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January 31, 2009

Saturday morning

Today I am wearing a halter jumpsuit by Society for Rational Dress, a vintage ruffle bolero (no label!), sequin tube top from MNGO, Givenchy basket weave wedges, an armload of bangles, necklace from Urban Outfitters, 

I have not busted out this jumpsuit for quite some time-I should wear it more often as it is very comfortable. Society for Rational Dress is a cool line. Check out their fall lookbook!

I am not going to a disco....as my outfit might indicate...today I think I'm going over to my friends house to bake cookies, make dream catchers and watch movies....

Ta-ta and have a nice Saturday!


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Photo of Titty.H


Photo of Jill

This is incredibly fabulous! The Sartorialist needs to get a good look at you...

Photo of MsUnreliable

Absolutely gorgeous look, I wish I looked that glam for a day of baking!

Photo of sedds

you look absolutely fantastic.... love everything about the outfit & shoes and your hair is fabulous

Photo of Stella

Oh, I absolutely love your clothes - you have a great sense of style!

Photo of juliet

Gorgeous outfit!

juliet xxx

Photo of Amy Williams

Love how you'll wear this just to chill at your friends house - awesome.

Photo of Dana

love your outfit :)! and looks like your house is beautiful too..

Photo of Sarah

So this picture basically looks like it belongs in Vogue! I LOVE the ruffles :)

Photo of Lor

Oh, you are so beautiful (as always)! Sweet, sweet, sweet. And I like your hair a lot. I started to read your mom´s blog yesterday and must to say you both are absolutely fabulous:)

Photo of Michelle

Love the outfit. Great picture!

xoxo, Shelly

Photo of closetcouture



Photo of jointjumble

Thats a mighty fine jumpsuit you got there! Check out my newly purchased jumpsuit at http://jointjumble.wordpress.com!

Joint Jumble

Photo of Taylor

I'm not a huge fan of jumpsuits but this one looks AMAZING on you! The bolero and the jumpsuit were made for each other.

Photo of Taylor

ps I love your staircase and those chairs in the background. Your house is decorated beautifully!

Photo of molly

wow, you have courage. i read in teen vogue that you live in the suburbs, and you wear this kind of thing to watch a DVD? brave.

Photo of Ian

Gah. These comments make me want to vomit.

Photo of inbcn

always amazing jane!

if you ever come to Barcelona in Spain...

visit us!


Photo of kristina

i wish my friends would wear outfits like that when they come over to bake cookies; it would make my experience so much more fantastical.

Photo of Amber

lol- forget the fashion (which I love btw), I want the house! ....and your hair.


Photo of Milan

Please drop the UO commercials... Its definetely selling out, other than that nice outfit..

Photo of Krystal j

Amazing...the ruffles are Crazy Cool! Ok your skin is flawless what is your routine?

Photo of Meredith

Wow, I love this look, especially how you paired that sequin top with the jumpsuit! Your outfits are all so interesting! Keep up the great work!

Photo of Valerie

the ruffle bolero is fabulous. I think you pull off the jumpsuit very well and might I say you've got some lovely furniture in the background too :)

Photo of M

I admire your style. Its really great and inspiring. But I've gotta ask, how on earth do you afford a new pair of designer shoes every (or so it seems) week!?

Photo of Gigi

I just wanted to congratulate you for the teen vogue spread. I also wanted to ask you if they came over your house and took the picture.

Photo of vina

her name was Lola...she was a showgirl...

Photo of The fashion pinko

That bolero is nothing short of incredible. That jumpsuit is not my favorite, but I like how the bolero looks like its part of the jumpsuit.

Photo of kathi

hey! congrats on getting into tv. i was so happy to see you there! your blog is so inspirational :)

Photo of Sunset

You. Are. Pure amazing.

Photo of Noelle Chantal

Jane Jane Jane.. you always look beautiful and stylish as always. Your jumpsuit is really nice. The cut is very different among the other jumpsuits people are wearing. And the shape of the bolero with the jumpsuit is a killer!

You're always a surprise to me! :)

Photo of Del

your blog is wicked , your sense of style amazing !!
congrats on the teen vogue article !!!
can't believe how young you are !!
check out my blog as well, i am sure you will like it !!
btw i put you on my blog roll !!!


Photo of Sunset

You're a huge inspiration.

Photo of jamieofalltrades

So super cute! And congrats on Teen Vogue. I'll pick up a copy today!

Photo of Angela

I looove the ruffles and sequins. Somehow you still manage to make them look totally elegant. <3

Photo of Brook and Lyn

That bolero is nuts! Like a beautiful giant black flower...almost looks like wings from the picture.

Photo of Camille

I love this look; you could go anywhere in this, and be fabulous and glamorous and completely appropriate.

Photo of Dana

Woooow, that bolero is to die for!!!

Photo of libby

Many have already mentioned your hair... but whoa... makes me want to make a trip to Texas just to get mine colored! I agree... I want to hear more about it!

Photo of J.Yo

you look so so so chic.

my aunt just gave me a 70's dress with EPIC ruffle like so, but only in one shoulder. now i'm wondering if i can rock it like yours.

Photo of Charlotte

Where on earth did you find those chairs?! Droooooool.

Love the bolero/jumpsuit combination too, there a few Australian designers you may be interested in with similar aesthetics.

Photo of maddie

wow. tres chic meets haute couture;; simply stunning.
Thanks doll.

Photo of Sofia from Sweden

Seriously! You have the most amazing style! I'm really impressed, I mean, your outfits are not just a sweater and a couple of jeans. You are really inspiring! Thank you for a great blog!

Photo of :Sila:

soooooo glamorous! congrats for you!:)

Photo of Belstaff Jacket

I'd actually love to review these boxes on my shopping/lifestyle blog. i wonder if they'd send me a sample box to talk about?

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