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February 25, 2009


I'm going to be doing some guest blogging at the mystic and fantastic portal of cool that is...La Maladie Tropicale

I see I have lots of new Polish readers today...dzien dobry!!

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Photo of Ola

Dzień Dobry, i'm from Poland ;)U're amazing! ;))Lots of kisses from Wrocław ;***

Photo of RealEstateInvestor

I seriously thought the end of the fall/winter 2008/2009 fashion season would be the end of fugly shoes. I was wrong. Maybe my expectations were too high but I've been seeing so many beautiful spring bags lately that I just wasn't expecting something so odd looking. The D&G Dolce & Gabbana 'Waikiki Jenna' Shoes has one plus since it's in my fave color, pink, but that's where the love ends. What is it exactly? A wristlet? A clutch? Shoulder bag?

Photo of Melmoooooooooooo

Hi ! Im from Poland :) That blog is very amazing ! And photos - I love it !

Photo of Martyna

Dzień dobry :). Jesteś popularna w Polsce, ponieważ na jednej ze stron ukazał się artykuł o Twoim blogu. Bardzo pozytywny. Pozdrawiam:)

(Good Morning! You are very popular in Poland, because one of polish sites published an article about your blog. It's very positive. Greetings :)

Photo of Lena

It is strange to see such ugly French words (LA MALADIE TROPICALE) that conjures up a disease that kills millions of people every year for such a beautiful picture ! May be that contrast is the reason why i'm in love with this pic !

Photo of K.

dzień dobry! ;]
You're so pretty and I love your style. AMAZING!

Photo of josefine

hello! you're great - you're younger than me and i totally respect you and what you're doin'. and thank's for this small polish accent - i'm form poland ;) i guess all this polish pepople are here just because in our page about lifestyle was amazing note about you!

do what you're doin - you're the best!


Photo of Bey (Poland)

Dzień dobry :)))

Photo of Bey (Poland)

Dzień dobry :)))

Photo of Karolinka

Witaj Jane :))
Your style is impressive!
I been watching You :P
Karolinka from Poland :D

Photo of Asiuzdra

Your remark about new polish readers was lovely :)Judging from the ecstatic polish comments above You;re dangerously close to becoming celebrity in Poland :P which by the way would be great as we don't have so brilliantly dressed celebs in our country :P

slodkie buziaczki z Polski ! (sweet kisses from Poland)

Photo of smaklandrynek

I watched all you're photos. You're collection is amazing! I love you're style. And I don't know even why all you're clothes are ideal for you.

Photo of Rachel D.

I just love your blog :) Woo hoo!

Photo of Pinix

It's late so..... dobry wieczór, Jane! :*

Greetings from Poland :)

Photo of Patti

haha what a surprise! dzien dobry to you too :D

Photo of Patti

haha what a surprise! dzien dobry to you too :D

Photo of Attina

cause you were(adress of your website) in polish GLAMOUR. ;)

Photo of Lena


Photo of agatha

hello, i'm from poland too, we love you, Jane!
U r the best! kisses and hugs! :*

Photo of ola

you have new guests from Poland beacuse of articles in many blogs and newspaper.
I love your style beacuse you have courage for wearing such amazing clothes,i like watching your blog very much .
Hugs and kisses.Ola.

Photo of Ewa

dzien dobry sweetie :) I am Polish too, but moved to Florida 3 years ago. I am also a photographer and I think you are beautiful, so if u ever will be around Destin, FL you are more than welcome for some shoot :) Big hugs and keep up the good work :*

Photo of Anabolic Steroids Sales

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