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January 01, 2009


The pants I am wearing are a recent eBay purchase, I can't stop wearing them since they've arrived. Also, I am wearing my new basket weave Givenchys, and holy moly, they are by FAR the most painful shoes I own. I wore them to go shopping and they totally lacerated my feet-oh well, better suck it up! I'm in love with these gorgeous shoes.

2008 was great! I'm sad to say goodbye. 
But the new year looks bright! The future holds exciting things!!

What were you dancing to last night?
I can't get enough of this song!
(Raquel is such a babe.)

Thanks to everybody who takes time to read Sea of Shoes and thank you to the people who write me such sweet Facebook messages and emails-you guys have made my year really amazing and I hope all of your new years are filled with wonderful things :)
xox Jane


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Photo of ashley

oh man that raquel is too hot.
and you really do look stunning here.
happy new year!

Photo of Wax

wow, you look so edgy!

happy new year :)

Photo of laura

stunning outfit!
May I ask what you searched for when you found these pants on eBay? did you type in balloon pant? Harem pant? volume?
Thanks in advance!
Laura xx

Photo of merkovsky

i love everything here! esp. the shoes and your chairs!! did you end up getting the wedge version or the stiletto version?

Photo of Jennifer

I love this outfit and those black chairs are amazing! Happy New Year!

Photo of Nini

Happy New Year Jane!!! I love your pant and the red lipstick.

Nini Nguyen

Photo of molly shameless

whoa girl!

you look ab fab!

everything about this pic is perfect.

and the red lipstick is tres cool


Photo of denishabeybeh

that red looks pretty on you.
keep blogging jane. you're one of my fave and have a great new year!

Photo of lisa

Simply Stunning!!! Happy 2009 Jane!
xoxo from las vegas

Photo of nay a

hey !

Can you do a post about your hairdo's?

I love the bun. Something very princess leia about it.


Photo of Autumn

What color/brand lipstick are you wearing?

Photo of Becca

you look stunning in this photo! I love the outfit = amazingness.

Photo of angel swanson

happy new year! i have become a huge fan of your blog in recent weeks and can't get enough of it. thank you for the inspiration. ;-) i love this pic of you -- absolutely gorgeous.

Photo of The Minx

happy new year! You look ultra fierce here girl, as usual :)

Photo of Eden

Dancing to ZAZEN BOYS 4 last night!

Photo of Meg

holy sh*t, you're hot!

Photo of Soul Tanggg

sometimes, the best shoes cause the greatest pain.
My grand mum told me 'thats how you find the special shoes'.... the painful ones.

you are gorgeous!

Photo of Shay

Love your hair like that! Happy new year and thanks for being an inspiration, you have certainly become one of my fave blogs to read over the course of last year.

Photo of Frida

Happy New Year Jane!
The outfit is lovely. The pants are really something.

Photo of Hui

Needless to say, you look STUNNING ♥

That lace top is perfect, I so need to find something like that! What sort of innerwear do you use for such sheer or lace tops? Any advice?

Argh. I can't stand how fabulous you look! What a way to herald in the new year. :)


Photo of clémence

Perfect pants!
h N Y!

Photo of maisie #1

this outfit has a great silhouette! the bun-hair really complements it aswell. just gorgeous, jane!

Photo of jessy

WOW, this is a spectacular outfit. the detailing is amazing- from the lace top to the structures pants, the whole silhouette is just beautiful. you look gorgeous, and i'm really loving that lip colour. you've got such a mature and creative style for a teenager, i've been following you blog for a while now and i think this is my favorite outfit so far. you're so right about those shoes!

happy 2009, jane :)

~jessy xo

Photo of jessy

for got to mention, that necklace is so cool! where'd you get it?

merry wishes all the way from hong kong!

Photo of katerinaemmanouil
katerinaemmanouil January 02, 2009 at 05:25 AM

lovely! what brand was the skirt, vintage?

Photo of katerinaemmanouil
katerinaemmanouil January 02, 2009 at 05:25 AM

lovely! what brand was the skirt, vintage?

Photo of isa

Bonne Annee 2009 to you Jane and your family,lovely outfit love the hair up with the red lips !!!

Photo of carlotta

happy new year to you too im sure 2009 holds many great things for you jane.
you look simply stunning in that ensemble, the lipstick suits you very well, you should wear that shade more often!
take care, carlotta

Photo of Isabel

Oh my dear, you look so beautiful! I bet you were the belle of the new years ball. Anyways, I love your blog but I kind of have a challenge for you? Do you think you could do an outfit (including shoes) for under $100? You're really talented and I'd love to see what you can come up with.

Photo of Hannah

wtf. best outfit of all times!

Photo of Hannah

P.S. you look like a queen and pose like a diva!!! wonderful :)

Photo of moonique

those pants are incredibly hot i love them---those are totally the best trousers i've seen so far:) and your shoes are beautiful... :) happy 2009!:)

Photo of KatGeorge

I love the way you play with texture and volume- beautiful. xx

Photo of LaTanya

Happy New Year! I love the pants and that you kept is simple with the top. Like your lipstick with it too. The whole looks is great.

Photo of juliet

Happy new year! Amazing outfit!

juliet xxx

Photo of Kim

Wow, beautiful :)))

HAPPY 2009!

Photo of Juice

That outfit is awesome!!! :) About your shoes, it really hurts to be in pretty shoes right? My feet have been the victim of a lot of shoes like that. Hehe. Happy new year! :)

Photo of Caroline

You look so chic. Thank you for the inspiration this year!!


Photo of Lynn

The shoes are GORGEOUS! Happy new year! :)

Photo of anj

this is a great shot of a fabulous outfit. bravo!

Photo of Robbie

You look gorgeous! Those pants are insanity!

Photo of My

Stunning. Simply stunning.

Photo of Elle

This picture is STUNNING! Happy New Year babe x

Photo of ainsley

this may be the first time i've seen you in bright lipstick!! you look adorable.

Photo of Fashion Tidbits

love those red lips! happy new year!!!

Photo of Natacha

Happy new year!
You look very pretty and I loove your outfit!

Photo of izh

i love it :) it's slightly goth-ish too! haha. happy new year jane! i know you'll have a more fabulous one ;)

Photo of amy

Love the outfit, especially the pants.
I love your blog, it's one of my favorites and i just started a blog myself, it's http://starryeyedcircus.blogspot.com/ check it out

Photo of Marina

Amazing pants, amazing shoes!!!You are simply amazing girl1be best in New 20009 year!!!!

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