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December 06, 2008

A BAND JACKET OF MY OWN//via archive vintage


Two weeks ago I spotted this band jacket at Archive Vintage (an amazing boutique here in Dallas run by the talented Kerry Bonnell) whilst shopping there with Jackie from V.O.D. But I didn't buy it until this Wednesday! It's soo fun to style, I've been playing with a ton of different outfits with it.

It's vintage Perry Ellis and it's ultra-suede with this grey industrial cord-like trim and eppaulettes.

I am wearing them with a bib from the Urban Outfitters Andersend & Lauth collaboration, a red silk miniskirt from a label called Mischen, Betsey Johnson tights, and Balenciaga Fall 2006 ankle boots.

I see Garance Dore and Refinery 29 are doing features on band/military jackets too-check them out!

***I am also very excited to announce that I (and many other bloggers-including That's Just My Vibe, the respective Queens of Style, and Mademoiselle Robot) are working together on a top secret project for Vice-can;t say much now but I'll let you in on the details as soon as I get the go-ahead!***


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Photo of Amee

Horray you found one! It looks fantastic and I love how you mixed all of the textures together. :)

Photo of Ms. Butterfly

Jane you fabulous girl. Reminds me of the military inspired velvet jacket I have from Emporio Armani

Photo of mani

that is one gorgeous jacket! i love how yours is so unique yet still has the general elements of a band jacket :D And i love the way you put together the outfit!

Photo of Sammy

love the outfit of course.

and oh, Vice Mag also emailed me asking to contribute.

Photo of Dexter

What a beautiful jacket! It looks fabulous! Of course, I also like the ankle boots!

Photo of zana

I'm there with you with vice ;)

Photo of Vintage Tea

You look amazing as always. Band jackets are defo " it" right now.

Photo of Emma

Your blog is beautiful! I stumbled upon it recently and have been completely addicted to it, not gonna lie.
And I love this outfit, by the way.

Photo of Gnarlitude Jen

Nice. I bailed on the Vice offer but I'm stoked to see what happens with so many other rad contributors.

Photo of Su-Shi.com

Your jacket is really gorgeous, I will add your picture to my band & military jackets post.

Photo of Sophia K.

Your Balenciagas are killer and the jacket really compliments the outfit.


Photo of Fahmida

I just really love how your style is so unique; and you're not afraid to try something / don't really care what other (obviously non-stylish/ single-minded) people think.

PS. that jacket is amazing. I'm jealous.

PPS. your mom is so cool. I wish she would adopt meeeeeeee! :)

Photo of Liz

Aw, that jacket is such a great find! And I love your shoes, too!

Photo of Melissa

killer fabulousness going on in that picture. congrats on find THE ONE!!!


Photo of Gala

Hey sweetheart! I just noticed you've linked to me in your favourite blogs list. Thank you so much, I'm incredibly flattered -- love your work! Big kisses!

Photo of Larae

Hi sweets! Looking fab! What's your mom going to do with those fabulous french gold chairs in the background? :-) *hugs*

Photo of Jules

wow, Jane!!! 4 amazing pieces on their own, but spectacular together. you have the best style of anyone I have seen, honestly

Photo of Prêt à Porter P

you got your dream jacket!!!!! awesome!!

Photo of truepenny

I've been reading for a while, but never commented, but I had to when I saw this jacket. I've never been a huge fan of the band/military jacket, but seeing this might just change my mind. I love it!

And those boots are, as always, fabulous. I really need a pair of boots that seems to magically go with everything!

Photo of Kristel

looks hottt!!!.... i really like the beatles style jackets from sgt.peppers

Photo of Laura

Love your vintage band jacket! Is it possible to see a pic of the back of the jacket? You look great!!!

Photo of sara

Girl, you are living the life!

Photo of grace

i freaking love that bib

Photo of Jeunesse

Looks great on you Jane! Great find!

Photo of Brenda

wow, amazing jacket and outfit altogether.

Photo of chantelle

WOOOOT!!! I'm so excited for you!

Photo of Jenny Cindy

That is the perfect band jacket!

Photo of KatGeorge

This is amazing. Perfection.

I'm going to be working on the Vice project too.

*Wink wink*


Photo of a la mode

Thats amazing! I am still so jealous of your shoes!

Photo of Sonea

damn, you're so pretty it's not fair

Photo of izh

Of course. It's so fab and pretty. Unique too. The way you styled it and wore it. :) luv this outfit

Photo of SarahKyera

Who-a. This jacket is like...wonderful! So original and pretty... I love the way you wore it too :)

Photo of Joce

you look so amazing in that jacket!! and i would kill for those booties.

Photo of Antonia

Pls read my new blog! Or just check it out. :D

Photo of Lizzy Webb

I LOVE your outfit. and blog. I follow it all the time.
I gave you this award so go check out my blog for all the rules!

Photo of P@trici@

Me encanta tu chaqueta.


Photo of Jan

i love that u'r style is so unpredictable and NOT trendy. keep it upppp lovey


Photo of Amy Williams

Your Band jacket is amazing!
Love it, and love how you styled it.


Photo of Nubby

Jane, I just noticed today that you linked me in your Favorite Links and I wanted to say thank you! I am totally in awe of your style and fashion sense, not to mention how smart you are. Keep up the amazing blog!! xoxo

Photo of Mia

I am soooo in love with military jackets! For years I wanted to have one, but a) I cannot find one that really suits me or b) I have no money :´(

Despite all my misery: you look so gorgeous! I love it! <3 Trying hard no to be jealous.

Photo of amelia_styledownunder

that jacket will go with everything! xx

Photo of dayna

okay I read your blog religiously. I feel like I must or else I'll miss something major but I just started blogging recently. so, Karl Lagerfeld is your father?? you seem like such an interesting, genuinely nice person. aw, I wish you'd give me fashion tips of my own!

xx Dayna

Photo of geri

Adore the new jacket and can't wait for Vice! I love their do's and dont's!

Photo of carlotta

oh perfection in a jacket right there!
did that fit you so nicely originally or did you get it tailored? it looks like a great fit

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