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February 25, 2009

givenchy, balmain & dolce gabbana, from vogue nippon




These photographs are fantastic!
shot by Katja Rahlwes


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Photo of Brigadeiro

OMGosh! That last pic is just UNREAL!!!

Photo of emily

The middle (green) one is the one Jennifer Connelly wore to some award show isn't it? It's gorgeouss

Photo of gennie

Emily: Jennifer Connelly wore it to the premier of He's just not that into you.

I wish I could own a Balmain piece!! I've been eyeing so many Balmain blazers on Browns and Luisaviaroma. I already messaged you about this but I just did a Balmain DIY post and thought you might want to take a look?


Photo of claudia

Love the photo shoot! Especially the green dress, i think it is the one Jennifer Connolly wore.

You have sun a great blog to peruse, endless photos and inspiration.

Photo of courtney

i don't like the uber-eighties photography
but the emerald dress is fantastic

Photo of Ayesha

The beaded dress is spectacular, I'd just worry i'd get it snagged on everything I walked by!

Photo of Eva

That Balmain shot is lovely indeed.

Photo of Pen

LOVE Vogue Nippon! Fun colours used in the spread! Loved your jumpsuit from the previous post!

Photo of Agnieszka

Hi. I`m from Poland. This models are beutifull but I think your style is fantastic and you have wonderful long hair. They are gorgeous. Regards ;)

Photo of fablittlethings

um i love the green balmain...

Photo of Tale

Fatastic. Really amazing.

Photo of lucille

I love the balmain ... and I love your blog !

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

I go for green dress since it is my fave color.

Photo of Paula

your blog and style are very good;))

Photo of Pooska

Your site is Amazing!
I love this Balmain dress <3
I found you in one of polish sites [ i'm from poland]
Can you email me?
Please <3
I'm sure we can talk.

Photo of noelle chantal

interesting piece on the last photo. beautiful!

Photo of dana davis

inspirational as always! love your blog. you have totally inspired me!

Photo of mariona

absolutly fantastic the Balmain dress is amasing, kisses from barcelona

Photo of divinitus

The green dress is for sure my fave from entire Balmain collection.

Photo of Denise

Hello! Love your blog. Just thought you might like to see this: http://thepopfix.com/2009/02/24/christian-louboutins-6295-shoe-debuts-at-south-coast-plaza/

It was the debut of Christian Louboutin's $6,295 Marie Antoinette shoes.... and they sold out!

Photo of Sandra


Photo of iole

The secon green one stole my heart!

Photo of daria

i have never been there, but... girl! i love your style, your boots, your... everything! you're aaawesome, keep it! :>

Photo of harum

I'm kind of dying in anticipation for pictures outfits with your new Ann D. boots. They are divine. :)

Photo of jaim

hey! have you checked out meadham kirchhoff's RTW collection? i think there's a jacket and a few shirts that you would love :)

Photo of Victoria C

I love Vogue Nippon's editorials.. now if only I could understand the text!

Photo of Jei

I feel like I have to get this issue now :).

- Jei

Photo of agatha

girl,u r amazing&gorgeous... do your thing cuz u r the best!
u r my sweet inspiration!

Photo of moder antoinette

I love all the strong shoulders.

Must get the magazine NOW!!!


Photo of Hanna

OMG! I love the Balmain!!! So fabulous!!

Photo of Rebecca

I love the green one in the middle!

Photo of Tamia

The cut of the shoulder in that last shot makes my heart beat faster...

Photo of Shen-Shen

That sequined green dress is perfection.

Photo of DJ

In a few years, we're all going to be laughing about the bright red, shiny lipstick. And the shoulderpads.

Photo of jessica

im yearning for that green sequined dress AMAZINGGGGG. oh jane, stop tempting us. lol. jk.

Photo of Gigi

The green dress is simply stunning!

Photo of 我是谁


Photo of Mathilda

I love really your website !
And I need to your opinion of my new post !


Photo of leyandrea

URGH JANE!! u are amazing thanks for checking out the shoes post i did! anwyays, not so sure about the styling of this shoot, but i gotta say the images are stll very striking and fashionable. how do you get such high-res images anyway! im trying to work on that.. but blogger isnt cooperative that way. might have to use an external hosting site.
i can read chinese characters and Gigi posted that the clothes are beautiful. just fyi.
ok cheers!
andrea xooxoxxx
Life In Technicolor

Photo of Míriam

Yeah, those are truly fantastic, specially the last one, impressive shoulders!

Photo of Cafe Fashionista

I kind of need that green sequin dress.

Photo of Account Deleted


I love the shoot. That Balmain green dress is to Die For in a heartbeat! I have this amazing vintage green little number similar to the Balmain and can't wait to wear it...just waiting for the special occasion.

I love your blog and you sure are an inspiration for your tender age.

Much Love,

Your friends at Heights of Fashion


Photo of Bonnie Klyde

I love the Balmain! It's so beautiful! This season's collection was gorgeous!

Photo of clémence

Waouh that s some unexpected pics!

Photo of Kasia

on this picts there is a model from my country - Poland, Małgosia Bela i love her

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