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December 26, 2008


**I am bursting with Christmas cheer as you can tell from this photograph!**
This is what I wore to our Christmas gatherings yesterday.

I am really excited about the new Prada bag my mom got me for my birthday!


To be honest, at first I didn't know if I liked it.
But I thought about it some more and decided it was actually really, really cool. It's leather patches made it look like a dinosaur and the double zipper even sort of resemble the teeth of a T. Rex. It's actually a really wierd bag-definitely not the typical purse you'd expect from Prada.
The prehistoric Prada bag??
It's just the sort of bag for a non-bag girl like me. Thanks, Mom. 

I am also wearing a shearling and suede jacket by Richard Chai. It is a very inky black that is a little bit green. You can actually do a lot of different things with the collar and various zips and snaps but I like it best this way. Definitely one of the best birthday buys ever! 

(* Some very exciting things just arrived in the mail from eBay this weekend and I can't wait to blog them-hopefully I can do all that this weekend!*)

Hope you had wonderful Christmases yesterday :)
xox Jane


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Photo of caroline

i'm not really one for bags either-but that is seriously killer.
and that coat looks so cozy!

Photo of Nini Nguyen

Love the Richard Chai shearling jacket Jane.

Nini Nguyen

Photo of Gnarlitude Jen

I'm not usually a Prada bag fan either but that one is so killer. It will definitely compliment all your outfits perfectly. Love the double zips. Also, reading about how much your Mom likes dinosaurs makes the comparison you made of the bag seem kind of perfect coming from her.

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

interesting bag. and also cool boots.

Photo of ava

Hi Jane, it is Ava here. I can not wait to see your ebay finds. I like your bag, jacket and boots.

Photo of ...love Maegan

the boots ...THE BOOTS!!! ...yes, I'm screaming!!! FAB.

Photo of Amee

The bag definitely reminds me of a dinosaur. Love your outfit as always Jane.

Photo of ann

i noticed the boots more!

Photo of Wax

you look amazing. :)

Photo of SD

i really like the bag
and the jacket is beautiful

Photo of sarah

gorgeous jacket, perfect union of feminine & contemporary!

Photo of Mademoisselle Chic

i love your new Prada bag! it's unique and very cool!

Photo of Miss Glitzy

I'm not a bag girl either but this Prada is the kind of bag I can handle and I really like your jacket. And I'm wondering what you've got from eBay! Happy holidays!

Photo of priya

ah! that prada bag is awesome, can't wait to see the ebay finds.
also, I know that you're into asian designers, espeically ones from japan, you should check out yesstyle.com cause it carries exclusively asian brands from korea, japan, china, malaysia, indonesia etc.

Photo of Chelsea B

beautiful bag and boots! happy belated birthday.

Photo of katherinelou

absolutely adorable amazing outfit !

Photo of Mika

hi jane-
so i noticed the christian louboutin bloody mary python shoe on your wall (not sure if they're yours or your moms) and i was wondering if you have any tips on wearing them so they don't kill your feet! i love them and am trying to decide whether to get them or not because they are very uncomfortable. please let me know if you have any tips for wearing this particular shoe or for high heels in general to make them more comfortable. i tend to collect pretty heels but not wear them because i'm a wimp to the pain, esp. on the balls of my feet :( thanks!

Photo of Amy Williams

LOVE that prada bag!! Definitely not a normal prada bag, and that jacket is so great!


Photo of B

Who makes those AMAZING boots???

Photo of Shopping and Info

I love all your boots- I just got the Ann Demeulemeester boots also- and I also just bought the Chloe boots I saw in your closet- love your shearling Richard Chai.

Photo of mayk

wonderful presents * * *

Photo of kajsa

Amazing jacket! It looks so soft and cozy. Like a..teddybear or something. Haha
And the bag is really cool. As you sad, very not Prada. Simple but yet different with all the small details like the pattern and zippers. I like like like a lot.

Photo of mybeaumonde

love that outfit picture! your blog is so well done whereas mine keeps getting worse and worse! ;)

Photo of carlotta et annie

my mom always picks me out things that i would never pick out for myself but i always end up loving them anyway!

Photo of a la mode

Awwww your posts always cheer me up! You look fabulous, glad you had such a great Christmas and birthday, can't wait to see your ebay finds! xx

Photo of bex

you have the most amazing wardrobe. you always look so fabulous.



Photo of Hannah

I love the way your mind works when it comes to clothes :)

Photo of Mimi

I'm not 100% sure if I like the prada bag but anyway it looks cool.

Photo of addison

i absolutely love that richard chai jacket. the leather and the sherling is great together!


Photo of Jaann

What are those boots? They are quite amazing.

Photo of anonymous

that bag is absolutely stunning! i have never seen it before, from which season is it? and, most importantly, where did your mother find that jewel of a bag? I'm in love!

Photo of Golubka

Mmm...beautiful jacket! The bag is definitely not the first thing one would expect from Prada, which is great.

Photo of dominika

jane when did u have ur birthday ?
and ur mother is a designer or something about that ?
i want a chanel bag or maybe prada bag but i haven't got lot of money .

Photo of Vi

I'm amazed you wore that thick of a coat since it was really quite warm yesterday in Dallas. But then again, your outfit is WAYY too cute (:

Photo of Ines Ben.

I love yout Bag!
Prada, very good choice!
XOXO from Paris.

Photo of lisa

very cool bag!!!
kisses from vegas

Photo of Emma

I LOVE the boots you are wearing. And that bag is def a goodie (but I agree with how it grows on you - but then again the best things usually do)!
Hope you had a lovely Christmas/Birthday.


Photo of suzie

Love your mind with clothes and shoes etc. Young mind but super up front.
Like mother like daughter, was reading your previous posts, your mother rocks too! ^^

Photo of Juice

I think it's funny that the 1st thing I noticed in your outfit is your bag. :) Love it!

Photo of Linn

That bag is so cool ! A special design. It doesn't look like a Prada bag anyway. Nice present :)
Hope you had a great christmas !

Photo of sjfslfjksjkflsdf

unveil us the nude louboutins and the orange shoes! I have been wondering what those were!

LOVE the jacket!

Photo of stefanie

Ooh I love the bag, it's actually not very Prada at all
which is probably the reason I like it that much ^-^

Photo of Min

love love LOVE the prada bag!

love from chicago

Photo of ephemerall

Wow, I wish I got presents like that on a regular basis.

It must be nice to have divorced parents and a rich dad...
Go Mom! hahah.

Photo of ephemerall

Wow, I wish I got presents like that on a regular basis.

It must be nice to have divorced parents and a rich dad...
Go Mom! hahah.

Photo of Tina

I love the jacket!

Photo of -----

hey ephemerall, youre a jerk, are you stuck in 1962?
ever thought that money could be made by someone other than a man?
i cant believe you would assume that about her dad
come to the 21st century

Photo of Natasha

Love your outfit...Mom did a GREAT job on the Prada bag!
Happy Holiday's!

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