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21 posts from February 2009

February 28, 2009


Isabella Rossellini as PERDITA DURANGO in David Lynch's WILD AT HEART, which is a film about "finding love in Hell" 
To me, the above is this is the best picture in the world

Perdita appears only briefly in this movie
so I captured what does exist of her elusive and perfect persona.......in these stills.........

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February 27, 2009

Wearing Ann D sandal-boots

I've been spending some quality time with my Ann Demeulemeester sandal-boots since they arrived last weekend!

I ordered this floppy black hat from American Apparel after I did my hat post. I'm very happy with it, it can be so hard to find floppy hats.

Today I am also wearing a lace slip from Anthropologie (purchased years ago), a mohair Prada cardigan from F/W 07, a wrap scarf purchased in Tokyo, Alex and Chloe deer horn necklace

It's time for me to go to the meetup at Rugby! I am so excited, I can't wait to meet some of my readers.

xx jane

February 25, 2009


I'm going to be doing some guest blogging at the mystic and fantastic portal of cool that is...La Maladie Tropicale

I see I have lots of new Polish readers today...dzien dobry!!

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givenchy, balmain & dolce gabbana, from vogue nippon




These photographs are fantastic!
shot by Katja Rahlwes

February 23, 2009

Wearing a lovely new gift and borrowing my mom's RO coat

Today I was super excited to recieve this amazing jumpsuit (amongst some other fabulous things, which you'll see soon) from the talented and generous Francesca of Babooshka Boutique. Please go visit her Etsy store and check out her stuff-she has really amazing things!

I had to steal my mom's Rick Owens coat today to try it on. (Sooo jealous of this coat! She found it after X-mas sales at Fourty Five Ten here in Dallas)

Babooshka Boutique jumpsuit and Rick Owens coat worn with Dries van Noten buckled slingback heels and a scarf purchased long ago in Tokyo.

I also loved this jumpsuit with my Junya Watanabe flight coat. 

Can never repost this collection too many times!

Junya  Junya1

Thank you so much again for the amazing jumpsuit Francesca! :)
(I apologize for the pictures in this post being saved all as .pngs...I'm working on finding a way to get high quality .jpgs)

February 22, 2009

they're here :)

Ann d


1.The highly anticipated spring 09 ANN DEMEULEMEESTER lace-up sandal boots are finally here, at long last. Better pictures to come soon.
2. My rhinestone necklace broke.
3. Got the lace top I'm wearing in the above pictures at F21 today...the bell sleeves totally killed me.
4. As you can tell our house is in the process of a few small changes. Sigh. There goes my nice picture location! Better blogs to come soon-it's been a busy weekend.

February 19, 2009

Just talking about hats...

I have never considered myself a 'hat' person...for a long time I eschewed them as looking too try-hard and I hated the thought of having my line of vision obscured by a floppy brim.
However for some reason I have had a total turn-around and now I'm hat crazy!

Perhaps it has something to do with these stylish people

I fell hard for Daul Kim's Y-3 hat. That swooping brim is insane-this whole outfit is one of my all-time favorites but I digress..

The Glamourai doing what she does best-that is, being glamorous of course. I love this jaunty two-tone cap with her rounded glasses. 

Maria Felix dripping in Cartier=BEYOND WORDS, have you ever seen anything like it? I haven't...that hat though, that hat! If I could find one just like it I'd wear it everywhere. 

Dropsnap.jp (AKA the only website in the world that matters) is an endless source of hatspiration. 

But probably the number one driving force behind my sudden hat obsession is....

CA4LA is a chain of stores in Japan specializing in stylish hats and head gear. I found out about it a while back when I was researching cool things to check out for my trip to Tokyo this summer.

The website is in Japanese but you can run it through Google translator if you want to read. I have been blindly clicking my way through often enough that I can navigate it in Japanese! Haha. 
(For those of you in London, I believe there is a ca4la there if you wanted to check it out.)

Just go to their website and look at the amazing selection of hats they have!
Here are some of my favorites:

See what I mean?
Who wouldn't go hat-crazy with a selection like that? Unfortunately for me, most of my favorite styles are sold out. I especialy love those spotted fur ones and that sweet beret!
I am eagerly anticipating visiting CA4LA when I visit Tokyo this summer. 

Until then, I have a meager collection of just two hats.
One being my tartan Rugby Ralph Lauren beret and the other my rabbit-fur felt Helen Kaminski hat.

Tonight I wore the aforementioned Helen Kaminski hat...with an organza skirt from Anthropologie, a wrap belt from Boulevards boutique in Tulsa, and a vintage 70's edwardian style shirt.

Yes, I am now officially a mad-hatter.

February 18, 2009


Well actually my sister found them, but all the same-remind me not to store things in the blackhole that is our garage.


So today I wore my Ray-Bans with a mega-sized frog belt and vintage gold chain necklaces.
Here is a non-webcam picture, haha.

I love wearing this Prada skirt with my big red crinoline underneith-it is my favorite shape of skirt to wear.

And of course these shoes are some of my favorites too-Givenchy Fall 2007. I'm glad this shoe has become one of Givenchy's signatures-the shape of the heel and pitch of the shoe make it look so good. I must admit that the steep pitch makes these shoes quite treacherous to walk in. 

This shoe boot in black lace is fatal:



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