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January 17, 2009


The Punjab High Court building designed by Le Corbusier
*Interesting fact: Le Corbusier also designed the tapestries hanging inside the court as well.

The Quilts of Gee's Bend


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Photo of Yoshi

I love the first quilt. It looks like an abstract glacier.

Photo of Emlyn

Those quilts! Whoa. Thanks so much for sharing!

Photo of Amy Williams

Awesome architecture...

Photo of addison

i lovvvve the tapestries!!


Photo of helen

u should look into Louis Kahn as well! (personally not a Corb fan, but maybe you'll like his ronchamp church)
- architecture student

Photo of Camille

The colors in the Quilts of Gee's Bend are gorgeous; the oranges and reds are vibrant.

Photo of The Six Six Sick Girls

Amazing inspiration images. I'm a huge fan of Corbu, but I've never seen his tapestries. I was working at the Whitney Museum when they did a show on The Quilts of Gee's Bend, and it's nice to see them again...


Photo of Feather

Thanks for posting Jane! I'm an architectural historian, so I really enjoyed the images. I think that the influence of architectural and industrial design on fashion is often totally disregarded, and it drives me crazy! Rei Kawakubo has been very open about the role of architecture in influencing her design process -- I wish more fashion designers would talk about this!

Photo of Lina Lamont

Le Corbusier is BRILLIANT!
I researched him because of a francs bill my mum has with his face of it.
Thank you so much for getting him out there!

Photo of Becca

these are absolutely stunning - thanks for sharing!

Photo of SD

wow the architecture is stunning
i think i drooled a few times ;]

Photo of tdm

if your into gee's bend...check these out...been my main stamp for awhile :) always a go to for inspiration...you should check out japanese patchworks too.


Photo of tdm

addison your funny

Photo of LILU

Amazing inspiration images. these are absolutely stunning :-)))))))

Photo of alex

Le Corbusier is incredible. I saw a chair he designed in an art gallery today and it took my breath away.

Photo of siska

I love all the pics, they are so clean and simple!

Photo of Maia Jane

I LIVE about an hour from Chandigarh, where the Punjab High Court is located. It's one of my favorite cities, though the city in its entirety, as beautiful as it is, seems a little bit devoid of life until you reach one of the "main" public spaces... I've spent probably a couple weeks there over the course of all my visits, I love seeing that architecture in a real environment, where people live their normal lives within this beautiful space. It's incredibly under appreciated among the local population, but that's part of the beauty!

I had a question: you wouldn't happen to be related to a one Mr. James Aldridge?

I've been reading a good deal of this blog, in fact I've read every entry! But I have never commented...though rest assured, because of me, you have several devoted readers here in India :)

-Maia Jane

Photo of Marjorie

Hey jane,it's funny that you speak about "Le Corbusier" because in Nantes where i live in France, there's constructions of this artist also architect of wich a bulding where live on persons.I had a friend who lived indoors and what was brilliant it's that his flat was constructed as a cabin of boat. Doors and windows had the form of porthole and several other details wich i don't remember anymore really now...
He was a big visionnary who wanted Art so linked tenancy the useful.In any cases i'm very proud that you 're interested by this artist.It seems to me that you also like Phillipe Stark.It's also a very good choice.It's not the same thing but both artists so don't differ as for their vision of the world of Art.Those are both of the big visionaries.
Kisses fom France

Photo of Girl next blog

I always love your outfits. You have a great personal style.


Photo of the_kitten

I very much love to see where your inspiration comes from. But have you seen this: http://ufffquemepongohoy.blogspot.com/2008/12/yo-de-mayor-quiero-ser.html I always thought your mother is certainly a LOT more stylish than many "style" bloggers out there. Actually I think she should do her own blog ^^ anyway, finally someone collected all her pictures and posted a wonderful tribute to her wonderful style! U both keep it up!

Photo of Noemi Sunshine Ferst

Le Corbusier is one of my great loves.
I bought the most amazing book about him for my boyfriend and I think you would truly enjoy it.
The book is huge, which is great because the picture are at their full potential.


Great post as always.


Photo of Alisha

Oh, that's fabulous. Just fabulous.


Photo of Hapsical

Ooh, I love Le Corbusier.

Possibly my favourite work of his sadly no longer survives, it's hardly mentioned and there are hardly any photographs of it. It was a surrealist apartment in Paris, called the Beistegui Apartment, which had stuff like an indoor/outdoor living room, complete with grass carpet. http://www.rasa.net/writings/corbubeistegui.html I only found out about it because there was a short video (impossible to track down) about it in a Surrealism exhib in London a few years ago.


Photo of Hapsical

predictably of course i've just now found a picture


the blue is sky, and you have to imagine that over the wall you have the most incredible views of Paris.. dream home!

Photo of Charlotte

I love Le Corbusier work! Simply great.

Photo of Flavia

Hi Girl,
I've sent you the questions for the interview twice, did you recieved them?. if not maybe check out your spam cause it could be there. I was wondering if you could send me the answers this week so you could make it this issue.
Editor In Chief

Photo of Cheyenne

that architecture is amazing!

Photo of Camilla

I've advertised a bit for your blog on my own. Hope it's okay! :)


Photo of Jessica

I want your shoes from every post, wait, just kidding, I want your everything from every post.
I'm selling some of my vintageee..you should maybe check it out?


Photo of eugenia semjonova

YES! Those indigo pieces are truly amazing. Just the worn out textures are enough to send my head spinning. Have you seen any of the wwII quilts made out of denim?


Photo of auro murciano

te escribo desde españa
me encanta tu blog eres muy especial
mil besos guapa

Photo of modejunkie

hey jane. the ann d. lace up sandal boots are now available for pre-order at saks. just want to let you know in case you still don't (i don't think so.)
i hope you're well. :)

Photo of chantelle

wonderful architecture. I'm an art history major myself, my favourite courses being the ones on the history of architecture. If you're interested, here's the new miami eco building they're going to construct by 2011.. brilliant design.

Photo of jacinta

i went to see this building especially when in india. we ended up in the vaults & then on the roof. The use of colour on the building is amazing and its almost impossible to take a bad photo of the place.

Apparently le corbusier had wanted the furniture he'd selected to be nailed to their place so that they weren't moved around. Shame he didnt because the catalan vaults up above are all piled high with thousands of beautiful pieces of mid century modern furniture theyve discarded up there. (see here: http://flickr.com/photos/bawkbawk/2761365390/)

Photo of jacinta

ehmmm... remove the bracket and we have a working link http://flickr.com/photos/bawkbawk/2761365390/ !!!!

Photo of Sarah

those prints are great!
fantastic photos

Photo of Elsa

OMG Chandigarh! I was just there a month ago! It's a shame because you aren't actually allowed inside the high court, although the whole city is designed by Le Corbusier, so you get to see a fair deal of cool stuff. It's also a shame because the people who live there really don't care for the uniqueness of their city, but that's another story.

Photo of Claudia Henris Saeger
Claudia Henris Saeger November 29, 2009 at 08:26 PM

I just loved everything and hope we can do some together in the future

Photo of Lane Sectional

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