Lauren hat and Dries van Noten sandals.


Worn with Hysteric Glamour jeans (borrowed from mom), Ann Demeulemeester laceup boots, and a Zara top.

Worn with an old Banana Republic dress and a Christopher Ross antelope belt stolen from my mom's belt collection.

Shelley and Staci were big fans of the set up, as you can probably tell...

I had to keep shooing them away the whole time I was taking these...hahaha.

My sister was so kind as to take a turn at modeling it-thank you Carol!

Yesterday when my mom and I were at Rugby Ralph Lauren we saw this dress and immediately thought of Carol-doesn't she look so cute in it? Worn with Made Well boots and tartan knee highs.

I can tell that I am really really going to enjoy this jacket! 


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Photo of Fashion CHALET

You look so fab in red. It's definitely your color. I adore the hat! Have something similar. =]


Photo of Joanna

Arrghhh! I NEED a jacket just like this! I've been searching and searching on ebay and in thrift stores but alas, nothing is quite right. What a lucky find!

Photo of Brigadeiro

What a gorgeous gorgeous jacket! Congrats on your find! Love all the outfits, and the one with the DVN beaded/sequinned sandals is my fave, as those shoes just makes my heart skip a beat (still haven't given up hope on finding them). Carol looks gorge in the jacket too! Love it with the stripey jacket and flat boots!

Cool set btw!


Photo of Bambola

Love the look of it with the Banana Republic dress... perfect combo of structure & flow.

Looks fantastic with the Oscar de la Renta suit pants!

Bambola x

Photo of Alice

AH, I love the outfit with the jeans and the Ann Demeulemeester boots!! That's awesome!

I'm looking for a red blazer too. But a vintage band-style.

Photo of Jaimee

Oh wow..lucky find indeed!!
I love when something like that happens :0)
Every way you styled the jacket is pretty much amazing.

Photo of Pam-modeuse.com

Look really top!
I am a fan of your blog, congratulations!

Photo of zoe

great jacket!!
love all of the outfits!


Photo of Lenya Jones

I really really really love those boots! I DIE!

Photo of Zad

your best outfits EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo of Steffi L

What a lovely little red jacket! Just goes to show that one doesn't need a million jackets to make unique outfits :)
Plus I am always amazed at your thrift store finds, you really have an eye for gems like those pants!

Photo of ainsley

that jacket is bitchingly cool!
and your hair looks way cute in a braid.

Photo of MK

MY favorite is the outifit w/ the Hysteric Glamour jeans, Ann Demeulemeester laceup boots, and a Zara top.

suuppeerr cute; quoting Rachel Zoe, "that's bananas!"

Photo of Dana

OH! I saw that at Rugby when I went to the Stanford mall.
I fell in love with it too, as well as with a black satin skirt.
I always think that people in England always dress up in Rugby for some reason... HaHa!
Love It!!

Photo of Emily Rose

haha the set is great! I love those blankets folded up on the ground. perhaps those need to be permanently taken out of the garage? :)


Photo of DJ

I love military coats. My main winter coat is a knee-length grey Kenneth Cole Reaction wool that I get tons of compliments on. There's nothing quite like the structure of a jacket to pull together an outfit. I'm loving yours with the BR dress- the jacket keeps it from being too precious.

Photo of amelia_styledownunder

you have such a beautiful family, mum, sister, and puppies too! love this jacket, it could pull together any outfit i think! xx

Photo of Fitz

My series of reactions as I scroll down...
"What a cute little set!"
"What a cute little jacket!"
"What cute high waisted slacks!"

Love all your ensembles!

Photo of william shatner

you look phenomenal in all of them but the first and third looks are my favorites. the amazing boots you're wearing have more than a little to do with that. the jacket looks great with a belt over it in the last look. basically, i love it all!

Photo of Isabel

really love your jacket too - on every one of those outfits! And your Margiela boots are AMAZING!


Photo of Stylecrusader

very beautiful jacket!!


Photo of metallicatrollet

Wow, you look amazing! ö
Love the outfits.

Photo of tina

I super love the jacket!

Photo of blair

i love the oscar de la renta combo! it's so casual and fun but at once sophisticated and military. almost like ralph lauren and alexander mcqueen's colorful love-child. definitely beyond cute.

Photo of Lauren

all the outfits are fab but I think the one with Oscar de la Renta pants and Dries heels is my fave!

Photo of Lauren

I love all the outfits but I have to say the one with Oscar de la Renta pants and Dries heels is my fave!

Photo of Keren Alshanetsky

The jacket is practically made for you!

Photo of Parisgirl2013

Lovely. Love all of the outfits. :]

Photo of Rebecca

No WAY the sale rack?
I want that jacket!!!

Photo of melissa

this is adorable!!

your ability to mix and style is always amazing.
color me impressed.

Photo of Ashton

love the first and third looks!
your sister is so cute!

Photo of Nicole Then

wow you both look great in it;) it's an awesome jacket. I would wear it unbuttoned!

Photo of Casey

That jacket is fantastic. Rugby is the best!

I adore your blog, and your mom's too, but I'm anxiously waiting for Carol to jump on the blogging bandwagon. Any chance that might be in the works?

Photo of dani

wow it really does go with a lot.. i like all of the looks!

Photo of ashley

little french drummer girl. or with the oscar de la renta pants - little french revolution girl!

Photo of Nini Nguyen

Jane !

It was nice seeing you and your mom on Saturday. You look beautiful as usual. I love the red Ralph Lauren jacket paired with Oscar de la Renta blue satin pant.

Happy Sunday,
Nini Nguyen

Photo of Nini Nguyen

Jane !

It was nice seeing you and your mom on Saturday. You look beautiful as usual. I love the red Ralph Lauren jacket paired with Oscar de la Renta blue satin pant.

Happy Sunday,
Nini Nguyen

Photo of MIchelle Chin

This reminds me of Chanel's Moscou collection. :D

Photo of Cafe Fashionista

I love the jacket. There's something about it that reminds me of a circus ringmaster. The backdrop of the photographs, on the other hand, is also to die for. It's so regal and rich. Can somebody say Louis the XIII? J'adore!

Photo of Sara

I think the ensembles with the Givenchy wedges & the Demeulemeester boots are the best! I also love the 2nd one!

Photo of Eva

H&M has a similar style of the jacket in beige and black right now, it's featured in their Spring 2009 catalog. I've been debating on buying on and I think I might stop by tomorrow to pick it up. Cute outfits!

Photo of tanya

wow, only you could rock the jacket in so many different looks--and each time, it's totally different! just GORGEOUS!!

Photo of Jill

It's hardly Walmart...you look fabulous. Love the photo with you sitting in the chair and that wonderful piece of art behind you! You've styled the jacket beautifully in so many ways.

Photo of natalie

i must say i absolutely adore your Ann Demeulemeester laceup boots! the jacket is really nice too... looks well with anything you mix with it. you have impeccably classy style. and and and lastly but not least, that anthropologie skirt is one of your wardrobe pieces i really must steal. ;)

Photo of Miss Cavendish

The jacket reminds me of my days in full highland dress at boarding school.

Photo of Pati

I LOVE outfit no. 3 and 4

the jacket is absolutely great! i love the red color!

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