January 27, 2009

a couple of things

1) Thank you very much to the kind person who nominated me for 'Best Teen Blog' in the 2009 Bloggies-I really appreciate it! Give me a vote, if you think Sea of Shoes deserves it that is ;-P

2) A cool Closet Project feature on Urban Outfitters-check it out!

3) I've started a new blog, and it isn't about anything in particular, just things I like....i
I named my new blog after one of the most lol-worthy lines in Twin Peaks

xox Jane


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Photo of ramona west

i was so sad when i reached the last episode in my twin peaks box set. i almost cried that it was over.

Photo of tanya

Harry, I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.

Photo of adele

i'll be sure to check out your new blog, amazing that you have the time and energy for two. but it will be a good read, i'm sure.
congrats on being nominated!

Photo of zoe

excited to read your new blog!!!


Photo of DUSKIN

i LOVE that you named it after twin peaks.

Photo of Ashton

Wow congrats, I will def vote for you :)

Photo of Emily Rose

The closet peek for urban outfitters looks great! you should do one for sea of shoes, as well. give us a peek! ha

Photo of Talia

Great !!!! I also have a blog where post things i like (i'm too lazy to take a picture of me every day!) !!! check it out and tell me what you think of it !! i'll go check yours now.


Photo of Wax

lovin' the new blog!!

Photo of song-i

i love your new blog! i remember you posting about your mom's blog a while ago - what was the link for that? i can't seem to find the entry. all the best to you jane!

Photo of Noemi Sunshine Ferst

Definitely one of the best lines from Twin Peaks!
Look forward to browsing through there.
And congratulations on your nomination.


Photo of bluejayintokyo

I normally don't vote but just for you ;P Addicted to your blog <3

Photo of Vierge Moderne

Gosh, naming your new blog after a Twin Peaks line means you'll be in my bookmarks forever.

Photo of Roberta

mmm... i think it was me who nominated Sea of Shoes for the Bloggies... But I didn't expect I could have been the only one! Great blog, great clothes, great (obv) shoes... Hugs from Italy!

Photo of Sophie

When are you doing a closet tour? I would really love to see your closet/room...

Photo of Kunstflieger

I found your blog accidently last night and I am in love.
I have been through many fashion blogs recently but yours does not receive to be called only a "blog". This page is like another world. Full of thousands of crazy and lovely creatures and an incredible atmosphere which does not belong to this planet.
Keep inviting us to your world!
Lots of love from Germany.

Photo of The Six Six Sick Girls

I can't believe you started a blog full of Twin Peaks quotes as all the headers!!!! And I love the images you've selected. I know you're not in NYC, but you should check out the Vik Muniz show Rebus at the MoMA. I think you would appreciate the recontextualization of art alongside everyday objects to create previously unassociated meanings...



Photo of amelia

how do you feel about the items they show in "shop her style"??

Photo of deltay

Congratulations! Saw your feature on iheartdaily, awesome blog!

Photo of joie

You've got my vote! I was addicted to Twin Peaks when I was growing up. Have a great day :)

Photo of Vi

I definitely voted for you. Are the schools in Trophy Club "snowed" in too?

Photo of Kendra

You just got so many cool points from me for liking Twin Peaks.

I love that show to death, arrgh.

Photo of Melissa

saw the UO closet feature!
really inspiring as always.


Photo of henshin

I vote for you, and that UO thing is great!

Photo of Adrianna

I just got the teen vogue magazine and Congrats on being featured. That must be such a great feeling to be a part of such a great magazine.

Photo of inka

I have an honest question for you. How do you feel about you and other young bloggers being used as a marketing tool for Urban Outfitters? Personally, I find it very cynical and disturbing, but I’m curious to hear if you’ve thought about it, and how you feel about it.

Photo of beachbungalow8

I really hope UO compensated you for your endorsements. You're such a treasure, to businesses like this.

(that said, I was excited to see you on there)

Photo of Phippen

love the dress, and the scarf added the perfect touch to the outfit

Photo of diabolina

adore your blog. but your knowledge of twin peaks made it official. you are my favorite teen blogger.


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