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February 12, 2009

Emilio & Denise & wearing my new Givenchy's

A while ago I mentioned I was babysitting a Bullmastiff puppy (and that he was quite a handful)...the puppy in question is named Emilio and my dad has been fostering him for about a month. Today he's going a new home and we have to say goodbye. Emilio's a loveable guy. I took some pictures to remember him by!He is extremely difficult to photograph because he never stops moving and loves to give sloppy kisses to the camera....

Haha I love this picture! He had just leaned over to give Denise (on the left) a kiss and this is after they pulled away...so cute.

Of course I can't leave out Denise...she's the nicest dog I've ever known...and she is much more photogenic than Emilio.

I tried to get Denise to take a picture with me, but no such luck.

So I took one on my own.

Urban Outfitters cape, Forever 21 net leggings, bandage skirt by The Row underneith, armload of bracelets and my mom's Omega Seamaster watch, and my new Givenchy wedges
(William identified them as S/S 07...he would know! Thanks!)

Have a nice Thursday :)


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Photo of fernande

How can you leave with 2 BIG DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so scare of dog!!!!!!!!!!

Love your shoes!!!but they are too high for me!!how do manage to work with them?
(i don't speak very well in english beacause i'm french)

Photo of fjaiosen

i've had those givenchys in my cart for about a week, wondering if i should get them.
but, after seeing how cute they look on actual feet, i think i will definitely get them!!

Photo of Stylecrusader

I love that cape, I can't believe it's from Urban. And the tights + givenchy's are perfection!!

Photo of Ashton

i love your new shoes

Photo of Brigadeiro

A B S O L U T E L Y G O R G E O U S ! ! !

At first when I clicked on your title, I thought I'd see the dogs wearing the Givenchy's! HAHA!

They are 2D4! I was sad last Saturday when I found them, but not in my size :(


Photo of aindrea/fashionista du jour

everytime i see those givenchy's i fall more and more in love with them!
the outfit definitely does justice to those shoe beauties!
the tights are lovely :)

Photo of D

How do these sandals fit? I have other Givenchy's that I ordered a size up, but I'm wondering if that will work for these. Thanks!

Photo of DUSKIN

you loo lovely, jane.
and, oh my, that dog is so cute.

Photo of Alyssa

Ooh, I love this doggy..I love dogs. (period)
Sooo sweeeet!

Plus, killer new kicks, my dear!

Photo of Ji Luxirare

you look stunning. the end.

Photo of lucie

cute leggings... and dogs of course !

Photo of Lou

love the shoes.... SWEET cape as well!!

Photo of Leia

Awww, what beautiful dogs. And a lovely oufit :)

Photo of Tieg

Thought you might like this!
(Since she has one of your "dad" and all!) :]

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

cant believe those leggings are f21!!!! they look phenomenal!!! you look amazing, as always i enjoy the way you combine things.

Photo of Rikki Lane

Awwww cute doggies!
Lovely outfit :]

Photo of Rianna Bethany

The shoes are very lovely, I love how the heel bulges out a tiny bit. Very different.
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxx

Photo of carlotta

haha i thought it was going to be dogs wearing givenchy's too haha . those leggings seam to be the perfect match for the givenchys!

Photo of Kay

The wedge is so perfect, I thought it was going to be the dogs wearing them too... I thought it sounded tricky!
Great outfit.


Photo of Phoebe

WOW! Those are some shoes. You look amazing.

Photo of Que

You are looking totally stunning in those pics! I love that cape I so want one!!! I'm not a big fan of dogs but I have to admit those dogs are pretty cute! Hey I need some advice: I want to start my own fashion blog can you give me some tips? Please?

Photo of tanya

your dad has SUCH a lawyers house...

Photo of Que

Oh If you could give me a little advertising on your blog
if its not too much to ask...? Sorry to be so imposing... :(

Photo of oensh

Nice shoes and cute dogs.. I like the brown one.. So cute...

Photo of Nini Nguyen

Jane- you, and the two dogs are so so cute. :)

Photo of Saree Elias

you are incredible Jane, hahaha i laugh so muchh with you. lol. kiisses dear.

Photo of Farren

That Bullmastiff puppy is sooo soo sooo adorable. =D OMG! My grandpa used to have a tonw hen I was small. And I really like the f21 tights!

Photo of Cafe Fashionista

Emilio and Denise are adorable; and you look AMAZING! Those Forever 21 Net Leggings are so crave-worthy. :)

Photo of Hui

At first I thought the title said, "Emilio & Denise wearing my new Givenchys". I was stunned for a bit, haha. :)

The dogs are lovely. I've played with Bull Mastiffs before and they are just, the hugest things. But so so lovable. Nothing like cuddling a giant dog with soft eyes. <3

Photo of gennie

I love doggie photos! My pomeranian is my tireless model as I try to work out how to use my new camera hehe.
Can't get over how cute those shoes are!!

xo, http://maisondesreveries.blogspot.com/

Photo of william

Thanks for the plug! The Givenchys look gorgeous with those leggings - I only wish I could see the bandage skirt. The dogs are just too cute.

Photo of Businessiscasual

That's one big puppy! I love the cape.

Photo of Maryann

on your previous entry, i was gonna comment, but i want to make sure you get this. if you like old school clippings, you will love this blog:


Photo of Lissa

I tagged you! Please list 9 random things about yourself and tag 9 other people!

Photo of Mary Kathryn

I'm in love with your shoes, I honestly don't care if they are from two seasons ago.
they are G O R G E O U S L Y GORGEOUS!

x mkayy.

Photo of V

awww...how can you bear to part with that face???
love those givench'!

Photo of chauss

lovvvvvvvvvvve the shoes. :)

Photo of arline Jernigan

This is unrelated, but you may like the band "Clan of Xymox", if you don't know them. :)

Photo of Gabrielle Papa

PUPPIES! Love them. So much better than shoes or clothes IMO. I have three myself.

I love lovable, squishy, cuddly dogs!

Photo of Suzanne

Wow, I really enjoy your style.
I saw you in Teen Vogue, and I thought I'd check you out. I love your blog, and I'd love to link up.
Those Givenchy shoes are fab! I'd love me a pair of those, haha.
look me up if you like. :)

Suzanne IMOS.

Photo of Belle

The Givenchy wedges are magnifique!!
Very cute outfit and such beautiful dogs.
have a fabulous day

Photo of ediot

completely adore your shoes and your stockings!

Photo of ediot

completely adore your shoes and your stockings!

Photo of Misty

Aw, what cute dogs :)
And those stockings has such intriguing patterns :D

Photo of Misty

Aw, those are cute dogs!
And those stockings are intriguing :D

Photo of sedds

Wow... another gorgeous outfit

it amazes me how you always look so effortlesly awesome

Photo of Ruth

You go girl what fabulous taste you have--- Im a shoe fiend too- check out my blog


also thought you might like the AMAZing ALAIA'S


Photo of Ina

The combination of those leggings and wedges in simply fantastic.


Photo of Elen

absolutely lovely dogs, and a lovely outfit!

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