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January 02, 2009

WHAT TALENT, WHAT STYLE//a stream of images, a little info

MUSE: Masami Tsuchiya
-member of Japanese New Wave band Ippu-Do
-released solo album 'Rice Music' in 1982 (great album, Ryuichi Sakamoto plays on the song Kafka...it's hard to find, but well worth the search...WHAT A FANTASTIC ALBUM COVER!)
-tour guitarist for Japan 
-a stylish guy, a striking face
(Images from Japan's website)



-set designer, jewelry designer, costume designer, artist, and interior decorator
''Decorating is not a surface performance,'' Mr. Duquette once said, ''It's a spiritual impulse, inborn and primordial.''  
(taken from his obituary in the NY Times)
(pictures from his website)


-model, jewelry designer, and friend to many.
This is a good excerpt about her style from her Wiki entry:
"An Asian-American, Chow represented the new diversity and universalism of modern beauty, but her fashion intelligence was even greater than her beauty. One of the most important collectors of couture clothing, Chow's practised eye is still regarded as the paradigm of collecting and connoisseurship. Chow knew the great designers of her time, but demonstrated her interest in the past by choosing works of Madeleine Vionnet, Cristobal Balenciaga and Christian Dior for her astute collection. Her initial collecting interest was Mariano Fortuny, whose 'Delphos' dresses, capes and mantles were a syncretist interpretation of East and West"

I have an issue of British Vogue from 1984 that has an excellent feature on her style, and I will be scanning that to post on Sea of Shoes this week.

Images from her thread on the Fashion Spot








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Photo of carlotta

my eyes are fizzling looking at that first image! stunning, where/ what is it?

Photo of Danielle

I love the YSL editorial...and although i don't celebrate christmas the decorations are beautiful...is that your house? I feel desperate because i'm the first to comment, but that goes to show how many times i check your blog per day lol!!! check out mines when you have the chance...
alot different than yours, tell me what you think
have a woonderful new year and post a new outfit...i need the inspiration

Photo of Robbie

the guy in the bow-tie and bath robe is my idol

Photo of Wax

the guy in black looks major!

Photo of ...love Maegan

thank you :) ... the chairs in the last photo are blowing my mind. I'd like to add some mirrored tables and crystal pendants and possibly some black feather pillows and make it my own.

Photo of megan

i love the second to last image. the expressions are so whimsical and fun!

since you are obviously a lover of shoes, i was wondering if you could point me in the direction of a good leather boot-maker. i don't have very deep pockets (preferrably under $200) and i'd really love some flat ankle boots. any ideas?

i love your blog and i read it religiously! your outfits are very inspiring and make me want to get out of my rut of leggings, oversized sweaters and snow boots that i've been accustomed to wearing these depressing days. thank you for being fabulous and i look forward to your future posts.

happy new year

Photo of megan

my post makes no sense. now i can't see the picture i saw before and liked so much. it was of an old bearded man and an asian woman both dressed in black and sitting on a couch. i love it but i can't see it anymore? weird

Photo of Lynn

Oh the picture of Tony with Beegle in the 80s (90s?)! so timeless, sidereal. I had no idea his piece for the LA bicentennial was placed in his home it looks like it might have been his home in Cow Hollow, San Francisco. I absolutely love Tony, he's one of my favorites. I would compare the decorator Miles Redd as his 21st century twin.

I also love love Tina Chow, she was sooo beautiful.

Photo of zana

I'm completely loving the re-emergence of interest in No Wave music over the last year. I've been inspired by Lizzy Mercier Descloux, if you aren't already familiar with her music try to track down "Press Color".

Photo of Rita

Tina Chow is just stunning.

Photo of Amy

Hi Jane- your blog is a pleasure to read, so glad I've found it! I'm one half of "Facade Vintage" we're new sellers on ebay. Check out our auctions, you may find something you like! XO Amy



Photo of Jasmina

Masami lookes a bit like david bowie..

Photo of Shes Dressing Up

I love the Tony Duquette images!!

Photo of cece

Tina Chow was my idol in the 80's...thanks for bringing her back!

Photo of The Minx

Tina Chow is incredibly striking, I love the contrasts in the images of her!

Photo of shilvia

i just found your blog, and i LOVE it!!!! i adore tina chow, and the pictures of those interiors, awesome!!!great post :)

Photo of M

All of Tony Duquette's designs are absolutely beautiful, I had never heard of him before!

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

i discovered tina chow through you. her story is quite tragic, but she seems to have carried herself with great dignity.

Photo of naptress

I love Tina Chow..I have been collecting images,magazine tears since the eighties..I have a binder full of stuff!

Photo of hoyan

I love Tina Chow. Her hairstyle always reminds me of my cousin's neatly parted and wet-combed 'do when they (two boys) were younger. It's so impeccable and so signature for her.

Photo of Mrs M.

I love her.... nothing more to say...

Photo of antonia

je suis française et passionné de mode quand j'ai vu ton blog j'ai vraiment cru que j'allai pleurer tellement c'est beau !!
il y avait un reportage sur toi dans le magazine français glamour je suis directement allé voir ton blog je n'en revient toujours pas déjà tu es une fille superbe mais alors ce que tu porte est vraiment magnifique.
Tu as des pièces de collection tellement belle je donnerai tout pour en avoir des pareils regarder ton bloga été un vrai bonheur ....
merci et continue comme ça...

Photo of Shopping and Info

I loved Tina Chow myself and REMEMBER this article from the 80's- my gosh- she was a legend.

Photo of a frock a day

Thanks for the posts & pictures of Tina Chow. I still have this very treasured issue of Vogue magazine & my copy of Flair. I completely regret that her segment on Video Fashion, which I taped on a betamax tape back then, can't be found anywhere. I remember her talking about her crystals.

If you ever find it anywhere, do let me know. Thanks!


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