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22 posts from November 2008

November 08, 2008

THE JEAN BOLERO IS MOVING ALONG//still not quite done tho



I wanted to ask a quick question to New York readers:
where are your favorite cafes and favorite stores?

I will be going to New York this Thanksgiving break and I am sooo excited to go!


November 06, 2008

SHOE LOVE//spring 09


November 05, 2008


Today while I was at school my mom and my grandma made this jacket out of a pair of jeans.
It's still in the works: the end goal is for it to be more rock & roll/folky rather than crafty.
Pretty amazing denim engineering going on here!




This jacket from the i-D spread I recently posted was their inspiration:

Sea of Shoes has been denim crazy lately, huh?
I'll give you guys an update when the jacket is tweaked to perfection: if it goes well you might be able to purchase one from my mom's website when it launches!


November 04, 2008

WHAT I WEAR TODAY//happy election day!!

Today I'm wearing a pair of vintage jeans that I drew on with markers a really long time ago-like when I was 12 maybe...I wore them all summer in Mexico, wearing them reminds me of then!
Worn with an American Apparel tank top, silver, gold and coral bracelets, a scarf from Urban Outfitters, and Emanuel Ungaro strappy 'branch' sandals-my first time to debut them on the blog :)

(Sash loves to be photographed, haha)
I adore these shoes! They aren't as uncomfortable as you might imagine-but they are quite steep and walking up stairs is tricky.

I'm going to go watch the polls at my dad's house! :)

November 03, 2008


On today's inspiration board
-Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner
-Blood Tea & Red String, a stop-motion animated film by Christiane Cegavske, 13 years in the making
-The "AFRO-DISIAQUE" editorial from Nov (?) issue of Vogue Paris
see the whole thing at the awesome blog Where the Lights End
-A shot from Wong Kar-wai's In the Mood for Love
A shot from Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon
-The artwork of Egon Schiele

I also want to say thanks to Glamour France for  featuring Sea of Shoes in their "Princeses Fashions" article!

Scans here and here!
Unfortunately I don't speak French but I'm sure it's lovely!

November 01, 2008

DENIM DAZE//collectible americana

Love-worn vintage jeans have always been an obsession of mine.
I found this ediotrial in the October i-D really inspiring.

 Styled by Marina Burini, photographed by Vanina Sorrenti


Scans from tFS

Junya Watanabe was easily one of my top 5 Spring 09 shows. It was a mish-mash of classic Watanabe staples: African tribal elements, classic Americana, and a few semi-Edwardian sillhouettes.

Images from elle.com

Japanese boro textiles aren't denim but their look is relavent to this post:
"In Japan, mended and patched textiles are referred to as 'boro', or rags. For some time within Japan boro was regarded with shame because these utilitarian textiles are strong evidence of rural Japan's impoverished past."
Sri Threads

Above is a indigo-dyed Boro kimono: photo taken from the Sri Threads flickr photostream.

A boro quilt made from homespun hemp and cotton work clothes.

Today I experimented with some denim looks of my own:

A pair of Current & Elliot jeans I am borrowing from mom, Sid & Nancy shirt, vintage ruffled bolero, linking elephants belt, vintage rhinestone and gold necklaces

Vintage patched Levi's, Prada booties, scarf from Anthropologie, Tom Binns cuffs, beige sweater

My mom is wearing her new Current & Elliot jeans, a Ralph Lauren jacket patched in a 'boro' fashion, a Morrocan scarf, and those Givenchy shoes.

Hope you all had a good Halloween! :)

xox Jane


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