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November 13, 2008

WANTED//miu miu baroque shoes from fall 06




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Photo of Brigadeiro

Haha, great post! I should do the same for the Dries Van Noten beaded/sequinned shoes from SS08, I'm dying for them!!! Will keep a lookout for your Miu Miu's ;)

Photo of glamdollx3

i saw them on ebay, but in a size 7
sorry dear

Photo of Shen-Shen

My god, these are perfect..!

Photo of Alessia

I tried those on at the Miu Miu in Florence a few summers ago... in black and regret not buying them every single day of my life! :(
If you come across a size 38... send them my way!!!

Photo of Larae

Sent you an email dear. :-)

Photo of Becca

those shoes are amazingly amazingly fabulous. I might be hunting them down myself!

Photo of Elsa

I've been in love with these for years, too! Pity I don't seem to have your oodles of pocket change =[

Photo of Amy Williams

I can really see you in these shoes!!
I'll keep an eye out!

Photo of Lightstealer

I was looking this pair just a couple of days ago: http://www.fashionfemme.co.uk/storage/Mui-Mui-heels.jpg
I just luv them! But your pair is definitely more "rock", so it would actually be hard to decide..! If only we weren't late... ;-)

Photo of WendyB

I'll take them in 36.5.

Photo of diamondsinchampagne

Omg I know a woman who bought them when they came out, and they were hard to find even then.
However I have lost contact with her over the couple of years that have passed since then, would have asked her otherwise.
They are like walking art!

Photo of lynnette

wow those shoes are gorgeous!! you're so lucky you have a mum who's willing to fund your shoe collection (but i guess you all share it so it's a worthwhile investment for her too eh?) ;p does she ever complain that a pair of shoes is too expensive? hope you manage to find them!

Photo of Jojoba

Salut j'adore tes shoes !!!!!!
;D quand je viens aux USA tu me
reçois please?
traduction french!

Photo of Cyn

They were at the last Barneys Warehouse Sale in August and lasted for quite some time, along with the Miu Miu teacup pumps. Too bad you weren't in NY then

Photo of Bambola

ebay is ur best bet. When you first posted them I spent the rest of the day trying to find them. Not that easy!!!

Photo of Sondra

Oh My!

i can borrow your shoes!
i have a 39-40 shoe size too.

ohhhhhhhh, lurrrvvvvee your shoes! :)
can i have one of 'em! :)

-Sondra from the Philippines

Photo of Styleforstyle

Have you got any info about a pair of Mary Jane by chloè size 39?
I want them!!!1
Please Help me...
sorry jane but I didn't found your love...
I love your style!!1

Photo of lilou

Tu n'as pas mal au pied avec des talons aussi haut ?

Photo of SwanDiamondRose

omg i am loving your cute cute blog! and THOSE SHOES! i want them too.

Photo of Milan

Those Miu Mius are very Art Deco..stylized....i live for them...bad boysss

Photo of Tyler S.

haha those are awesome, next free dress day jane

Photo of cherry from philippines
cherry from philippines December 03, 2008 at 05:15 PM

I saw them in one thrift store i regularly visit. They only have my size (6)and it was yellow...too bad it wasn't your size and i would have bought them for you

Photo of cynthia

Heeeeey just wanted to say I'm checking your blog everyday since i read about it in the french Glamour magazine :)

Your style is amaaaaaazing , you know how to mix clothes right
i really do enjoy watching the outfits you're we wearing :)
and i checked everywhere for the miu miu baroque but they were sold out on every website ...

Photo of cynthia

Heeeey just wanted to say that your style is amaaaaaazing

u just know how to mix clothes right and i can see that you're reeeeeally into fashion because ur not simply following but you're creating your own style which is huge:)
i saw you in the french glamour and check your blog every day since :)


Photo of cynthia

haha sorry for sending 2 messages sooo tired .. :s

Photo of Olivia G

Did you ever find these shoes? I live in Chicago and I just found a pair today at a random store and I'm getting them this week!

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