December 15, 2008

ANOTHER OUTFIT//sorry for being so boring just posting outfits

Wearing a rabbit fur felt hat, a thrifted 80's jacket with bows and nipped waist, Y-3 wool pants, Givenchy lace up peep toes, and vintage Givenchy bag

If my posts are kind of half-hearted this week or I don't reply to my emails it's because I am busy studying for my finals!
But after finals comes Christmas break, and I can't wait...


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Photo of ...love Maegan

cute ...but that shoe closet?!?!? TO DIE FOR.

Photo of Liz

That is the most amazing jacket!!

Also, I really need some space like that to keep my shoes!

Photo of cas

you truly are gorgeous! i love your outfit!

Photo of cas

and YES that shoe closet is TDF..and so organized!

Photo of ak

Cute outfit, but you wore that today in Dallas?
It was, like, 20 degrees out. I was freezing!!

Photo of phamzy

holy christ! that's a lot of shoes in the background! whew! jane, the bows in the jacket are stunning! i love the fitted jacket you have on. GREAT!

btw, i would like to let you know that I already mailed the necklaces for you. they were placed in beautiful chest.

goodluck to your finals! hear from you soon!


Photo of chauss

good luck with your finals. i'm still waiting for some of those christmas cookies...:)

Photo of Prêt à Porter P

you look amazing as always. i like the nude hat and the nude shoes with the all black. you have the best backgrounds in your home. the shoe wall is just a dream!!

Photo of sarah

your skin always looks so fresh and glowy. what's your regimen?

Photo of Sarah

I'm so jealous of your shoe closet; I wish I could fit that in my room at college!

Photo of Catherine

Yes yes yes, best outfit this month. Luxe minimalism. Love. I think it's the hat.

Photo of Shen-Shen

I love the nipped in bow of the jacket. And ughhhh winter break can't come any sooner!

Photo of Gina

Posting your outfits is not boring! That is what we love! The outfits!

Photo of Eden

Good luck with finals!

Photo of shill

hope you do well in your finals!!!love the peep toes :)

Photo of Hui

Your outfits are the greatest highlight of this blog - so don't be sorry that these are boring posts. I absolutely love them. :)

Photo of izh


And oohh there are A LOT of shoes!! haha love them all, specially the lace-ups and platforms and oh god almost all haha

don't worry jane, it's fine with us even if you just post outfits

Photo of Alyssa

ugly outfit

usually i like your taste but this didnt resonate with me. it looks like youre trying to be someone else.

Photo of Frida

You can never be boring!
When I have my big, perfect, beautiful house I'm going to have my shoes displayed like that. And your jacket is so pretty!

Photo of juliet

Outfit posts are my fsvorites!

juliet xxx

Photo of nathalie

your outfit posts are not boring - au contraire!

Photo of YLM-SPAIN

Dont worry because we love your outfits.

Photo of Fashion Tidbits

i would die for your shoe closet!

Photo of Caithness

I really love this outfit! Everything works so well together and looks amazing on you. God, I am envious of that closet and all the shoes

Photo of StyleCopycat

1. Good luck with your exams
2. I want a place for my shoes like that!!! (Xmas wish?, ha ha)


Photo of Kristina

are you kidding? your outfits are my favorite part of your blog!

Photo of Nubby

Your posts are never boring...you have the best outfit photos around! It's all in the details.

Photo of Mrs Z

I too, am planning on displaying my shoes on a shabby, white shelf, but tell me - don't they get dusty like that?

Photo of Victoria

I love your hat!

Simply gorgeous, as usual.

Photo of Fashion Fille

oh, come on jane! this is SO not boring. :)

Photo of Jennifer

Boring? Not at all! I always look forward to your outfit posts. :) Your style is very refreshing.

Photo of Francesca

those yellow platform oxfords I see in the background are to die for...

Photo of Halie

Your closet is to die for!!
And this outfit is gorgeous - I love the black top and the tan peep toes.

Photo of ClementineSundress
ClementineSundress December 16, 2008 at 05:00 PM

fantastic outfit!i love that jacket with hat.
this outfit is to die for

Photo of Kristina

I can't tell you how much fun it is to look at your blog! I am from Seattle, but have lived in Tulsa,OK and am spending the holidays here. I have seen that you go to Tulsa to vintage shop and just wondering where? I know cherry street has some places, but if you know of more..tell...tell..show...show! Have a great holiday!

Photo of Amelia

A. finals are always a good reason to completely shut down your life. if your finals week was anything like mine you're probably pulling out your perfectly highlighted hair right now.
B. Even though you mostly post outfit pics, they're the best outfit pics of all the blogs because you have the most interesting looking clothes, and even if i recognize the same top or bottom you always wear it differently. which is kind of inspiring to someone (me) who only has one pair of jeans because i am too cheap to buy more. lol

Photo of Tandsm

oh I love this outfit!! Those are great pants

Photo of Kara

Don't think that you're being boring by posting outfits - that's one of my favorite things about the blog.

As a Texas girl myself (I'm just outside of Austin), I really appreciate your sense of style!

Photo of Linn

Love the shoes and the bag !

Photo of Becca

Boring? I think not - your outfits are always interesting and inspirational - as is that unbelievable collection of shoes behind you - wow!

Photo of Dexter

Wow, finally I get to see your shoe closet! Good luck with the exams!

Photo of Avenuemode


I have just read your article on the french glamour magazine. You looked gorgeous and I love your shoes ;)


Photo of J

That lace-up oxfords is the F. So gorgeous!

Photo of Mara Liza

like it!
just know that posting outfits isn't boring!!
i actually like that very much, mabye even best!
because i love to look at the outfits of others, and than with the inspiration i create my own outfit.

and yes, like most posters, i would like to have such a shoe closet!

Mara Liza

Photo of Jennifer

I just found your blog this morning and it has been killing me how familiar you look. I just figured it out. I used to see you at Spiral Diner all the time and always noticed your amazing shoes. Great blog!

Photo of so

This outfit is just amazing.

Photo of songy

well.. sorry to 'disappoint' you but it's not boring. I bet a lot of people come to your blog to see just that (me included).

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