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November 08, 2008

THE JEAN BOLERO IS MOVING ALONG//still not quite done tho



I wanted to ask a quick question to New York readers:
where are your favorite cafes and favorite stores?

I will be going to New York this Thanksgiving break and I am sooo excited to go!



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Photo of Hannah.

the front is beautiful! but not so keen about the back =/
loving the jeans btw!

Photo of Eden

There should be a zip up the back!

Photo of mai

Smiths in NYC is a really nice restaurant. Theres a really romantic atmosphere there. It's in the Soho, McDougal Street I believe it is. You'll really like it in ny. And so far the weather is really nice :) Rad jacket by the way

Photo of Noor

I think It`s amarvelous idea ,but i think if you put in the back the same idea that you put it to your hands then it will be beautifull

Photo of justine

make sure to go to Opening Ceremony, Oak, Y's, y-3, and Seven new york, all in soho. check out Frock in LES for vintage, and Body Worship in LES

Photo of natalia

that's really interesting!

Photo of Cara

Nolita is a great place for boutique shopping. I Heart near Mott and Prince (I believe) and has really great finds! I highly recommend walking around that area (Mott, Mulberry, and Elizabeth Streets between Houston and Broome), then working your way over to the West Village to all the cute Bleecker street stores.

My favorite brunch places are Bubby's Pie Co. in Tribeca for Southern cookin' and Tea and Sympathy in the West Village for authentic English breakfast. You can never go wrong with Balthazar on Spring Street for French eats. They even have a cute patisserie attached where you can pick up coffee and pastries to go. I also recommend trying the vegan spelt cupcakes from Babycakes on the Lower East Side as opposed to the overrated Magnolia Bakery.

You're going to have a blast!

Photo of Sandra

You're going to New York?? AHH you'll have so much fun

Most recommended food place:
Max Brenner - it's this "restaurant" that is based completely off of chocolate! Sure you can order real food there too but the desserts, fondues and hot chocolates are TO DIE FOR.

For dinner or lunch I'd say Angelo's which has great pasta on 53rd and 2nd avenue (i think)

And pleaseeeee try Joe Shanghai down by Chinatown...they have some of the best chinese food! their soup dumplings are ridiculously famous.

I love that you're coming to New York! If i was actualy your friend i'd totally show you around.

Photo of duskin



Photo of Holly

I like What Goes Around Comes Around in SoHo for vintage.

Photo of carlotta and annie

i ADORE the back. insane. god i wish i could sew, i used to try but i was so hopeless so i gave up.. i dont think i could even thread the machine anymore!

Photo of Eden

Actually, it doesn't need a zip! lol

Photo of vicky


Photo of fashionispoison

^ that means your clothes are rockin' btw :)

ahh NY is going to be so much fun Jane! the jacket is very inspiring

Photo of fashionispoison

oh i don't even know if i'm posting after vicky's chinese characters post. anyway, that's what i mean with the ^ :D

Photo of cristina

not so keen about the back
the shoes are nice!

Photo of arline Jernigan

I love the back, I think it is really interesting.

Photo of little_lj

NYC for the win! You are going to have such a good time. My favorite place ever ever in New York City is Bubby's for brunch - their $14 griddle special is amazing!! But NOT the Tribeca location as someone has already mentioned, but rather the one in DUMBO, Brooklyn. It's right by the Brooklyn bridge (stunning) and is less busy/bigger than in Tribeca but the food is exactly the same.. plus DUMBO is gorgeous. I would also say to try Williamsburg in Brooklyn for vintage... just as good as Manhattan but not quite so expensive... I also love the East Village for random stores and Soho for boutiques...

Photo of vicky

sorry i key chinese,
my English is not well,
but i like OBAMA,too
it is funny toleave a message with English :D
by the way,i from Taiwan a lovely islands which beside CHINA,
nice to meet you :)

Photo of Saree Elias

try mr chow, roxy ...
kisses J J

Photo of Amanda

Housing Works Cafe, just off Lafayette below Canal street, is really unbeatable for charm and rustic feel. Plus, all proceeds benefit Housing Works.

That whole area is just amazing. Set aside a day, take the subway to Lafayette or Bleeker, and just walk around!

Photo of Yvonne

LES (Lower East Side) for all the fab vintage boutiques, including Frock mentioned above. Stop in at the Stanton Social for their version of donuts to refuel -- YUMMO! But drop me a line of you're looking for a sorta outta the way, homey French bistro that's always left me home-sick for Paris, dangerously full and insanely happy.

Photo of carlos

below is a link to all the designer hotspots during fashion week that you are suuuuuuuuuuure to find great finds at through out the year as well


Photo of Mrs. T

A few favorites:

It's owned by an effortlessly stylish French woman and carries harder to find in the US French labels such as Les Prairies des Paris, Vanessa Bruno, etc.
W 4th St and Jones St.

Sweet Tater
Small Nolita shop run by two friends who recut vintage pieces. Great selection of recut button down shirts, vintage heels and boots.
On Mulberry St. between Houston and Prince

Walking distance from the shop above. Similar concept to above in that they use many vintage fabrics, but overall, their pieces have a much more feminine / delicate asethetic.
Elizabeth St. between Spring St. and Kenmare

Doyle & Doyle on Orchard St. in the LES is the go-to spot for fine antique jewelry.

Dulken & Derrick on W 21st. St. is known for their gorgeous silk flowers. I've never been, but am eager to check it out.

A few cafe suggestions:
Caffe Falai on Lafayette between Prince and Spring St. Great location, usually fairly laid back.

Cafe Gitane is definitely the "it" cafe in Nolita, but it's more for the scene than the food.

Macondo on Houston is a new spot that's really fun for small plates. The concept is gourmet S. American street food. Not a cafe, but a fun spot to eat.

Have fun!!

Photo of tricia of bitsandbobbins.com

i used to live in NYC (bushwick, brookyn, specifically)...i miss it dearly.

check out "i heart" in nolita. (http://thingsweheart.blogspot.com/). lots of british, french labels, and quirky cool stuff. "dinosaur designs" is on the same street.

pretty darn good secondhand can be found at "beacon's closet" in williamsburg, brooklyn. in fact, i'd highly recommend checking out brooklyn in general, if you've got the time.

have fun.

Photo of Mike

So you shoudl definately hit up CdG in chelsea. Theres a great balenciaga concept store just down the street from it. but the cdg si to die for, its like a whole in the wall its sooooo cool. and right aroudn where that is is all the BEST galleries in NYC so you should definately do a galllery crawl one day. chelsea galleries have art liek no where else in the world.

otherwise theres uniqlo on broadway in soho which is a must i can garuntee you will drop at LEAST 200 there and get so much stuff its amazing. opening ceremony is on grene(i think) which is one street west(?) of broadway right around the same area.

Photo of william

Definitely go to Seven. They have the best young, relatively unknown labels, not to mention some Nicholas Kirkwood shoes.

Photo of ariana

Please check out Red Bamboo! It's an incredible vegetarian/vegan place in the West Village. The bourbon chicken is my favorite!

Also, weather permitting, the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market has great vintage clothing and jewelry!

Photo of thechiconomist.celine

Oh wow, you will have so much fun in NY! Restaurants and cafes you MUST visit:

Over-the-top but awesome: Spice Market, Buddakan and Kittichai
Great French brasseries: Balthazar's and Pasti's
Inexpensive but very good, hip & great for people watching (might be a long wait): Cafe Gitane and Cafe Habana
Goooood food: Market Table, Public

You MUST go to Williamsburg to check out the scene. Great places to eat are Juliette, Aurora and Roebling Tea Room

Drop me a line anytime if you need more recommendations!

Photo of Natalia

if you go shopping on 5th ave or to Rockefeller i recommend going to the Japanese department store Takashimaya(5th ave and 54th i think) for lunch. They have a cafe in the basement that serves tea and really good Bento Box. seriously worth going to.

Photo of ArchitectureGirl

Hi Jane -

My favourite stores in NYC are

Edon Manor [for shoes] (391 Greenwich Street)

Rick Owens [for everything!] (250 Hudson Street)

Comme des Garcons in Chelsea

Have a wonderful trip!

Photo of Denise

omg the ruching type detail at the back is so coooool.

hmm new york cafes?

I live in the lower east side so some good spots are:
Cafe Charbon, Clinton St Bakery, Sugar Sweet Sunshine (cupcakes!!), Teany and Bruschetteria.

Then there's Coffee Shop in Union Square and Le Pain Quotidian (Everywhere)

Hope you have a great trip =D

Photo of KD

YOU MUST MUST MUST visit Allan & Suzi's on 80th and Amsterdam, near the Natural History Museum. PLEASE!!!!!! (I'm not the owner or anything, but you would LOVE it so much!!!!!!) Remember, you can haggle with Allan, he expects it!!!

Photo of Eva

Wow, I'm quite obsessed with it now when I have seen the back!
Btw I hope you'll wear your Balenciaga F/W06 boots in near future,they are fierce!

Photo of Jessie

Check out the corner shop cafe it's at the corner of bleeker and broadway. It's great little place to grab a bite while in soho. They have a website you can check out cornershopcafe.com. Have fun in NYC!!!!! :)

Photo of Arielle

Allan & Suzi's is amazing...also Fabulous Fanny (i's?) If you have any interest in getting some vintage eyewear. They are unbelievable.

Also--if you feel like battling with the crowds you can browse the designer deals at Century 21.

Photo of brennan patrick

oak and opening ceremony are obvious choices. you have to go there. teany's okay but i wouldn't go there unless you're on the lower east side. if you are then check out freemans - both the store (albeit for menswear) and the restaurant. there are some great places in brooklyn worth visiting, one of which i can't remember, the other bird (shopbird.com). these, of course, are just a couple. there are really too many great places. such is new york city. check out these maps at superfuture: http://www.superfuture.com/city/city/city.cfm?city=3

Photo of Vicki

Restaurant: Lumi

Store: Screaming Mimi's and the Soho street vendors on the weekends, especially on Broadway around Prince St. Beautiful jewelry, leather notebooks, and cheap scarves.

Photo of Val

The bolero is amazing. Besides the obvious, be sure to check out St. Marks Place, especially Trash and Vaudeville, Search and Destroy, etc. You can really find a lot of cool stuff there.

Photo of Leni

Seven def. (sevennewyork.com)
Shop (iloveshop.com) ?

What jeans are those? Love em!

Photo of chantelle

omg it's looking fantastic!

Photo of marie

oak, fabulous fanny's for glasses, and definitely in god we trust on lafayette (if you're staying in manhattan) though the one in brooklyn is, i think, better. they have amazing engraved heart necklaces with really delicate script that say dirty things.

my favorite restaurants are the mermaid cafe in the east village, great black and white vibe and amazing if you like fish; cafe colonial on elizabeth is amazing !!! and the vibe is great, peeling paint and small tables; or check out broadway east for veg friendly food.

and for breakfast(best meal of the day), sarabeth's--the best is the one on 92nd, but the one in the whitney is amazing cause of the breuer building; or friend of a farmer in gramercy park--they have really homey skillets and benedicts, very upstate food.

Photo of emily

NYC SHOPS (vintage and new)



Photo of tennie

i think you'd enjoy AuH20, it's all recycled, reworked stuff, very cool. on 7th between 1st and 2nd ave. closer to 1st though.
as far as cafes go, i practically live at "Think Coffee," there are two locations.. one on Mercer btwn. west3rd and w4th. and one on bleecker and broadway.
i guess Balthazar is a right of passage. but i've never found it very interesting.. i'd stop by their boulangerie for pastry and delicious coffee/tea.

Photo of sunni

i think the back is coming along nicely!. if you just take in the sides of the back (close to the sleeves) a little bit, it will look a lot more delicately ruched rather than ill-fittingly bulky.

and i am so jealous you are going to new york! hope you do a lot of shopping so that you can share with us your finds when you come back :)

Photo of iréne

oh, i am too intested to see where people suggest to go! I will be going soon to NYC as well. and i am thrilled. Would you mind posting the compiled list? pretty pretty please.

oui, aslo that jacket is coming out wonderfully! I can't wait to see the finished bit!

Photo of alex


114 wooster street, btwn spring prince streets-come fri, sat or sun...

*its next to barneys coop, chanel, barbara bui, BALTHAZARS for a great mid-day snack...

near tons of great shops.

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