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January 10, 2009

THE FIRST SATURDAY OF 09//my favorite jeans


I'm borrowing my mom's Omega Seamaster watch today-I've also got on studded bracelets from F21 and my beloved Antonio Palladino octopus ring.
I wear this ring a lot but it never seems to make its way into pictures because I always take it off to eat, to write, to type-I have to admit it is a little encumbering.

The jacket is from Topshop-purchased two years ago. Marni chrome heel wedges. The vintage patched Levi's I'm wearing are my favorite pair of jeans I own. 
I'm just wearing this to get lunch at the mall with my best friends Viky and Stefanie.

I have a lot of email to get back to-I'm sorry for the delayed replies, I'll try to get to most of them tonight!
xox jane


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Photo of Amee

What a cute jacket! Did you buy your Levi's from Ebay? I'm also in love with all of the jewelry you have on. Keep up the great work Jane :)

Photo of Jen

The shoes are gorgeous. And I just love your entire wrist/hand!

Photo of Renaldo and Clara

Hi Jane! I just fell in love with your octopus ring. I also love your jacket, jeans and shoes. Ava

Photo of Lorituela

I really think those shoes are so ORIGINAL!

I love your blog... :D

Photo of vintage Tea

Great jewelry! I adore the ring. Ive seen it on loads of blogs. You wear it well. lol

Photo of eugenia semjonova

Jane, love the rings. Please look to my blog for inspiration boards. More to come soon. Your blog is just utterly fantastic. :)

Photo of Amber

I must say I'm rather jealous of that ring you have there.

Photo of Sam

Those wedges are seriously to die for! Even though they're pretty high, they look like they walk comfortable. I also have that with my Stella McCartney wedges. They're high, but walk very comfortable! Even though I was a bit scared in the beginning haha. And you look fantastic as always! This is my first comment that I make on your blog, but I'm a fan for already a while. I thought it was the time to say something. And something else! I'm (just like a lot) really amazed by your schoecloset! I wish I had something like that. I only don't have the room to make it.

Photo of Peter N.

Hi Jane

I've been a (new) longtime reader (does that make sense) and just wanted to leave a first comment. Mainly because those jeans caught my eye and I'm totally into them. 98% of my wardrobe is dark (since living in NYC and working for a designer whose style is dark..you can't really help it) but I've always had an attraction to the classic blue jeans. Especially when it's paired with a nice milk chocolate brown leather. I think this summer I'm going to shoot for a white shirt, brown leather watch some blue jeans and white trainers.

Photo of nadia

those shoes are FANTASTIC

Photo of DUSKIN

As always, you look great.

Photo of Jem

hi jane-
i thought i would leave you a quick comment. i've been reading your blog for quite sometime and i finally thought to comment on it. i love your outfit expecially the jeans with the army green jacket, it looks so comfortable yet chic. i also just wanted to let you know that reading your blog inspired me to start my own, its only a few days old but still... thanks! i hope you will check it out. thanks again (sorry for such a long comment).

Photo of Hinata

Very sympathic... And I love your shoes!

Photo of song-i

cute outfit. wasn't the first saturday of 09 the 2nd of january?

Photo of Sarah

I've just spent a delightful hour browsing your blog; it is truly wonderful! Sea of Shoes now holds a place at the top of my favorite blogs list. :)

I am absolutely in love with those shoes, by the way. Such a rich shade of chocolate brown paired with those wonderful wedge heels! /Sigh.

Thanks for the inspiration :)

Photo of Frida

Wounderful shoes! I like that they are both square and soft at the same time.

Photo of melissa

i LOVE this!!!

and the marni weges, i lovlovelooooove them.

have a lovely saturday! :)

Photo of d

wow. that wrist and shoesssssssssihadioahoidsa. incredible.

did a post about you on my blog girlfriendd check it out!

Photo of Marina

I love huge watches amd I love how you mix Omega with F21 bracelets. Cool!Palladino-just no comments, genius ring!
+You look great!i'm big fan of Marni shoes and this one is really great!

Photo of Min

i noticed that UO is now selling levis 501 for nearly $70...i wonder if anyone will be suckered in to buying them at full price when they can be thrifted or stolen from male/boyfriends.

love the wedges.

Photo of addison

those wedges are so gorgeous!! i also love the ring and jackeet!!


Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

i wish my wrists were bigger (i have very very small wrists) so they i could getaway with wearing oversized watches.

that watch is a classic. (good enough for james bond, right?) also im lovin the studded bracelts. great jacket too!

Photo of Robbie

jane, everything you do is perfect. end of story.

Photo of Cudna

You and your mom have an amazing taste for clothes!!

My blog => http://oblacilnica.blogspot.com/
Its in Slovene :)

Photo of Maren

Love the bracelets, the watch, the ring and above all the shoes! You are one lucky girl to have those in your shoe collection..

Photo of Emily Rose

ahh I love those jeans so much!!! I am on the look-out for some more vintage levi's but of course so is everybody else.. yours are a true score!

I just did a post on some good jeans...


Photo of Hapsical

Very stylish outfit.

Those Marni wedges are intriguing. Are they heavy (and do they make a metal clanging sound?!) or is it just a thin metal coating?


Photo of Pati

Those shoes are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL <3 I wish I could wear them but I'm too tall :( I would look like a freak lol Anyways, they look amazing on you and I love the jeans with the jacket also. Great outfit today!

Photo of jess

wow wow! Those wedges are so awesomely sky high! I adore the entire outfit :))

Photo of Don't Be A Hero

totally bitchin, I've been lusting after those marni's but they're a little out of my price range right now. next paycheck maybe :P

Photo of juliet

You might get bored hearing this all the time, but i love your shoes!

juliet xxx

Photo of LoveMore

im super in love with your chunky watch! x LM

Photo of Alisha

Love the patchwork! Was that a fix or the original style?


Photo of Nicole Then

love the cuffs and studds

Photo of Farren

I was just looking at those bracelets online! =) I love the combination of the bracelets, watch,and ring.

Photo of Heidi

I have been reading you blogg now for like 15 minutes and I am in love.
Love your sense of style. It's to die for. =)

Photo of modedamour

i love those shoes!!! and your accesoires

Photo of escritora

absolutely fantastic look!

Photo of Nini Nguyen

Hi Jane sweetie. I love the green and brown together !!!!! very nice.

Nini Nguyen

Photo of Marion

I love the marni shoes !! I want them in midnight blue/black !!!
Great outfit by the way!!

Photo of Paige

I've given you a cute award on my blog :)

Photo of Jessica

found you through lookbook, you're gorgeous! and I would kill for your shoes :D

Photo of coco

omg! these shoes are absolutely gorgeous!

Photo of Becca

love this outfit. Great jeans, and AMAZING marni wedges. Fabulous.

Photo of WAX

can i borrow your bracelets? :P

Photo of noirohio vintage

You must have an awesome mall to eat at!
Normally I stay FAR away from mall food. ;)
...love the bracelets & of course the Marni's!


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