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January 20, 2009

LOTS OF PICS AHEAD//stupid pictures taken while running errands

Today I tagged along with my mom and my sister to run some errands. I took the camera and we ended up making a pitstop at Joanne's to pick up some plastic animals. Unfortunately they didn't have as large of a selection as we would have liked but we still had fun.

Walking around outside whilst waiting for my sister to finish her voice lesson. 

This crazy glitter jacket was purchased yesterday when I went thrifting with a friend. It is so insanely sparkly and it feels like a Brillo pad. I love it.

Pasta paper.

Carol threatening my mom and I.

Mom makes out with a sparkly octopus sticker

They have a lot of different 'Toobs' of plastic animals to choose from. They aren't all animal toobs though. We have a Jamestown Settlers toob.

Brontosauras vs Velociraptor round 3

Carol's pretty beaver tail

Okay I promise to get some real posting done soon. Sorry for bombarding you with dumb pictures.

But in the meantime,
why don't you check out the fun little project my mom and my sister and I are working on:
We figured it was about time to do something (useful?) with our little zoo of plastic pets.

xox Jane


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Photo of cassie

Darling, you are adorable.
I enjoy your enthusiasm for plastic animals and am glad that I'm not the only seventeen-year-old that has plastic animals. (:

Photo of Ronnie

you put a smile on my face with that top. glad to see you wore it so soon!

Photo of Sophie

I'm wondering where Carol's jeans are from? The sideways belt loops are awesome!

Photo of mens running shoes

Look like you hadan amazing time!!!

Photo of viagra online

This is truly a Revolting Development as William Bendix use to say on TV in a different generation or two ago. Maybe three. I'm thinking seriously now about Mac and also about selling my stock.

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