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November 26, 2008

LAST DAY OF THE TRIP//checking out joan shepp

One of the stores on my hit-list here in Philadelphia was Joan Shepp...ever since I visited their online store a couple of weeks ago I have been in love with this Ivan Grundahl wired taffeta skirt.

and today I got it!! It's kind of whacky and dramatic-I cant wait to wear it with my Comme des Garcons 'glove' shirt. The tails on that coat + the drama of this skirt are made for eachother, in my opinion.
(No pictures of it on for now...I was going to wear it to dinner tonight but I think I'm going to stay in and try to sleep off my cold)

My mom and I were lucky enough to meet Joan Shepp when we went-she was so cool and has incredible style! She took us down to her basement, where she kept her special pieces of Yohji Yamamoto and vintage. Awesome stuff!! Joan also had this fantastic Junya Watanabe jacket on display.

It's made out of paper, wow!

Joan wasn't the only one in the store with great personal style, I loved Tuesday's outfit: head to toe Junya Watanbe! Her top had a flowered hood too.


Isn't she so cool?!

Today my mom wore the Hussein Chalayan jacket I mentioned yesterday-the wool scarf is actually attached to the jacket. She also wears Ray Ban glasses, Levi's jeans, and her single lace Ann Demeulemeester boots.
I should also mention that my mom was able to find one of the Martin Margiela shoulder pad jackets at Joan Shepp. As I am writing this post in our hotel room, she is getting ready to go out for dinner and she's wearing it with vintage paint-splattered 501's and her Ann Demeulemeester boots and it looks amazing!


As for me, I am sooooo over the all-black wardrobe I packed for this trip. (Well I did bring my marbled Dries van Noten dress-wore that a couple of times over pants) But today I wore the Rick Owens coat and Ann Sofie Back sweater again, with a vintage Japanese kimono sash (worn as a scarf) and my  triple lace Ann Demeulemeester boots.

(Hah. We're wearing the same boots-slightly different versions, but hey they are awfully comfortable to walk around in)


and before I sign off.....a very very exciting purchase from Joan Shepp..

These Dries van Noten shoes are BEAUTIFUL!
I loved every piece of this collection-apparel, jewelry, and shoes but this pair was a special stand-out. The color of the leather straps is so rich and they are gorgeous mixed with the thinner black satin straps. Seriousely, these shoes are perfection-just look at the curve of the base of the heel, it is exactly the right curviture for this shoe because it matches the arch of the sole.

Not to mention that these shoes look good with everything!

This trip has yielded amazing finds. I wish I could have gone to the vintage stores everyone has been telling me about here (and thank you to readers who emailed me reccomentations!) but they wouldn't even have wanted me in the store, this cold is soo disgusting. It's been kind of a culture shock just walking down the streets here in Philadelphia and New York-you process as much information walking one block here as you would walking for a whole hour where I live! Pretty overwhelming.

I'm going to be happy once I get back to Dallas tomorrow afternoon-I miss my dogs like crazy.

xox Jane


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Photo of the healthy ghost

I love your shoes and your mom is so cool

Photo of Fashion Tidbits

you and your mom have amazing style

Photo of boubou

I love the last shoes !!! they are so sexy and they seems to look good with everything !!!

Photo of Liina

Tavi, It is clear that Jane comes from a very well to do family. The access and funds are quite out of this world and I think the rarity and her good taste and nice demeanor make her blog so popular. It's like a dream -- who lives like this? We get a peek in her life -- a fantasy for people with desires but not the means.

Photo of Anne

I absolutely ADORE your mothers glasses! They are besutiful, where do they come from?

Photo of Maria

Hi from London!

Which brand are those lace tights? I love them!!
I would be so happy if you could answer pls.



Photo of Linnéa

your style is great!!! Love your blog, can we trade links? Pleaese ;)

Photo of ad£yl!!nOù

hello my name is adele I'm 12 years old I'm french and I read your press article in Glamour so I go to your blog
you're so beautiful and you have so beautiful clothes and shoes
I love very much fashion (mode in french) but my mother and my father don't want I wear clothes and shoes like this because it's too expensive for a girl of 12 years old and it's too "osé" (I don't know what's the english for this word) but I really really really would like getting dressed like this
I would like very much speak to you on internet so that's my adress : adeliinou@hotmail.com
I hope that I'll take contact with you



Photo of Jessica

Those shoes are AMAZING.

To those who find the so-called materialism blog "appalling," I'd just note that we have no idea what Jane does with 90% of her time. She spends some of her time shopping -- don't we all? -- but how do you know that she doesn't spent other moments volunteering, or donating time and resources to help others? We all need some diversions from the sadness of the world, and I find that here -- and I certainly don't believe that thinking about shoes takes up 100% of Jane's life. A girl CAN love clothes and help others at the same time and why would we assume she doesn't?

Love the blog!

Photo of Vivi

I love your all black look.

Photo of Melissa

I love reading Jane's blog and seeing her creativity. For so many young people today, it is more commonplace for them to all dress alike -- being able to explore creatively like Jane does is such a great thing. Anon mentions philanthropy -- none of us knows what Jane and her family do with their money yet I would be willing to bet that they do give to charitable organizations. Why cast judgement when you don't know if they do or not. For all we know, they may donate many thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars to charities -- and if they do, that's great. Does anon donate to charity? If no, then who are you to cast judgement on others without knowing what they do or don't do with their money.

Do I think $700 for a skirt is excessive? At my income level, yes, it would be excessive. Do I think others shouldn't spend that kind of money just because I don't? No...spend your money as you see fit...it's your money afterall.

Someone commented whether Jane would have such style if she didn't have this kind of money to shop. I would love to see her challenge herself to come up with some great outfits on a Macy's/Target/Kohls kind of budget. Somehow I am quite certain she would look equally chic and will somehow manage to pair things in ways many of us never would have considered.

Love your style Jane!

Photo of loz

I wish my parents would by me fancy things like that!
you are one very very very lucky girl


Photo of katrina

You lucky thing!! I've been wanting those dries sandals since i first saw them on the runway. I saw them on the joan shepp site just last week, but they dont have my size which is probably a good thing as the international exchange rates are crazy at the moment.
I cant wait to see what you team them up with.

Your mums jacket looks great. It is very similar to the Undercover jackets and coats from Winter 2005 - 2006. I think they have a few pictures of them on style.com. I have the coat version with the long scarf which can be tied in front. Its one of the best pieces i have ever bought.

I hope you start feeling better soon. Have a safe trip back home.

Photo of katrina

You lucky thing!! I've been wanting those dries sandals since i first saw them on the runway. I saw them on the joan shepp site just last week, but they dont have my size which is probably a good thing as the international exchange rates are crazy at the moment.
I cant wait to see what you team them up with.

Your mums jacket looks great. It is very similar to the Undercover jackets and coats from Winter 2005 - 2006. I think they have a few pictures of them on style.com. I have the coat version with the long scarf which can be tied in front. Its one of the best pieces i have ever bought.

I hope you start feeling better soon. Have a safe trip back home.

Photo of boots

wow...Lace Up Combat Boots
Ann Demeulemeester

i didn't realize your ann demeulemeester boots cost so much and you have 2 pairs...

that's pretty excessive for shoes

Photo of michelle

Wow, the last time I tried to leave a comment on this blog I left out my email address and it totally screwed up my server, so I hope this works.

Anyway, all you people who've been lambasting seaofshoes- please note that clothes' prices are rarely -if ever- stated here. This blog belongs to a young girl who is excited about her purchases and puts up pictures of them. She's not trying to show off how much money she has. Readers come to read and appreciate. We all have our own priorities when it comes to utilising our disposable income- not all of us believe in packing half of it off to third-world countries to be embezzled by corrupt organisations anyway.

In any case, Nenuca is right to say that she spends a lot of money on one or two items. The key phrase is one or two items. You don't see her buying piles of thousand-dollar clothing at one go- these are investment pieces. I live in Singapore, and many Singaporeans' favourite shopping haven is Bangkok (well, back the days when the airports were actually functioning), where the food is heaven and clothing is cheap. In fact, the clothes are so cheap that most tourists leave Bangkok with whole suitcases full of new clothes. Clothes made by REALLY cheap labour in third-world countries (hell yeah Thailand is a third-world country) which last for about three months apiece, more if you're lucky. And when they fall apart, it's time to go back for a new spree.

Which is the wiser shopping decision? You decide.

And yes, I hate all the crap that's happening in the world- I enjoy visiting this blog after reading my daily fix of CNN because it lifts my spirits! There's nothing wrong with sharing your interests with the world, or showing only one side of you to perfect strangers on the world wide web. Blogs don't reflect your entire life, you know- if they do that's kinda sad, methinks.

On another note, the clothes here are beautiful :) keep posting, seaofshoes! It's been a while :)

Photo of michelle

oh, and to Boots: good shoes have great resale value ;)

Photo of Lenny

i just found your blog and spent my break going through your archives...youre amazing! i have never seen so many beautiful shoes either.

Photo of Linn

I really love your style and your clothes!
My inspiration on fashion often come from you and your blog and I'm everytime happy to read you .
I disagree with peoples who say you should not buy a 700$ clothes ! You do what you want ! I just think you're very lucky !
You're amazing in fact :D

Photo of arline Jernigan

I agree with Michelle.

Also, those who challenge Jane to dress in less expensive clothing, need to see that she is really good at thrift and vintage shopping, and puts a lot of great things together regardless of the designer "status" or price. She mixes things very well.

Jane is blessed, but from what I have read and seen, I think she is also creative thoughtful and hardworking.

Sorry to be writing as if you are not reading this Jane, but I just felt like saying that.

Your blog is a happy thing, and I love looking at it, many many others do too, so bring on some more fabulous outfit photo shoots. :)

Photo of Fanny

Hi Jane,
I discovered your blog on the French Glamour! And i must say, I'm in love :)
You're only 16 but you have a real sense of style. It's great :)
By the way, I love your boots!!
Xoxo from Paris.

Photo of Danish girl

I really appreciate your blog. Great finds and nice to see you pay attention to danish designers like Grundahl ;)

As for global economy and terrorism; yes, these things are horrible (no doubt about it), but if she is in a position to spend $700 on a skirt and chooses to do so because of her love for fashion, then more power to her. She is lucky. Should she "suffer" or deny herself things that she can afford because someone else is worse off?

And, Erin, you mention terrorism - what on earth are people supposed to do? Put their lifes on hold until every single bad guy in the world is caught and brought to justice, live in fear and sit on their money? Isn't that exactly what "they" want?

How do you know, that Jane/her family isn't devoted to a specific cause, helping out those who are less fortunate than themselves? You call her appalling, but what are your presumptions and need to pass judgement on her - nice, beneficial, fantastic? Not so much.

Photo of Danish girl

I'm sorry - I commented on what was said by Anon, NOT Erin, as it is written above :)

Photo of Becca

that skirt and those shoes - unbelievably fabulous. STUNNING!

Photo of t.

joan shepp has such great pieces and has the best basement sale, too!

Photo of S

My name is Solenn & I'm french. I use to read the french magazine " Glamour " !!
I read the article on your countless shoes !!
It is so beautiful !
If you want to see my blog, my adress is:

See you soon
xo xo

Photo of katie

did you answer who makes your tights? i love love

Photo of fashionispoison

hello sweetheart! wow i need to catch up on all your amazing posts! this trip sounds like it was such blast! i am in LOVE with you ann boots, the more i see how your wear them, the more beautiful they look to me! joan is awesome, if i ever go to philly, her store will be the first place i vist! the skirt is very unique, you have a great eye- i'm sure you already know that!


Photo of Kristen


Photo of xprgvyjfc pztx

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Photo of Steroids

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