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February 18, 2009


Well actually my sister found them, but all the same-remind me not to store things in the blackhole that is our garage.


So today I wore my Ray-Bans with a mega-sized frog belt and vintage gold chain necklaces.
Here is a non-webcam picture, haha.

I love wearing this Prada skirt with my big red crinoline underneith-it is my favorite shape of skirt to wear.

And of course these shoes are some of my favorites too-Givenchy Fall 2007. I'm glad this shoe has become one of Givenchy's signatures-the shape of the heel and pitch of the shoe make it look so good. I must admit that the steep pitch makes these shoes quite treacherous to walk in. 

This shoe boot in black lace is fatal:



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Photo of Victoria C

I am in love with your belt.
And of course the shoe wall! What a great set up you have

Photo of Elizabeth

I am IN love wit your skirt! actually, scratch that-your whole outfit!
very nice.

Photo of Jules

I love your pics,and that shoes looks amazing..
I'm sure you still have a lot of dresses you can show us,girl this is the time!!=)
Your blog is so good..
Maybe you can drop by on mine too..=)

Photo of Mika

hey, i was wondering how you deal with walking in such high shoes all the time? got any tips for a girl who has the balls of her feet aching whenever she wears heels? thanks girl :)

Photo of christine

hey, was wondering how you can walk in those high heels all the time? i'm envious! have any tips for a girl who has the balls of her feet aching every time she wears heels? thanks girl :)

Photo of Chicisimo

I love that skirt, all your shoes and those nails... awesome detail!

Photo of Christina

is that your bra underneath? i love that color!



Photo of LONDON

Wow, love this look with the glasses!

Photo of Nat

I loooove the dinosaur! it's so unexpected!

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

very great outfit,jane.
and i love those colors, they matches one another.

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

very great outfit, jane.
and i love the colors, they matches one another.

Photo of Maecy

Seeing your shoe collection gives me heart attack! I die! You have the most amazing shoes!! And this outfit of yours really rocks!!! I'm a fan! :)

Photo of Belle

Gorgeous outfit. I adore the skirt so much and the glasses are fabulous.
The nail polish on your toes is so cute!
Simply beautiful x

Photo of Liz

omg, the black lace ones are to die for.

Photo of mary

i love your shoes and your nails colour, it's fun and classic at the same time

Photo of Emilie

Those shoes are amazing!

Photo of modejunkie

love the dinosaur peeping on the background. must be a good life he's having to be with all your fabulous shoes. :)
i have the black version of yours, high ones and i agree they're a tad hard to walk on. oh well, it's super gorgeous and i have to live with it.
your skirt is amazing. looks stunning on you.

Photo of Barbro

Lovely pictures, really lovely!

Photo of Lauren

you're darling! ray bans are the best. i am obsessed with mine. :)

Photo of Tereza

this skirt look amazing with the forg blet, niiiiice!

Photo of Demi

all of your shoes in the background make me drool everytime I see them haha!

you look lovely, the skirt and glasses look amazing on you! and the shoes are gorgeous, I love your toenails too!!


Photo of Anna

hello. your glasses is similar to this http://www.iamninoy.com/main.htm

Photo of Sabina

Just perfection! Love the lace boot, it's off course amazing.
You're quiete lucky to find back your glasses, if I loose anything at home, it's just gone. 2 years ago I lost a dress and still haven't found it :s and so on with some small things.
Also reminds me of the story how a friend of mine also lost her glasses, but some times later she found them in the washing machine, they, off course, died.

Photo of Punkie

my god, your shoes-wardrobe is something to die for... or the reason to kill someone! :P I'm joking! this givenchy boots are awesome and I should agree with you when you say that the shape is something special! just a dream! I'm thinking on a pair in patent black on yoox, but I'm not sure for the size... It will be so painfull to return them if they were too big!
The skirt is woderfull!

Photo of Pandora

Omg, this is lovely clothing! :) And yeap, I adore your shoe closet - I feel like I should jump into plane and steal your shoes ;-) I'm so jealous :D

Photo of Kim

Those lace boots rule!

Photo of Leia

I love full skirts as well. You look fab! x

Photo of Kelsey

So funky and so classic. Love all the bold colours. And your nail polish is just plain fun!

Photo of Meredith

Is it a tank top or bra?

Photo of jessica

omg jane, you look AMAZINGGG. i LOVEE your Rayban glasses - are they actual glasses or are they just clear lenses? I'm trying to find a pair of "fake librarian" glasses - no luck so far. any suggestions?

Photo of Stylish Thought

That shape is such a throwback and I prefer it to the tight, body con shape of today. Cute toes and those lace shoes are killer.

Photo of F

you so cannot work geek chic.

Photo of Jade

This outfit is such inspiration for me... I just started wearing highwaisted skirts and I have always loved super bright colors... you give me hope that I can love both...

Photo of Truffle

I love you outfit. The skirt is so perfect!

Photo of corrie

Oh wow, fatal indeed!

And I love your candy colored toes. The whole outfit is so playful, light-hearted, and refreshing. Loving it.

Photo of karolina

how do you do the be so extremly gorgeous every single day! i love this outfit!

Photo of mariona

Fantastic look, and I love de glasses kisses from BARCELONA

Photo of Prince Willy


U are Killing it Jane.

Everytime i look its bigger and better looks.....Im gonna try to be at the meetup.

We need to collaborate.


Photo of Jill

You are a force to reckon with!!

Photo of Katie

I love the shoes!does they run true to size ? xo

Photo of Lobelia

Those animal belts are just too cool!

Photo of Misty

That is such an awesome glasses! Does it actually work, or is it just for fashion? All in all, nice outfit!! And your toenails look so rainbow-y :D


Photo of Cafe Fashionista

This is the most amazing outfit ever.

Photo of Jane

Thanks so much for the sweet comments you guys!

Misty-nope my glasses just have a clear lens in them-I'm 20/20! Haha a little silly I guess but I just love glasses...
On a related note-Jessica, I had the optometrist make the lens-I'm sure you can do this for most glasses. It's not that cheap but if you want to wear glasses a lot its worth it. They make you feel smarter as an added bonus.
Cat-These glasses are just Wayfarers with clear lens.
Katie-Yes, I find these Givenchy shoes run true to size.
Mandi-I wish...I don't think I'll be buying them though. I'd be too afraid to ruin that delicate lace.
Meredith-it's a bra, not a tank top! From Target haha...they have the cutest bras for flatsies like me.
A) Yes, I'm a big Westwood fan-more a fan of her persona and ideas than her designs but all the same she's a genius-have you read her Manifesto? It's great!
B) It's difficult to manage high school, fashion projects, and a blog-it's something I'm struggling with right now....I'm not the best person to ask advice for when it comes to time management but I find that making lists helps me get stuff done.

happy london fashion week :)
xx jane

Photo of shaminista

Love the shoesing ans the nail polish :-)

Photo of Ash Twinkle

the lace shoes ROCKS!!!
wear them with 80's stone washed skinny jeans <3

Photo of Mandi

Have you seen the Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte boots?? They're incredible! I just posted about them - you should check them out...


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