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January 13, 2009

BALENCIAGA PRE-FALL 09//refined barbarism??

From Womens Wear Daily

Note the decidedly un-Ghesquiere sillouhette of the biker boots and corseted mid-calf dress in #1...
and the shoes in look #6...!!
As for the fur arm length mittens...
I'm sorry, I can't help myself...but you know you were thinking it too.



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Photo of amber

I am coveting every single pair of those shoes.

Photo of WAX

the third look is so damn fine.

Photo of Ashton

I really like it. I love the last look, and from what I can tell the shoes look great.

Photo of Patricia

I've said it before, I've made I "heart" icons because of it.. I simply adore Balenciaga footwear!

Photo of ashley

hahahah bear arms made me laugh. idk i'm not feeling these looks though. except for #6, which is really nice. the others I could take em or leave em. what do you all think?

Photo of Emily Rose

I laughed out loud at your bear arms reference... I definitely thought it too. I want all the shoes!!!

Photo of DUSKIN

LOVE the pale pink fur.

Photo of Sophie

Hot, hot! Me like!:) /Sophie from Sweden♥

Photo of addison

i love the dress in the last row! it is gorgeous.


Photo of Hanna

I love all of the shoes! I especially love the pants in #5 and #6. Actually all look good to me except the fur. Ha and I totally thought of the second amendment picture too!

Photo of zana

I too was struck by the clunker boots, but at the same time was a bit excited because I have a pair of flat frye engineer boots that I struggle to find a silhouette for. Not that that a formal gown is totally correct, but still a step in the right direction.

Also, this collection seems the most "wearable" and influenced by current themes in street fashion of the elite than any that I've seen him do before.

And last but not least, BRING ON THE GRAY!

Photo of Zori

OMG, I am totally in love with the look of the 6th picture. The shoes are amazing. I have recently purchased Puma Ferro Boots and understood that the platforms could be comfortable.
Thank you for sharing this!

Photo of Brigadeiro

I'm in LOVE! How absolutely gorgeous! Except for some questionable hand/arm accessories...haha!

Photo of vintage Tea

Looking good! I love the trousers. x

Photo of Bibi

I really love the pants! And the 2.nd look is amazing!

Photo of charlene

Oh my goooood, this is gorgeous. i'm totally in love.

Photo of The Minx

these are ridiculous! In an amazing way of course. #6 is actually perfect.

Photo of giggleness

the shoes. shoes. shoes. i want them.

Photo of Kristin

effff, i need both pairs of pants !

Photo of meghan

HAHAHA, oh my god, I had just (last week!) taken apart an old fur coat to make it into a vest and was left with the sleeves, and I put them on as a total joke to show my husband. We both wore them around the house pretending to be bears for a while. But NEVER would I think anyone in fashion would take something like that seriously....

(BTW, I may make them into fuzzy leg-warmers/boots... maybe. I'm probably just going to use the extra fur to make hats or a pillow though!)

Photo of Sarah

OMG , such beautiful outfits!!!
great shoes especially

Photo of Laurence

OMG the third silhouette is soo cool 8)

Photo of Amy Williams

I'm loving this so far actually, the second look is great, and the grey pants are amazing!

Photo of Charm

Those pants! They're going to haunt my dreams. The styling! I'm going to be daydreaming about those pictures all day...

Photo of Stylecrusader

Are you just in love with those shoes??
The gray oxford wedges are amazing

It is a little unlike ghesquiere but I'm really sick of this pre-fall, resort, pre-spring stuff. I think the designers are putting too muc pressure on themselves, and who can really afford to buy all this stuff these days..


Photo of Hapsical

Oh wow, Ghesquière never fails to amaze.

I love your blog, it's tres cool

If you have a moment to check out mine and tell me what you think that'd be amazing, but i totally understand if you don't


Photo of naboonies

OMG, the drop crotch invasion! the first three looks look messy to me... and the last look (leggings with ankle boots? hmmm)

All in all these pieces are great in separate.

Photo of Fannah

it does look a little gorilla, was what i was thinking. i DO love the shoes, indeed the ones in picture 6 are amaaaaazing =o not the biggest balecniaga-fan myself, but apart from the ape-sleeves this collection's pretty good.

Photo of AK

Ah-MAY-zing!!!!! I'll take of of each, please lol ;)

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

I am in love with the trousers!!

Photo of RWS

those pants are fabulous

Photo of Marylou

The grey shoes OMG !!!

Photo of Elyssa Jo

looks 3 and 5 are so amazing!!!11

Photo of The Doctor

ROFL on the second amendment.

This collection is absolutely amazing, and I think your title is dead on.

Photo of Kathleen

The second and sixth looks are pure love.
This is one of my favorite collections thus far for pre-fall '09.

Photo of Sara

OHH MY G, the shoes! Aren't they beautiful?!

P.S. You should totally create a new set of fashion amendments... just sayin'.

Photo of Pati

look no.3 and no.6 are AMAZING

balenciaga does it again!

omg and the shoes i want i want i want

Photo of Cris

hahaha you're right!

I love the 3rd look, specially the jacket... It's just perfect!

Photo of Min

haha...this is great! i love the cut of the pants.

Photo of philippine

i make a new blog! a french fashion blog...

your blog is so beautiful! really!
i love your closes and YOU'R SOES!!!!!

Photo of Fashion Fille

such gorgeousness!!!

i wrote a feature on weardrobe, check it out?


Photo of Raquel

I hate 1, 4 an 7th outfits.. but I ABSOLYTELY LOVE the rest of them!!!!(L)(L) And I'm going to DIY a pair of trousers like the grey ones :O

Photo of Milly

I love it! More images for my mood board. I need more harem pants, more I say! So chuffed that Jourdan got booked for Balenciaga - what a star :)

Photo of Karen.D

Don't know why, but those powder blue shoes in the 5th pic are calling me... I have a thing about blue shoes. They give such an unexpected slant to the whole monochrome look.

Love your blog BTW, would sacrifice a limb to own your shoe collection! (By limb, I mean an arm. Losing a leg would leave a lot of lovely shoes unworn!)

Photo of fashionispoison

pants and shoes on look 5 and 6 are my fav of all these. i'd really like to see the black boots' heel. they look amazing. oh God. i just won't ever be able to stop shopping if beautiful things like these keep coming out :O

Photo of Sandy

sigh... so in love.

Photo of marian

Sixth look is amazing.like number one too.the dress and flat boots are perfect. also think your title is on point.it is all slightly barbaric.Not so sure about the gorilla fur arms though :o)
muah x

Photo of CC

Those are def. the best fur designs Ive seen in a while. The pale peach is stunning not to mention the pants paired with it. Good eye dear.

LA street style


Photo of Tina

Divine! I absolutely love it! Balenciaga is so wonderful!

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