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December 04, 2008


Zara jacket, thrifted satin tuxedo shirt, shorts from Lark & Wolff by Steven Alan (Urban Otfitters collaboration) , Ann Demeulemeester triple lace up boots

These are my first ever pair of shorts-
besides my Levi's cutoffs I sometimes wear and the ones I wear to the gym!
Theyre a few sizes too big for me on purpose for a more relaxed fit.


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Photo of mayk

I LOVE this.

so much.

Photo of L

looking polished :)

Photo of Corie

love the slight masculine feel to your outfit

Photo of Amee

You can do no wrong Jane! So sophisticated! :)

Photo of brigadeiro

G O R G E O U S!!! Absolutely love it! Am off to Buenos Aires/Brasil in 12 hrs, so...Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year to your and your gorgeous family!

Photo of Nimenos

first time I see you with something of Zara...

What do you think about Zara?

Photo of Vintage Tea

I love this look on you. Its so cool. They boots have grown on me soooo much, i kinda love them now.

Photo of Sophie

Looking strict but good!:) /Sophie from Sweden♥

Photo of cindiddy

those boots justgowith everything dontthey!

Photo of Cecile

This outfit is so beautiful! Simple & perfect!! As i'm getting to come more often on your blog, i'm more and more thinking of doing something a little bit like you (photo of my daily outfit) even if i don't have anything that could be compared to your wardrobe! (sadly)!

Keep doing, you're an inspiration!

Photo of Lynn

The boots are ABSOLUTELY incredible :)

Photo of dapper kid

Love the satin trim on your shirt and those boots are amazing!

Photo of denishabeybeh

you are so cute!

nice. clean and crisp!

Photo of ombeline

Did you know that you appeared in the french magazine Glamour of december 2008?
I don't really know how to explain me, im french btw, but they wrote an article about you.Thanks to them, i found your blog!
its great! i like your vintage look, you have some really cute dresses
well, i hope you can have a look at the magazine before it expires

Photo of Linnéa

Love your blog, wanna trade links ?

Photo of Aviva

Dear Jane:
I just wanted to thank you for brightening my days. I too am a total shoe and fashion addict. I used to give my dresses names when I was a little girl! Right now I am at home with children and your blog adds a little beauty to days that my otherwise be filled with very non-fashionable, kid-friendly clothes. Keep up the good work- you are very creative and you are doing a great service by bringing a smile to our faces!

Photo of Jeunesse

This is a dark ensemble but you look refreshing in it! I'm sooo Loving this! *heart* *heart* *heart* You look beautiful, as usual, Jane.

Photo of Mel

I just saw a picture of Nicole Kidman at one of her movie premieres for "Australia" and she wore the flat version of the Ann D. triple-lace boot -- And she did it awfully!

Kudos to you for finding a million different ways to wear these boots -- You make them look so versatile!

Photo of Amber

This is by far my favorite outfit of yours!! I love this. You look perfectly balanced between sophisticate and teen. Great job!

Photo of juliet

I'm still in love with your boots!

juliet xxx

Photo of ash

i think shorts are cool when done well, and this looks really good. i'm also in texas, and it's amazing how everyone justifies horrible shorts ensembles because of the heat. nice that you choose to do it in december. ha.

Photo of Míriam

The boots are so cool!

Photo of Chloe

Love this outfit!! and yeah the boots are amazing!

Photo of sara

I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THOSE BOOTS. If you're a size 8 and ever want to get rid of them and want to sell them to me for like $100 I'll take 'em.... just sayin'.

Ha, but srsly.. your shoe-drobe is fantastic :)

Photo of SarahKyera

I really love this outfit... A little masculine, definitely chic and I'll never get enough of these boots ! They're amazing !
The shorts looks good too, I've been looking for basic black shorts and I still don't have them yet...

Photo of Ruthie

Loving the large sized shorts!

Photo of Daniiq8

I love this look! And i like how the shorts fit they look gorg on u.

Photo of Rosanna

I love this outfit on you! You look really good in it

Photo of Cindy

oooooooooooo. Those shoes are too good to be true. They're really lovely.

Photo of mm

that is super cute. but i think it would be cuter with no tights, a big tacky corsage, and your pink givenchy pumps.

Photo of Noelle

Somber! One of my faves looks recently, simple and a little masculine.

Photo of Becca

i love the simplicity of this look.

Photo of Sus

This looks is gorgeous, love how simple but stylish it is.

Photo of jaime

oh i absolutely love this! so classy and chic! and of course, i loove your shoes :)

Photo of izh

oh i love it. u made the masculine thingy work :) and this is a nice change --or should i say improvement-- to your outfits

Photo of stephanie

hii it' s wonderful like always i love your style !!!
by a french fan stephanie <3
chuss!!!! =)

Photo of Ml

Love the outfit ! Masculine style is really a style I love...

Photo of Laura

Love your outfit!! You look great!!!! And I love those boots!!!

Photo of Jeunesse

I have to check this look again this morning... I fell in love with those amazing boots long before I could spell Anne D's name! Whew!

Photo of alicia thomsen

i dont see these shorts at UO??

Photo of cheng

love the tux shirt. nice shorts, too.

Photo of tis serendipity

those boots are just incredible. =) they look so great in all the outfits you've worn with them... always feel like drooling everytime I see them!

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