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November 29, 2008

MILITARY/BAND JACKETS//they are so cool

Military/band jackets are so cool

-Jimi Hendrix agrees
-Prince agrees
-Adam Ant agrees
-Giovanna Battaglia agrees
-Japanese cool kids agree
-The Beatles agree
-Christophe Decarnin agrees
-John Galliano agrees


In the 'Ultimate Wardrobe' of my mind, I would have an awesome band jacket to wear everyday. The thing is its just not that easy: it is so hard to find an authentic band jacket. Maybe all of the cool ones have already been bought. Almost everytime I look on eBay (and I check all the time) the only ones they have are too big or they have wierd logos on them. One time there was a red band jacket with tails that I was going crazy over and I bid on it, but it ended up going for $$$$$!!

You see the image of the girl from FRUiTs magazine wearing the cut-off jeans and blue admiral jacket? This is such an amazing outfit, I'm obsessed with it! It's an old picture, from like the late nineties I think. I found it a couple of years ago and from then on I've been on the hunt for a jacket just like hers...

I have a Kansai Yamamoto jacket with some military-ish detailing on it that is actually quite amazing but it's not the 'real deal'. I'm talking about actual band-geek jackets.

It makes me wonder too, military/band jackets have a huge pop-culture signifigance right? Just look at my listup there, cool people wear military jackets. Cool people have been wearing military/band jackets for a long time. So why aren't there cool reproduction military/band jackets being made? There are always 'military inspired jackets' out there but I feel like they're pretty half-assed. Why not go crazy with gold tab detailing, stand up collars, tails, and huge buttons?

A little selfish part of me is even reluctant to post this because in the back of my mind I worry that there will be a day that I find the ultimate band jacket on eBay and someone else will see this and snap it up. Haha. But I know I'll find one some day soon.


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Photo of Rach

Nearly bought an awesome red military coat just like the Jimi one in Camden from some costume shop, but it was cut for men and just too unflattering to even try to justify... le sigh.

Photo of izh

aww. this is so FUN!! ^^ i'd definitely wear one for myself, if I find one that'd be cool enough for my taste and me.

Photo of Misha

Oh yes, those jackets! I remember I was in heaven when in Budapest, every folkloristic store had hundreds of them...

Photo of Lisa

your blog is so amazing.
I think you know a lot about clothes, ects..
I saw you on Glamour (french magazine)
you look gorgeous.


Photo of fashionispoison

omg yesssss. have you see p. lim's one? i think it comes in red and blue. that would be the half assed version in my opinion....i really like some of his clothes but that jacket is just a no...!

balmain's and alexander mcqueen's are great, but i am sure a great one can be found for much less. <3

Photo of Hannah munro

these are SOOOO cute. i so wish i could find one small enough to fit me, i also wish i knew how to make pictures like this. they look really good. almost like magazine cutouts. if you could lt me know how to do it that be be appreciated. thanks

Photo of aaron lemar

hi im in luv with that band jacket n is lookin to get on where can i get one at in mens that is

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Photo of melissa

wow im coming back to read this now and its funny cause as u predicted! they are back. full throttle.. crazy huh!

Photo of poppet

I bought a band jacket at a scooter rally a few weeks ago. £30 and apparently there are only 5 of them in whole of UK. The guy selling them imported them from the US. Its red, black and white with braiding and tails, I love it!!!!

Photo of Alexander Witt

i just found something like this and not expensive;-) but just for men:P


=> jackets

peace alex from germany

Photo of Noobody

well they left out MICHAEL JACKSON he wore those style of jackets all of the time back in the 80's.

Photo of trasi

hi i actually make military style jackets for majorette troupes

Photo of Casie

Where do I find one?!?!?!?!

Photo of Casie

Where do I find one for my boyfriend?!!?!!?!

Photo of NP7-12

Cool jackets. I love the ones the Libertines used to wear aswell! Coool with a capital K!

Photo of shah zeb

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Photo of Djavid steel

U know where i can buy a band militarry jacket in france for not pay ? Thanks ;)

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