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February 22, 2009

they're here :)

Ann d


1.The highly anticipated spring 09 ANN DEMEULEMEESTER lace-up sandal boots are finally here, at long last. Better pictures to come soon.
2. My rhinestone necklace broke.
3. Got the lace top I'm wearing in the above pictures at F21 today...the bell sleeves totally killed me.
4. As you can tell our house is in the process of a few small changes. Sigh. There goes my nice picture location! Better blogs to come soon-it's been a busy weekend.


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Photo of gennie

oh my!!!! I've been lusting after those shoes for quite some time... Can't wait to see how you wear them! Are they comfortable?

Photo of william

I'm quite excited to see you wear these! Any chance you or Judy will be getting the white version with the exposed heel, as well?

Photo of moder antoinette

That lace top is just beautiful...can't even tell it comes from Forever 21. Also, I can't wait to see you wear those sandals/lace-up boots.


Photo of Patricia Ann

Those shoes are a beauty! Isn't it so sad when things break? I absolutely get sad when I lose parts of a necklace because of a weak chain. :(

Photo of brigadeiro

Oh my! Those Ann D.'s are 2D4! Am looking forward to more posts on them ;)

Photo of Eva

Those lace up boots are heaven. I tried on that lace top at Forever 21 yesterday but didn't end up getting it. Looks great on you!

Photo of Rikki Lane

Gorgeous shoes! The lace shirt is also very stunning :]

Photo of camille

guh. can't wait to see more photos of the demeulemeesters!

Photo of Jane

I just bought these today! I also have the single lace boots! Maybe it's something in the name.. :) I can't wear mine yet, it's too cold in NY! Enjoy, I know I will! Xx

Photo of Amee

YAY! Can't wait to see you wear these! They are beautiful!

Photo of Quynh

Where do you buy them at?

Photo of tanya

oooh where did you get em from?

also anyone know where i can see a pic of the white ones w/the exposed heel mentioned by above commenter, william?

Photo of Amee

Tanya, I think I just saw a picture of the white Ann D's on Saks.com. They are gorgeous too.

Photo of Nubby

Ahhh, you've totally outdone yourself! Your shoe collection just keeps getting better & better...

Photo of arline Jernigan

You and your mom may need to do another shoe challenge.

Photo of danz

Awesome shoes! Love the lace top as well.

Photo of mr.freddy's mom

oh wow, those are nice shoes!
i'm pretty sure you look great on those boots!

Photo of terra

those boots are killer!
and the lace top is lovely, you have a very cool style:)

Photo of Rebekka

oh gosh! those shoes are just oh-so-marvelous! can't wait to see them on you!

awww, my necklace broke today, too. and it was my great-grandmum's. don't you just hate it when pretty little things break?

Photo of Shen-Shen

Those look so badass, can't wait to get a better look at them!

Photo of emily

Oh those shoes.... I love your shoe collection!

Photo of Valerie

those shoes are HOTTT and that lace top is the bomb diggity bomb :)

Photo of nathalie

Those lace up boots are heaven. your style is wonderfullll

Photo of Olya

Please please can you tell us how they run? Also, where did you get them from? I'm thinking of ordering them from saks.com. Can' find them anywhere else online, and on saks they are on pre-order. I'm size 9 which size should I order? I'd really appreciate your feedback.

Photo of Mandi

I love love love these shoes! I just finished making my first pair of shoes today for my shoe design course! you should have a look!


Photo of lucille

OOh gosh ... you look so great !
I can't say nothing !

Photo of Sunset

It's probably just because the photos aren't too clear, but I love your clothing here way more than the boots! Maybe I'm just a sucker for lace. Great f21 find though!


Photo of Karen

they look awesome so far, cant wait for more pics!

Photo of ohphilippa

fan-freaking-tastic! sorry about your necklace

Photo of Yoshi

I'm still lusting over the triple lace knee high boots. Ann's designs never fail to impress.

Congrats on getting those!! I'm sure you'll enjoy them. ;)
As for the necklace, I really feel for you. I'm terrible with jewelry, a complete squander. My cartier love chain necklace tore apart a number of 5 times! I've lost 2 rings in a cab, on different occasions, both of which belonging to my grandmother and handed over to me. I've left bracelets in powder rooms in London and not even realize until my next visit when the cleaning lady mentions it and gives them back to me. I'll stop at that! =)

I'm sure you can have it repaired though, right?


Photo of a.n.e

oooo cravings.....not for food but better shoes!! love the boot/lace thing.

Photo of modejunkie

welcome home new shoes!

Photo of farren

i am so JEALOUS! ugh. i've been lusting after those ever since they popped up on saks.com and i've been trying to rationalize in my head why i need them and how i am going to max out my credit card for them. they are so amazing. but now i'm thrown off becaues the backless white ones are aewsome too!

Photo of tanya

thanks Amee!

Photo of Noemi Sunshine Ferst

The Lace top looks fantastic and look forward to seeing the shoes on you.

Photo of Vintage Tea

Cant wait to see them on you. Im sure they will look absolutely wonderful!

Please check out http://vintage-tea.blogspot.com/


Photo of keren

How great I bet they'll look on you! :)

Photo of anne

olya--I'm not jane, just a reader, but these sandal boots run true to size. I am a 38 (ie us 8) in alaia, chloe, prada, etc, and I have these in a 38 as well. I got mine from saks. I have also seen them on antonioli.eu and joan shepp. I believe you could get them from browns if you telephoned--they are not on browns website but I have seen them in browns' ads.

Photo of Bridget

It's really hard to get rhinestone jewelry repaired since it is usually not made with gold or silver (as in, normal jewelry stores will not do the work for you...at least the 6 or so stores I have asked). Your best bet is to make friends with a local artisan jeweler and see what they can do. Your other option is to just hand the piece over to someone who remakes vintage pieces and see what they do with it (which is really cool, but depending on how bad the break is, I'd go with the former option).

Photo of Winnie

Wow, can't wait to see them on, they look gorgeous.

Photo of Account Deleted

Those shoes look gorgeous! Can't wait for a better pic!

Photo of YLM-SPAIN

You look really pretty. The sandal-boots are wonderfull!!

Photo of iole

Wow...want them too

Photo of Paris Celestine

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Photo of Leia

Love that top! Wish there was a F21 store in London. And I'm sorry about your necklace :( x

Photo of Brianne

Those Ann D's are phenomenal!
I seriously want that lace top..
is it on the website? Because I tried to find it but I couldn't..

Photo of Dewi Utari

The boots amazing...i'm jealous of you...I wish I get one of those:(

check my blog for some shoes as well



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