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February 15, 2009

hope you all had a lovely valentines!



I'm a day late but I hope your Valentines was lovely. I had a lovely real Valentines day yesterday but this morning I had a Valentines brunch with my mom and my sister and my dad.

Sorry for the poorly photographed family portrait.
Our yucky winter lawn looks drab against our Valentines ensembles today...but spring is in the air and I can hardly wait.
We went to our favorite cafe and then my mom and I tried to check out Fourty Five Ten. They were closed! Bummer. They had some wonderful things in their windows.

Wearing a vintage skirt, Forever 21 lace shirt and Gap bra, Givenchy heels, Prada bag
Hanging out outside of Fourty Five Ten. I love this brocade rayon skirt so much! I got it at Silver Screen Vintage in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This might be my favorite skirt.

Shown here with vintage beaded cardigan from Silver Screen Vintage, vintage rhinestone necklace, Miu Miu spectator pumps, Givenchy pointy toe heels, a plastic pegasus and William S. Burroughs's Wild Boys


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Photo of Ellie

I love all of your outfits! && i love your style! I would love to have some of the clothes that you have, but I can't afford them... Do you know of any where to buy cheap clothes?

Photo of La Fille

Happy Valentines Day Jane! One day late. Did you receive chocolates?

Photo of Shen-Shen

I adore the lace shirt, and the skirt! It's the perfect shade of pink.

Photo of ...love Maegan

you three are adorable! seriously.

Photo of Keren Alshanetsky

How great you dress! I love the top and shoes most.

Photo of Bernie

I adore this outfit.

Photo of Joanna

I love the outfit you've laid out at the bottom. Looks like the perfect ensemble to go have high tea!

Photo of dani

love the outfit spesh the skirt! hope your v day was lovely


Photo of Rikki Lane

Happy V-day! Your family has amazing style :]

Photo of Emily

I love the shoes and skirt! the shoes with the second outfit are awesome too

Photo of anna

you all look great!!!! your mom is one stylish girl!

Photo of Lainey

I love your V-Day outfit! i wish I could pull off the whole bra under a lace shirt thing. I don't quite have the body for it. :) Great post though.

Photo of özi

lovely family..

everbody has style:D


Photo of özi

lovely family..

everbody has style:D


Photo of moder antoinette

Happy belated Valentine's Day!! You sure are one goodlooking family. The skirt looks gorgeous on you and I adore that beaded cardigan.

Check out our blog.

Photo of Penny

I love the skirt! So fluffy-u could float away!

Photo of oensh

hello... i love the last picture..
i wanna see you wearing these...
it look so cute on you..


Photo of C

i love your look here, that lace shirt! and your moms outfit is also fabulous, it like all american chic

visit my blog! www.audreyandedie.blogspot.com

Photo of jessica

Hey jane,

I am desperately in love with every pair of shoes that you own. *sighs* amazing.

I just started a fashion blog,and im not sure how to get people to look at it. lol.

prehaps you could give me some tips, or if you could link me, that would be amazing too.

<3 jessica

Photo of gennie

forty five ten is such a beautiful store! I wanted to buy so many things when I was there hehe. That skirts makes your waist look so so tiny!

Photo of Clarissa

Adorably cute photos all around. Love the last look, laid out. Books as accessories <333

Photo of D

I love that length of skirt on you. It's so sophisticated with the heels. Great outfits!

Photo of Lizzy

that outfit is so it.. i wish i had the courage to wear that here in houston!

Photo of Brigadeiro

What a gorgeous family! And each of your outfits are just gorgeous! I love your mom's tartan blazer (and can't get enough of her bag)! Love your skirt too!
PS. Thx for dropping by my blog ;)

Photo of roselxx

Lovely skirt!!!!!!!!!! Im so in love!!!

Glad to see you guys had such a wonderful V-day!

Photo of roselxx

oh, btw, I think you should try this kind of girly color more!!! Seriously! Girly colors are sooooooooooo good on u!!! U r such a sweet girl!

Photo of Eva

Such a stylish family :)

Photo of Autumn Hanna

You always look amazing!

Just curious - how tall are you?

Photo of esther

you three make such a fashionable little group! i looove it.

Photo of noni

I love you and your mom! Both of you are so stylish!

Photo of Lucile

God how can you afford Givenchy heels AND a Prada bag ?! I've been following your blog for quite some time now and that's always the question that pops in my mind when I see another designer shoe ! (like those open front black Martin Margiela boots for ex !) ! Maybe you could do a little Q&A ! x


Photo of Mimo (fashion stylist in Paris)

Happy valentines day! The last picture is lovely.

Photo of haley sonnier

You and your family are stunning. I love Forty Five Ten as well. Their cafe is adorable.

Photo of Leia

That skirt is sooo beautiful. You look lovely! x

Photo of jyc

even in a sheer, black lace shirt you look poised and demure! all three of you look great.

Photo of noelle chantal

you, your mom and sister dress very well. you are one happy stylish family! :) i def like your skirt jane!

Photo of noelle chantal

you, your mom and sister dress very well. you are one happy stylish family! :) i def like your skirt jane!

Photo of Jenny Cindy

Love that outfit. The skirt is absolutely perfect and I love it with the lace top!

Photo of pve design

Oh look at sweet you and your gorgeous mum and sis.
You all just floor me.

Photo of Uchechi X


Awesome blog :)
I recently began one my self, and was wondering if you could give me any pointers?
Please check it out:


Photo of ainsley

damn, the aldridges are STYLIN'.

Photo of Athena

Such a beautiful & stylish family. I know you all make a fabulous entrance wherever you go! I love Forty Five Ten too. Jane, can you tell me what handbag your Mom is carrying? It is hard to tell in the picture. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Photo of MissMe

Love your blog. Will your mom start one too ? Or will we be able to get more pics of her ? I love the way she dresses !!!

Photo of Punkie

this sandals are damn beautiful!

Photo of Cafe Fashionista

You all look fabulous! I absolutely love the yellow tights your sister is wearing. I'm dying to get my hands on a pair of colored tights. :)

Photo of Jessica

I love those Miu Miu pumps.
They remind so much of these two pairs of pumps I bought from Target in Dec/Jan (both for about $8 each). They are two-toned (black/grey and light brown/brown)oxford style pumps and the heel looks exactly like those Miu Miu ones. I haven't worn them out yet due to the cold weather outside, but they definitely be comfortable to walk in especially for classes.

Photo of Samantha

Those don't look like they fit

Photo of Carrie

Why in the world did you put a book by William S. Burrough's with that outfit? Do you even know who he is?

Photo of danielle

hey..cute outfit. ^__^

and love the shoes. I found similar ones at a store near here. but unfortunately im on shopping probation. ><* what a bummer.

again. love the outfits..and your sister's outfit is cute too

Photo of Mary Kathryn

Love the Valentine's outfit...
But your dad/ mom let you out of the house with a lace shirt that shows your bra?
Second outfit is cute too, but I think I'd wear the Givenchy pointy toe heels instead of the Miu Miu spectator pumps.

xx mkayy

PS. Who made your mother's jacket? Its to die for.

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