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February 06, 2009

They're here!!

Today I was so excited because at long last (the wait was killin' me...okay Browns ships really fast but still...) my MARTIN MARGIELA CUT OUT BOOTS arrived!

These. are. so. special. Aren't they even prettier on?
Obviously I had to wear them right away...even if it was just to eat mexican food with mom.
My outfit nothing too special but...American Apparel tee, Joie satin pants, Richard Chai shearling and suede aviator jacket.

^I covet these jeans my mom is wearing...they are some of my all time favorites. Oh and also her Miu Mius.

Well it's Friday night and I think I'm just going to stay in and watch movies...with my Margiela boots...we're so tight now.
I have bought way too many shoes :( I am bad at managing my money....but more on the other shoes later.


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Photo of Kristina

they were basically made for you. simply beautiful

Photo of Keren Alshanetsky

They're there and they're amazing. How wicked they look on you! The boots make the outfit, eh?

Photo of Nini Nguyen

Jane! How have you been? Are you still with VOD? I love those MMG boots. They're hot on you. Take care and have a nice weekend.

Nini Nguyen

Photo of Jennifer

Congrats on your Style File write-up! I agree, you are very talented and creative. It will be interesting to see where your talent takes you. I'm thinking it's going to be big. REALLY big.

Photo of arpa

gorgeous boots but I have to ask, since it is apparent that you wear them sock-less, do they make your legs and/or feet sweat?

Photo of fashion monger

wow i have never thought that they look so good on you..
i only see that picture what you posted of this shoes..
i thought: oh no!

i love your style !!!

ps.visit my new blog:

Photo of Cafe Fashionista

I love them! I love them! I love them!

Photo of Mandi

I ♥ those boots. I agree with Nini - you're going to be big!


Photo of brooke Hart

those boots are seriously amazing, and yes they are even better on you than in the picture. And i do love your mum's jeans as well :)

Brooke xx

Photo of Brigadeiro

OMGosh! They are to-die-for Jane!!! Absolutely gorgeous!

And love your mom's bag too! Whom is it by?

You both look stunning!

Have a great weekend!

Photo of FOXYMAN


Photo of bridget

ahhhhhhh you got them! WAY more beautiful on you then seen on browns. congrats!!


Photo of andrea

I know that it is none of my business, but how are you able to keep buying such expensive shoes? I have gone into some major debt over my shoe addiction! (and I'm probably your mom's age! haha) Well anyway, your choices are teriffic!

Photo of kiki

It's still so funny to me to see familiar places on a popular style blog. I was right across the way from there at Central Market today.

As always, I'm in awe of your sense of style. Have a good Friday :)

Photo of kiki

It's still so funny to me to see familiar places on a popular style blog. I was right across the way from there at Central Market today.

As always, I'm in awe of your sense of style. Have a good Friday :)

Photo of Sara

Holy wow, you look fabbbb!

Photo of Alice

OH MY GOD, I was kind of iffy when you posted that you had ordered them in a few entries back, but they look AMAZING on!

Photo of fanny

amaaaaaaaaaazing. i can totally see them with some sort of feminine party dress, no?

Photo of Fashion CHALET

I love the boots. I can see why you couldn't wait. Your Mom seems so sweet and fun. I love her outfits as much as yours!! =]


Photo of Catherine

Managing your money? You mean your mom's money right?

Photo of Tarina

They are totally insanely ingenius and gorgeous! Congratulations!

Photo of ani

Omg, they are amazing!!
they look beutiful on you :)


Photo of ani

Omg, they are amazing!!
they look beautiful on you :)


Photo of Isabel

Oh my god, those boots are killer EPIC. They totally make the outfit. :)

Photo of jem

the shoes are totally gorgeous! they are amazing, i cant wait to see what you pair them with. please check out my blog http://framestheworld.blogspot.com/, thanks!

Photo of Shok

Can i join you for movie night? We can blog all night long together.


A big fan of the site and its only been 2 days

Photo of MsUnreliable

Ahhh they're gorgeous! So envious right now...

Photo of Amee

The Margiela's look so yummy!! Love how you paired them with those Joie pants.

Photo of zoe

i really really love those boots.


Photo of jessica

you totally rock those boots!!

Photo of dreamrio

Yay! I'm so happy for you :) They look amazing. You look great, as does your mom. Love her!

Photo of marina

They look fantastic. I love them.

Photo of Amanda Lago

Your boots are great! They are really beautiful! :)

I love your blog, by the way, and your style is TOP-NOTCH! :)

Photo of Greengalosh

Awesome boots!, I don't know if you knew already, but your blog was featured on style.com

Photo of Camille

Those are beautiful! And your mother's Miu Mius are so to die for, just beautiful.

Photo of Anna

Those are ridiculously spectacular.

Photo of Chloe

Wow, those are stunning

and I adore the simplicity but chicness to your outfit

Photo of Fitz

Aaahh gosh I love them! It's like the material sort of just melted over your feet, if that makes sense.

Photo of Alexandra

Wow the boots just complete the outfit! I did wonder what the fit would be like with those boots, but they seem to fit perfectly!
Are they comfortable?

Photo of Sus

Those shoes are so hot! Love them :)

Photo of CHIC Sensibility

OMG! Those boots are sick. I love them. Rock them out. I would where them like everyday. (Your mom is so chic)
Stay chic!

Photo of Jasmine

i love these shoes

they have clean lines but the cutouts just make it seem so modern and classy!


Photo of Jennifer

Oh my word -- I rarely call a pair of shoes "hot," but this pair ... wow. The design is so unique and sleek. Congrats on finally getting them!

Photo of ...love Maegan

oh they are fab! ...and so is your mom!

Photo of Tereza

I think this boots make your outfit pretty special, it is the THING!

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