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December 29, 2008


This is one of the things that arrived in the mail this week from eBay, and I have been seriously excited about this vintage Kansai Yamamoto skirt. My mom and I are both avid collectors of Kansai Yamamoto and when we saw this skirt on eBay, we had to have it!

It's not something that I would want because I wanted to wear it all of the time, but more because it's typical of Kansai Yamamoto!

It's just one big square of knit fabric that has been tye-dyed and screen printed and has a hole in it for the waist.

^Here you can see the bizarre 'Kansai Plane' design. It also has a pocket.

Obviously this aviator skirt is the perfect match for my Junya Watanabe flight jacket from Fall 06.

I never mentioned, that when I was in Philadelphia I got to visit Kansai Yamamoto's exposition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It was really cool, they had a video of his runway shows from 1971-1973 and they were amazing! Incredibly theatrical. I think you can watch them on Youtube (search Kansai Yamamoto) if you are so inclined!

I won't bombard you with tons of pictures of the exhibit but here are some of my favorites:

I have another eBay find to share! I'll try to post it tomorrow.


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Photo of Laura

Oh, the 2nd to last kimono-esque costume is absolutely gorgeous! And what awesome shoes.

Photo of AK

AWESOME find on ebay- love it! Also that last picture from the exposition is my fav- absolutely gorgeous!

Photo of AK

AWESOME find on ebay- love it! Also that last picture from the exposition is my fav- absolutely gorgeous!

Photo of Eden

I love how it kind of harkens back to childhood- very bizzare and yet nostalgic.


What a cool piece!!! I have just discovered your blog and I LOVE it. I hope you'll check out my humble little shoe blog.




Photo of simar

amazing find....it looks great on you

Photo of lame basics

cotton duck skirrrrrt :D

Photo of Betty

ahhh I saw that exhibit in Philly too, and I have all of those same photos haha. It was all really gorgeous.

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

i wish interesting fashion exhibits would come my way...

Photo of Juliana

Lovely skirt there!!

Photo of kitty kitty


You have probably already run across this link, but there are directions on how to make one of the Kansai Yamamoto David Bowie costumes from the '70's.

Amazing skirt... thanks for sharing

Photo of moonique

that's a really interesting skirt. it looks even more amazing with your margielas:)

Photo of Sunset

Wow wow wow. I love how some of them don't even have shoes paired with the pieces. Like you need any!

Photo of fashionispoison

i would KILL for your shoes!

Photo of Wax

The exhibit looks major. Wow!

Photo of Miss Urbanita

It´s a sporty piece but you put the classy touch. Kisses ;)

Photo of britt

I'm sorry, but your style is awful. What's the thing with putting everything together on you?!

Photo of Sophie

Je m'appelle Sophie, je voudrais savoir si tu as apprend la Français au collège (ou lycée) ?
Merci :)
Répond sur mon blog s'il te plaît, en anglais si tu veux ;)

Photo of Sophie

excuse moi j'ai oublié de laisser mon blog : http://setback-secrecy.skyblog.com

s'il te plaît répond moi :)

Photo of Brianne

Great skirt! Very different.

Photo of Sandy

I scored a kansai O2 coat on ebay a while back. do you know if that is/was a secondary line of his? Just wondering. He is a master!

Photo of Robbie

you look like a superhero... i love it

Photo of Ashleigh

its a unique skirt....just not sure if I like if paired with the open toe beige boots...it is interesting though...

Photo of addison

love the skirt and the kimono with the faces on it is fantastic!!


Photo of mira

whatever happened to you contributing to teenugly? i would love to see your advice.

Photo of Noel

Now that is one cool exhibit :).

Photo of stace

im sorry that jacket looks like an inflated life vest, very stupid, i dont mean because it on you but ugly just as it is. it looks dumb

Photo of marie

hi , i tried to look it up on youtube , but execpt two bad-qualities videos u can't find anything , so if someone's got a link to watch yamamoto's fashion shows , can u mail it to me , please ? thanks !
( by the way , nice nice skirt ! )

Photo of Cely

Hi ! I just adore your blog. I don't know why, because actually, I couldn't wear any of your clothes in the 'everyday life'...

I write this comment from France, so maybe there are so many mistakes, but I wish you'll understand. :D

& by the way, as 'Sophie'in her comment a little higher, I wonder if you speak french, even a little ?

Cely, from http://trendsinthecity.hautetfort.com/

Photo of La Fee

It's so stunning and unique! Great find :)

Photo of The Six Six Sick Girls

Thanks for the lovely pictures of the show! It might even be worth a trip to Philly to see it, if it's still up!


Photo of Nini

Jane! The skirt is fun...

Nini Nguyen

Photo of alex


Photo of shila

Oh i love kansai yamamoto's collections.
And you just got the perfect skirt :)

Photo of juliet

Happy new year 2009!

Photo of Verove Mélina

I am francaise, thus, if it is badly translated, it is not of my fault, but the fault of the site that I use;) I found the address of your blog in the GLAMOUR (a magazine that my mom in bought.) I find ca impressionant all the shoes (et cetera) which you have, one would say that you are a big star lol ^^ I cross(spend) you the address of my blog: http: // m3l1n4-danc3.skyblog.com kisses and continuatoon maid

Photo of Trendy Gourmandise

I have enjoyed your blog so much in '08 !!!!!

viva '09!

happy new year !!!!

Photo of clémence

wAOUH complètement dingue,j'adoooore!

Photo of Yanique

This skirt is soo sick!

Photo of Neon Life Vintage

Hi! we love your site we have an amazing Kansai vintage sweater on our store! it is in excellent condition with a superb design. Please be sure to heck it out!
Best regards,

Photo of hunter

that skirt is gorgeous! i must have one...what is the name of it? email me!
check out my blog peacelovemusic at www.h1u9n9t4er.blogspot.com

Photo of hunter

that skirt is gorgeous! i must have one...what is the name of it? email me!
check out my blog peacelovemusic at www.h1u9n9t4er.blogspot.com

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