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February 15, 2009

hope you all had a lovely valentines!



I'm a day late but I hope your Valentines was lovely. I had a lovely real Valentines day yesterday but this morning I had a Valentines brunch with my mom and my sister and my dad.

Sorry for the poorly photographed family portrait.
Our yucky winter lawn looks drab against our Valentines ensembles today...but spring is in the air and I can hardly wait.
We went to our favorite cafe and then my mom and I tried to check out Fourty Five Ten. They were closed! Bummer. They had some wonderful things in their windows.

Wearing a vintage skirt, Forever 21 lace shirt and Gap bra, Givenchy heels, Prada bag
Hanging out outside of Fourty Five Ten. I love this brocade rayon skirt so much! I got it at Silver Screen Vintage in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This might be my favorite skirt.

Shown here with vintage beaded cardigan from Silver Screen Vintage, vintage rhinestone necklace, Miu Miu spectator pumps, Givenchy pointy toe heels, a plastic pegasus and William S. Burroughs's Wild Boys


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Photo of Kelsey

I love the colours in the outfit you laid out. And that necklace!

Photo of Tara

Ahhh...great skirt, and Silver Screen Vintage is great -- I have bought some of my favorite dresses from there! It is practically one of the few remaining vintage stores in town...so many have gone out of business in Tulsa!

Photo of SAM

Hi Jane,

I love soo much your blog!!!
You're so blessed to have everything in life.
You're so blessed to have a stylish mom and always on the go.
I can tell that you have a very close relationship with your mom and with your sister. And that's one of the reasons why I love you.
I just started blogging and I would like to add your blog as one of my links.
Visit my new blog.


Photo of LiLa

You are so beautiful and you have a great sense of style.

loves, lila

Photo of Sunset

I really love that lace shirt, this whole outfit just works on so many levels! The skirt adds that great pop of color.

Just wondering, if your hair color natural? It's really quite stunning!


Photo of Sunset

I really love that lace shirt, this whole outfit just works on so many levels! The skirt adds that great pop of color.

Just wondering, if your hair color natural? It's really quite stunning!


Photo of Chloe

I absolutely LOVE your outfit, as well as your mothers and your sisters. Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day!

Photo of Tasha

Hey I just wanted to say I loved your outfit from Valentine's day! It's a stylish combination! I'm a huge fan of Forever 21, you can get unique pieces for not too much money, which is great!

Anyway, I'm new at this whole blogging thing, but I really want to make it into something really special. Any advise or helpful hints would be fantastic!

Oh, and I know I need pictures of myself on my page, and those will be coming soon!

Take Care!

Photo of anna

i love this post so much

Photo of Lobelia

I love your outfit! You're such an inspiration!

Photo of Megone

cute top. i think i may be too old for forever21 but i like to think that 25 is the new, oh i dunno, sumthin younger? werd.

i have a blog too.


Photo of Camille

All of you are very beautiful. I adore your sister's yellow tights and boots.

Photo of Sydney

Hey, I was just wondering, in your family portrait, you dad isn't there. You said at the beginning of the post that he was...

Photo of Alice

Wow I understand why you are so proud of your new Givenchy heels they look stunning ! à


Photo of Kate (Kasia - in my language :P)
Kate (Kasia - in my language :P) February 25, 2009 at 04:20 AM

Hey, I can't good speak english but I must it write!
I walk on air! You're very very great person. I love your style. I don't understand everything... :(
You have got pretty collections. I like your Fashion ;)
I kiss you!

P.S. I'm from Poland. I find your site on : http://www.papilot.pl/gwiazdy-lans/news/2009/02/3222.html

Bye, bye!

Photo of katherine

Hello!I saw a very cool article about your blog in teen vogue! I love this blog!You are sooooooo pretty too, never forget that!

Photo of A.

i LOVE that lace top. ive got to find myself one now too.
you look lovely.


Photo of Willa

Jane, can you tell me about what your mom and sis are wearing? I love that white and yellow blazer, and your lace top is so fitting for you!

Photo of RedHeadFashionista

Love that outfit, I may try and re-create it as I have a skirt and a lace top like that. But I will wear a nude bra to be a bit more risque :) And my parents won't see it ;)

Photo of incesseexcelt

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