January 07, 2009

OH AND ALSO//the first pair of loubs

(I am not usually a Louboutin girl. I admire his shoes from afar but they have never really been my thing. The color of these shoes is to die for and in python? Irresistable. So saucy with the red sole too.  They were on sale at Barneys and they were an amazing birthday present! :) One shoe isn't lacing up right-hopefully I can get it fixed!)


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Photo of Zarna

love these shoes!
i was just browsing through some blogs a while ago and came across yours! its great!


Photo of Amplified

Ooh....Christian Louboutins!!The peachy colour looks amazing on your pins Jane..Don't they have it in black too?


Photo of MEJ / FashionMinded

OMG! those are to-die-for. incredibly jealous ugh! very lovely. those would be heaven heaven heaven to touch. and the straps are sexy as well as that skin...ahhhh

Photo of caroline

great shoes! how do yours fit? i bought a pair of louboutins and they were so tight on my feet.



Photo of Amee

Fabulous! The python adds a perfect touch to the shoe!

Photo of Robbie

these are so gorgeous i can't breatheeeee!

Photo of aaaa

Hey Jane!

Two great additions to your wardrobe I see. The poncho is very much my style...and you lucked out with those loubs. I've yet to find such a fantastic item amongst the new year sales racks. They look like ballet slippers!

Photo of milly

Amazing!!...you lucky gal!

Photo of DUSKIN

holy sickness. i love those shoes, and that color. TO DIE FOR.

Photo of amanda

wow, the barney's sale has some killer things i see. those are amazing!

Photo of Min

ahhh! you're so lucky...what a great pair!

Photo of chelsea

I have been looking for a nice pair of flesh/neutural coloured shoes for so long.

Photo of ariana

oh my.

those shoes are the definition of fabulous. i am unbelievably jealous. i hope you enjoy them very very very much!

Photo of Lidia Luna

Oh I love them in that color! Congrats!

Photo of oh lady e

Oooh, quite nice. Do those run true to size? I've been drooling a pair of the black ones.

Photo of Nubby

That color looks amazing against your skin! Good choice on your first pair. :)

Photo of Gabrielle

i just fainted. oh precious, precious loubs.

you have the most distinct taste in shoes !

Photo of alixrose

OH MY GOSH! Those are amazing. Happy Birthday to you!

Photo of addison

LOOVEE THEM!! how do you find so many great deals?


Photo of Saree Elias

Jane i so love this and the color, i adore it.
i saw similar shoes yesterday at the zara sale, they where olive green flats witht he same lacing!


Photo of Quynh

Oh my god...why don't I have any nice stores where I live? >_<

Photo of Sarah Frost

These are lovely! I wish I had a pair of such beautiful shoes -- I've really been into the color peach lately.

Photo of enna.

Those shoes are sooo ridonculous.

Can you Irish dance in them?

Photo of Allana

How do you walk in those shoes?!!?!? Oh wow.

Photo of sunni

ok, those loubs are just about perfection. they remind me of those infamous rodarte gowns. sort of pretty ballerina gone psychopathic and fetish. the texture is everything...

Photo of SD

those shoes are beautiful
and i've always been a fan of shoes w/brightly colored souls
especially if the shoe itself is a dark color
and hopefully the laces will start behaving soon

Photo of danz

Good for you - those shoes are gorgeous! Don't think my flat feet could take walking in them for too long though.

I'm not sure if you noticed but I sent an email with an illustration I did of you. Just want to make sure that you received it. Take care :)

Photo of chauss

welcome to loub land. lace ups are totally fun.

Photo of Raquel

Bravo Jane,I second Chauss and say, welcome to the land of Louboutin!

Photo of heartofpearl

looks fantastic. wouldn't mind a black pair! x

Photo of melissa

ooohhh la la lovely!

Photo of Mavenda

The reader who commented on the similarity to an Irish dancing shoe is right -- it's definitely a Ghillie style lacing up the front, like Irish and Scottish dancers wear. The style's called Bloody Mary -- which makes me wonder if the person who named it confused the Queen of England whose nickname was Bloody Mary with Mary Queen of Scots (that'd be Mary Tudor and Mary Stuart, to history geek a bit).

*Anyway*, these are an excellent addition to the shoe wardrobe, nice pick. I nearly got them myself, but Barney's in San Francisco only had them in black, and in the darker color I finally conceded that they looked more fetish than fashion. The nude color strikes the perfect balance, and really lets the shape/architecture of the shoe shine through.

Photo of Nina

WOW. those are amazing.

Photo of Jayde

superb taste Jane! another fab pair in your closet!

Photo of Miss Glitzy

I'm French, I'm a Louboutin girl. That's it! I've already admire them in black but this peachy tone really suits you. Nice gift!

Photo of CC

Girl!!! LOVE the louboutins!!!!!! (obviously)

these are sooo you!!!

you've got AMAZING style!!!


Photo of Eulalie

absolutely grogeous!

Photo of Marina

Just want to say that I'm not really fan of Loubs but this one is really avazing!You have nice taste in shoes!

Photo of Dexter

Ohh, the Bloody Mary! I'm not surprised you got them and that you got them in this color! I'm happy for you!

Photo of Kim

Those shoes are really great! *love*

Photo of bex

you lucky thing! my jaw actually dropped im not kidding. They are gorgeous, i cant wait to see what you do with them!


Photo of Fashion Victim

i want those for my prom

Photo of belle fantaisie

wow you are a lucky girl! they are stunning! i love the lacing of them

Photo of ashley

peach is totally on my list of spring must haves.
lovely heels!

Photo of Stefania

so super-hysterically jealous

they are gorgeous
rock them out beautiful


Photo of tessa

Do you ever worry that your feet might get damaged when you wear such high heels at such a young age?

Photo of Louise

Are you kidding me Jane??? Haha, You're amazing and so are thoes shoes!

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