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January 22, 2009


This makes me happy.
From Italian Vogue, thanks to WTLE for the pic


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Photo of Alice

Makes me happy too!!

Photo of Mel

Wow I love this! The Obama shirt on the right is so cool!

Photo of Non Faux

YAY! I love it all!!!


Photo of kay*

their accessories are wild!

Photo of coronaboomboom

Alice and Mel, you completely stole what I wanted to say! Definitely, that shirt! and yeah, happy, too!

Photo of jamie clare

purchasing a great obama t-shirt is pretty much a necessity. cafepress.com has some pretty cool designs made by regular joes, and you can get them printed on organic cotton and such. that's where i got mine!


Photo of addison

makes me soo happy!!
i love the one on the left.


Photo of DUSKIN


Photo of jessica

loves it.


Photo of Cleopatra Daily

What a great time to be living and experience this piece of history. I like the black t-shirt more. Will be a great vintage piece in the future, don't you think?

Photo of Jenny Mariposa

Very historic and cool image<3333

Photo of Susie.p

Obama ... just his name make me happy !!

I love him , and i love this time of history

Photo of Hanene Saadi

This is amazing <3

Photo of Keren Alshanetsky

What's better than having Obama t-shirts in Vogue?
Yes, there's a tinge of happiness. ;)

Photo of JUNE

Er Så Bra Det Har Blitt Forandringer!

Photo of charm

I saw a shirt that said "Run DC" (like Run DMC) and had Obama on it...

Photo of Sarah

I love italian vogue !

Photo of Lobelia

That pic makes me really happy too! I really believe in him.

Photo of Anne

I need one of these tee-shirts! So cool!

Photo of nicole

i almost cast ubah in a lingerie shoot 2 years ago! if only i had known! haha.

Photo of eda

Lovely! I love the headbands.

Photo of ashley

what gorgeous models!

Photo of Camille

Yes to Barack Obama!

Photo of jem

i love this too... go obama!

Photo of Emma

wow these are brilliant...hes already a legend!

check out my ldn blog people:


Photo of Rae

This makes me happy also. I was able to go to DC for the inauguration (haven't gotten around to blogging about it, but i'll get too it soon) and I saw so many cool Obama shirts. There was even a shirt that lit up like a Christmas tree.


Photo of Becca

i love this image - the shirts are fantastic.

Photo of Glendy

I LOVES IT!!!! The hair accessories are fantastic and love the simplicity of the shirts :) it truly is CHANGE

Photo of Lina

I know she's cut off...but the model on the right used to live in my hometown. I think her name is Ubah. She's 5'11.5"! It's amazing!
But Obamarama is still the best.

Photo of Brittney

recreate sophisticated first lady looks at home using this video from 215 style as your guide. http://www.215mag.com/features_detail.cfm/feature/220/

Photo of Carrie

I noticed a lot of Bowie so- Have you ever seen Labyrinth? I think that if you have not, it is something you could really appreciate- David Bowie in awesomely horribly wonderful Bowie outfits- mostly opaque tights, Jim Henson muppets... Very 80's movie.

Photo of Andy

Oh yep. I love it.
It's been a really long time that i regulary check your blog out.
I'm totally fan of all your shoes :)
i'm an addicted too. haha !
If you find time, check out my blog.



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