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February 22, 2009

they're here :)

Ann d


1.The highly anticipated spring 09 ANN DEMEULEMEESTER lace-up sandal boots are finally here, at long last. Better pictures to come soon.
2. My rhinestone necklace broke.
3. Got the lace top I'm wearing in the above pictures at F21 today...the bell sleeves totally killed me.
4. As you can tell our house is in the process of a few small changes. Sigh. There goes my nice picture location! Better blogs to come soon-it's been a busy weekend.


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Photo of fff

i can't wait to get mine this week!!!

Photo of Stefania

you have probably single-handedly increased her sales 300 fold ;-)
très chic.


Photo of Adeliet

Love those shoes!!! Model them please! How much and where did you get them from? Thanks in advance!

Love, Adeliet

Photo of D

I'm just curious... how do you afford all these expensive shoes? I'm 24, work two jobs and still can't afford to spend even $400 on shoes, let alone $700+. Do you find deals? Can you tell your readers like me how to do so? I think you have impeccable shoe taste.

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

lucky gal. these are being heralded as "the shoe of the season."
really liking the lace top!

Photo of DreamyGirl22

I absolutely love Forever 21! I have to drive 45 minutes just to get to it, but it's always worth the trip once I'm there. It's hard not to find a good deal when you're in that store....usually great prices for amazing stuff!

Photo of Punkie

wow this shoes are something special!! so beautiful... you're so lucky! I would like to have all of your gorgeous shoes! :D

Photo of Olya

anne - thanks so much! now that i know my size, i will try to phone brown's and see if i can order over the phone.

smart move buying from saks early... not only they are not expecting to ship the pre-ordered ones until june, i believe the price has gone up by $100 as well.

thank you!!!

Photo of Stephanie

Oooo, those boots....I just pre-ordered two pairs, in black and white! Unfortunately, the estimated date for my black pair is sometime in June!

Photo of jeyda

I love your shoes!! I tried looking for them on Ebay but i couldn't find em any suggestions?


Photo of Larae

You look adorable as usual Jane! I got mine 2 weeks ago from monamoore. They might still have them if any of you want to give them a call. They are truly amazing! I can't wait until it stops raining in LA to wear em!

Photo of Antonia

those ann d's are HOT FIRE



Photo of Bryony - Fantastical Fashion

Lucky girl :)
I love your top!
I wish they had a Forever21 in London...
Hope you don't mind but I've kind of featured you at the side of my blog as 'inspiring me right now' - I actually havent come across anyone with such great instinctive style as you in a long time! You will be very successful in the future, I know that for sure.
So thanks for inspiring me and being original and all that blah haha

Photo of Burn These Bones


I need to snap them up before they sell out!!

Photo of Becca

I am loving those - I was wondering when they'd be available - good to know they're finally out! Can't wait to see how you style them.

Photo of Melanie

That's an amazing top, I would have never guessed Forever21. That place is just like a vintage/thrift store, if you dig and dig and dig, you can find something amazing.


Photo of Sarah

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Photo of Miriam

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Photo of ediot

im so sorry for spamming you on the last post didn't know i sent the message everytime i hit backspace.. i thought i was coming to the main page.. well- feel free to delete. sorry again.

Photo of Carson

These shots are so good. I can't wait to see the shoes on you.

Photo of roselxx

Hey, Jane! I was just thinking what to wear w/ the shoes, and this amazing idea just popped into my head --- wear them w/ colorful knitted socks, just like how she did(http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_59c6dfd50100c8qb.html)!!!

Photo of roselxx


I mean this! You should take a look! Even though they are not the same shoes.

Photo of Jinah

OH so amazing. I'm jealous! I'm tempted to chip my credit card out of the ice I froze it into the order these...

Photo of eroticorange

wow, i didn't think that it would be easy to pull off that lace top when i saw it at the store but after seeing you wear it i think that i need to get one myself! always love your style. thanks for the inspiration. =)

Photo of Michelle Edwards

Gennie, I have those kind of shoes. Yes, they are comfortable to wear!

Photo of how to build muscle fast

post the photos so we can see it! lace up shoes are soo in thiis sseeasssooon!! love love!

Photo of Adidas Porsche Design S2

Maybe you have never really understand my existence.

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