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February 15, 2009

Threeasfour F/W 09.10

Pictures from style.it








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Photo of L'armadio del delitto

Wow, amazing! I love the first photo!

Photo of Camille

These are wild! I especially love the last photo, cutouts are life.

Photo of luxirare

Thanks for posting this.
The last outfit just blew me away.

Photo of camille

can't believe i missed this! D:

Photo of Garment Envy

Hi jane! I love this! check out my new daily blog at http://garmentenvy.blogspot.com/

Photo of Katlin

Their stuff is my fave from NY so far... they have such a unique approach, but still NY-esque.

Photo of Clarissa

Hellz yeah. Awesome clothes, love the tights in the first pic, though my favorite is the sixth picture!

Photo of Shen-Shen

The 3rd and the last one = DIVINE DIVINE DIVINE.

Photo of la petite fashionista

The ThreeasFour collection is so space-age, i love the risk taking.

Also, I wanted to commmend you, as I've been reading so much in the blogosphere lately about your success as a young fashion blogger, glad to see you getting some recognition for us younger bloggers that still have a great point of view when it comes to fashion!:)

Photo of eugenia semjonova

Oh yeah, this is by far the ONLY exciting NY show so far...it's been SUCH a snooze. But I'm so happy to see them kind of go back to their roots. And those shoes...oh!


Photo of Eva

The first and last looks are absolutely brilliant to me.

Photo of FOXYMAN

woowwwwww these are so great!!!

Photo of Mandi

This is amazing! The space-age aesthetic brings to my mind Balenciaga Spring 09 collection - particularly the first image.


Photo of Ali Doele

yes! threeasfour was for sure my favorite from nyc so far! but im so excited for more.

Photo of stella-mayfair

Futuristic Grey Gardens, anyone? :-))

Photo of Anika

I absolutely love this. Every single thing. Much more than anything else I've seen thus far.

Thanks for sharing :)

Love your blog too, have added you to my links...

Photo of Sabina

Impressive, looks very interesting!
The third and the last one are my favorites!

Photo of The Minx

The dress in the third photo is positively exquisite.

Photo of Eva Dögg Rúnarsdóttir

I loove threeasfour... so inspiring how they break all rules!!
I think it's about time to write you a comment!!
You and your mum are so cute and inspiring, I've been following you blog for a looong time :)
and now I'm trying the whole fashion blogging myself!!
keep it up!!
hugs from Denmark

Photo of ashley

wow that last one is totally bananas!

Photo of Kay

So beautiful, it almost reminds me of Viktor & Rolf's black and white collection (for obvious reasons)
I love the first outfit.


Photo of errrr.....

They just don't balance it quite right for me and unfortunately, it's ghastly coming down the runway.

Photo of bex

Hahaha, great minds think alike! I just posted something about this collection on my blog! This collection is very you, if that's even possible to say as your clothes take in so many different inspirations and references. But yes, I'm thinking the assymetrical cuts and interesting leg shapes are just up your alley!


Photo of courtney

i thought this wonderful also

Photo of Kristina

Quite Interesting....I think my favorite is the last one, where it cuts by the knees....who thinks of this!


Photo of Lola Re

We are on the same page man! I just did a post on these lovely pieces, wouldnt you love to go out somewhere in these?? (minus the caps)

<3, Lola Re

Photo of Nini Nguyen

Love the collection. The white beaded legging is TD4.

Photo of Don't Be A Hero

that last one blew my mind

hey, what's your linking policy? do you have to actually like me, cuz then I think I'd be in trouble :P

Photo of jamie

Been reading your blog for a while & love it...I noticed that you love crazy shoes so when I saw these on Etsy, I thought that you'd be the only one to pull them off!


Photo of Sunset

GOD these are fucking amazing! Definitely a new favorite brand. I can totally see you in the first outfit.


Photo of Alisha

Oh man, this show was so stellar.

I always get so swept away during Fashion Week... I did some trendspotting you might be interested in: http://thelishlist.blogspot.com/2009/02/10-trends-from-new-york-fashion-week.html


Photo of Alisha

Oh man, this show was so awesome.

I always get swept away during Fashion Week... I did some trendspotting you might be interested in: http://thelishlist.blogspot.com/2009/02/10-trends-from-new-york-fashion-week.html


Photo of Becca

These garments are amazing. I love that long dress - beautiful

Photo of Ziling

Wow i really love your blog! Such interesting posts!!!! xx

Would love to link hunny! :)

Photo of Jules

Oh god!
Look at the last pic,i just can't help but stare on it..
That was so fab..=)

Photo of jane

wow! it's simple, but kind of dark, yet there are light outfits too....whoa....i love the dress and shoes in the first picture. whoever designed this is geeenius!!

Photo of Brittany

i just discovered your blog and im in love with it! you have great images and style these designs are amazing! who are they by? i love the tights and the dress in the first couple photos.

Photo of Ania

I think that your blog is fantastic, I love all clothes and shoes, but s

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