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November 26, 2008

LAST DAY OF THE TRIP//checking out joan shepp

One of the stores on my hit-list here in Philadelphia was Joan Shepp...ever since I visited their online store a couple of weeks ago I have been in love with this Ivan Grundahl wired taffeta skirt.

and today I got it!! It's kind of whacky and dramatic-I cant wait to wear it with my Comme des Garcons 'glove' shirt. The tails on that coat + the drama of this skirt are made for eachother, in my opinion.
(No pictures of it on for now...I was going to wear it to dinner tonight but I think I'm going to stay in and try to sleep off my cold)

My mom and I were lucky enough to meet Joan Shepp when we went-she was so cool and has incredible style! She took us down to her basement, where she kept her special pieces of Yohji Yamamoto and vintage. Awesome stuff!! Joan also had this fantastic Junya Watanabe jacket on display.

It's made out of paper, wow!

Joan wasn't the only one in the store with great personal style, I loved Tuesday's outfit: head to toe Junya Watanbe! Her top had a flowered hood too.


Isn't she so cool?!

Today my mom wore the Hussein Chalayan jacket I mentioned yesterday-the wool scarf is actually attached to the jacket. She also wears Ray Ban glasses, Levi's jeans, and her single lace Ann Demeulemeester boots.
I should also mention that my mom was able to find one of the Martin Margiela shoulder pad jackets at Joan Shepp. As I am writing this post in our hotel room, she is getting ready to go out for dinner and she's wearing it with vintage paint-splattered 501's and her Ann Demeulemeester boots and it looks amazing!


As for me, I am sooooo over the all-black wardrobe I packed for this trip. (Well I did bring my marbled Dries van Noten dress-wore that a couple of times over pants) But today I wore the Rick Owens coat and Ann Sofie Back sweater again, with a vintage Japanese kimono sash (worn as a scarf) and my  triple lace Ann Demeulemeester boots.

(Hah. We're wearing the same boots-slightly different versions, but hey they are awfully comfortable to walk around in)


and before I sign off.....a very very exciting purchase from Joan Shepp..

These Dries van Noten shoes are BEAUTIFUL!
I loved every piece of this collection-apparel, jewelry, and shoes but this pair was a special stand-out. The color of the leather straps is so rich and they are gorgeous mixed with the thinner black satin straps. Seriousely, these shoes are perfection-just look at the curve of the base of the heel, it is exactly the right curviture for this shoe because it matches the arch of the sole.

Not to mention that these shoes look good with everything!

This trip has yielded amazing finds. I wish I could have gone to the vintage stores everyone has been telling me about here (and thank you to readers who emailed me reccomentations!) but they wouldn't even have wanted me in the store, this cold is soo disgusting. It's been kind of a culture shock just walking down the streets here in Philadelphia and New York-you process as much information walking one block here as you would walking for a whole hour where I live! Pretty overwhelming.

I'm going to be happy once I get back to Dallas tomorrow afternoon-I miss my dogs like crazy.

xox Jane


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Photo of ccm

oh booooo i was shopping in center city, phila today but i did not see you at all! i was hoping to spot you so i could give you a celebrity moment and tell you how much i love your blog.

Photo of Amber

so jealous of you. I am glad that you had (looks like you had) a good time.

Photo of Amber

so jealous of you. I am glad that you had (looks like you had) a good time.

Photo of belle fantaisie

i love the skirt and the shoes!

Photo of Brigadeiro

OMGosh! What amazing amazing buys! I tried those DVN shoes during my last trip to Melbourne, and wish I had bought them (I was still hunting the jewelled/sequinned pair I missed out on, doh!), and the skirt! AMAZING! I love Joan Shepp (online for me only), and the stuff she stocks is just gorgeous! Tuesday's outfit is divine, as is your mother's (LOVE the Hussein Chalayan jacket), and of course yours too! Love the floral tights with the AD boots & that amazing Ann Sofie Back sweater.

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

PS. Hope you recover soon!

Photo of PLR

Your finds look fabulous jane!

Just wanted to drop a comment and say that when I looked through your archives today, I found one of the kansai yamamoto sweaters in your collage on ebay, thought I'd give you a heads up. http://cgi.ebay.com/JAPANESE-ART-TO-WEAR-KANSAI-YAMAMOTO-VINTAGE-SWEATER_W0QQitemZ200280017783QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item200280017783&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=72%3A1205|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318

Take care!

Photo of Brigadeiro

PPS. That Junya paper trench is such an incredible work of art!

Photo of life . style . dissected

what a brilliantly successful trip!!!
am so excited for you. and can't wait to see some pics of the skirt/coat combo. just love your site and your wonderful inspiration. thank you!

perhaps we could do a link exchange?



Photo of Michelle E.

I absolutely love your new skirt! Can't wait to see pictures of it and all the new things you've bought! Also, I love your tights! Where are those from?

Photo of Sunset

You guys are so stylish!! And what a good find, you can't really go wrong with Dries.

Photo of r

i'm glad you had such a great time. you and your mom look amazing!! feel better. jane, who is your bag by? i've been looking all over for the perfect brown black combo. thank you!!!

Photo of The Minx

the shoes you bought are amazing! So beautiful and sculptural, I can't wait to see how you style them...

Photo of Natalie

wow i just spent an hour reading almost all of your posts .. i'm captivated by your outfits. each one is so unique .. i'm extremely jealous of your ability to rock any piece of clothing or pair of shoes! your style is utterly amazing. cannot wait to see your upcoming posts!

Photo of Mej of FashionMinded

I love both outfits. and those shoes are to die for. it looks like it would match any piece of clothing it's paired with.

Mej of FashionMinded


Photo of Jenna

Jane, congrats on some great purchases! Much deserved treats!
Now rest up & feel better soon!


Photo of Sophia k.

The New Skirt is Stunning I cant wait to see the outfit you came up with.

Photo of Brianna

Do you have any idea how much it warms my heart that you not only know who Ivan Grundhal is, but that you seek out, buy, AND wear his pieces too?!? I dare anyone else to find designers like him on anyone else's fashion blog. Girl, if that isn't a testament to your impeccable taste and style I don't know what is. Can't wait to see it on!

Photo of Frances

I super super SUPER love both yours and your mom's outfits

Photo of connie

I think I'd totally rock that paper jacket.

Photo of Brenda

okay, drooling over those shoes. :9

Photo of Erin

Those shoes are beautiful, I love your tights too.

Photo of Anon

I love fashion, I love design, but the fact that you post about shopping for a $700 skirt and designer shoes while the world economy is collapsing, terrorists strike a major city and the whole 'normal' starving children around the world thing continues is appalling. Do you care about the outside world at all? Do you do any philanthropy or at least donate money to charities or causes to offset your frivolous spending? Your youth and your passion for fashion are not excuses — you clearly have amazing opportunities, a quick mind and an eye for detail. Why not use them to the wider world's advantage instead of your closet's?

Photo of Eden

Anon, get off your high horse. Should've Bach not written music whilst people were being killed in wars? Should Bartok have not written music during the great depression; WWII and I?
Whilst I'm not saying what Jane does is on the level of Bach, it is still a creative act; and to label that sort of thing "appalling" is well....a bit closeminded.

Photo of B

Jane, where can i get a pair of the stockings you are wearing in this post? It is incredibly hard to find such beautiful hoisery in australia! i'd love to know who they are by!

Congrats on the gorgeous Dries!!

Photo of Jasmine

Both of you are stunning! And youre shoes are amazing!!

Have a nice day!!

xoxo Jasmine

Photo of cdg

simply splendid, i really love how the clothes drape both you and your mother perfectly!someone mentioned Melbourne in the comments...you should visit Australia one day, there are some drool worthy boutiques here!

Photo of nathalie

the Dries van Noten shoes are wondeful! you lucky girl... ;)

Photo of isa vintageflowers

hi Jane thanks for posting despite being ill hope u recover soon and waoh these DVN shoes .....no words really ,do u know Scorah Pattulo shoes?they are gorgeous I have bought some they re on my blog I think u D like this style of shoes XX

Photo of Sofia

Eden, I must agree with Anon.

I too, love fashion and design. There is a lot to be valued and appreciated in such creativity and aesthetics. Holding such a passion does demand a certain degree of materialism, but there is a point where consumer spending becomes difficult to justify.

What perturbs me, is that people are willing to pay exuberant amounts of money for clothing items on a regular basis. Which is why such a large market exists for $700 skirts, designer shoes, etc.
Regardless of whether we can afford these items, the majority of us blogreaders live very privileged and blessed lives. If we look beyond us, there is a world raging out there. SO much need, and SO much we can do. We do have the capacity to alleviate a lot of the suffering in this world. We have to understand that people do not choose to enter poverty and injustice, and we were more fortunate to be born into positions that are far removed from the harshness of this world.
So we should have a heart for our world.

Eden, you use the word 'closeminded'. However, that term is more appropriately applied to the fashion world. The fashion world tends to narrow its focus, but we can't deny that it has implications on the remainder of our world. The clothing we purchase, and the materials required to make them, are often the product of labor in a developing country. The money we spend on clothing enables a fashion industry to flourish, whilst we neglect the other cares of our world. It has a predominant impact on our lives, driving us to wish we could acquire more.

But it is possible to maintain an interest in fashion and hold a social conscience, and act upon that. This has been seen in models and industry figures that incorporate philanthropic acts in their lives. (eg. model Liya Kebede – WHO Goodwill Ambassador for maternal/child health, and founder of clothing line that empowers women in Ethiopia).
So I only hope that we can all find a balance, and identify the need to give back to our world. Time, talent, or money – we should endeavor to apply our opportunities and talent for the greater good, as opposed to simply personal pleasure.

So in response to what has been said, I won’t call anyone ‘appalling’, since I don’t know them personally, and their altruistic acts may not be known publicly. But it is unreasonable to parallel the creative acts of Bach and Bartok with the creative outlet of a blog. I'm not taking the higher moral ground here. I'm not on any high horse. I’m still trying to find a balance, and will hopefully get there, eventually.

Photo of Miss Cavendish

I was dying for an Ivan Grundahl when I was in SoHo last March. (I posted about it then . . .) That's a gorgeous piece; wear it well.

Photo of lopi

Your mum's outfit will hunt me in my dreams! It's amazing and comfortable at thw same time, what I always strive for. Congratulations to her and to you for your amazing new shoes!

Photo of sara

Jane, you and yo mama are FIERCE.

Photo of Nubby

Anon, it's really none of your business what someone chooses to use their money towards, fashion or otherwise. Personally, I think of fashion as wearable art and if you can afford the best and bypass mass-produced chain store offerings for something that is better made, why not?

Photo of izh

HATERS, why don't you just stop reading the blog? This is Jane's blog, she can post whatever she wants! If you're so bothered by how privileged, and how fantastic her own sense of style is, then, just STOP READING AND VISITING.
considering that the title of this blog is "sea of shoes", you guys can hardly expect her to discuss the virtues of giving, not that you would flaunt your charitable works. jane's blog gives us ordinary people a chance to get to know the finer things in life; since not all of us can afford to buy designer clothes, shoes, bags all the time, or some even not at all, her blog gives us a chance to enjoy them thru your experiences

it doesn't follow that if you enjoy the finer things in life, you are selfish and blinded to the needy.

Photo of izh

and yes, you guys have no right to tell people where they should or shouldn't spend their money.

anyway jane, i luv the lace stockings! ^^

Photo of Krista

Christ, that's one expensive skirt.

Photo of Jessica Chu

Great stuff. Just found your blog. Who is your handbag buy? I love it!!


Photo of Prêt à Porter P

Tuesday looks pretty cool. I'll have to check out the online shop for that store.

I love your mom's outfit. Both of your AD boots are amazing. And those are really great tights that you're wearing. And those DVN shoes! I can see why they're perfect! They're beautiful.

I hope you feel better soon! and i cant wait to see what you both come up with using your new outfits!

Photo of chloe

hi jane. it's always a pleasure reading you... and watching your such amazing outfits...
xxx from paris! (french fan :d)

Photo of Caroline

Oh, glad to see you like Ivan Grundahl. I think he's Danish, and I love all my fellow danes. :) I think you would like his store in Copenhagen. It's very small, but they've the whole collection. Thinking about it, there might even be two. :)

Photo of EH

love the outfits, as always. I'm always so impressed at how you ignore trends and instead buy beautiful objects. And then make them look so wearable.

please ignore the ignorant comments above. We're in a global recession. What's the way out of a global recession? Those who can, SPENDING. When you spend $700 on a pair of shoes, you help those who work in retail, and those who make the shoes, keep their jobs. The economy isn't helped by some ignorant bleeding hearts going around self-righteously telling bloggers that they're not weepy eyed enough at the plight of the poor and destitute.

people should be charitable, but that doesn't mean that there isn't a sphere within which you can guiltlessly spend on yourself. If we should all sacrifice all of our personal luxuries whilst there are poor and hungry in the world, 'Anon' should start by selling his or her computer and giving the proceeds to Unicef. No? I didn't think so.

Photo of au pays de candy

this shoes are beautiful!!

Photo of Saree Elias

Jane, just wondering which taste of fragrance you like.... and which one do you use?
kissesss J!

Photo of cece

Dig the the skirt...great find.

Photo of gloria c

i'd love to see if you could be so "stylish" if you didn'y have the kind of money you do. just a thought, not meant to be hateful

Photo of Eden

Sofia, thanks for taking the time out to reply to my comment.
I actually agree with you in many ways-- for instance; I too believe that most clothing from a label is overpriced. But I just feel that Anon's comment is totally overblown; it DOES sound like they're on a high horse; whilst you don't sound like you are. Anon's comment came down like an assault on Jane. It's insulting to her- she doesn't deserve to be attacked like that.

The other thing to remember is that a lot of fashion isn't made in 3rd world countries; and that justifies the price to a certain extent. (I DO say certain extent; it's a sad reality that shops have 100%+ markup margins)Especially with smaller designers, like Ivan Grundahl. It depends on the designer, of course. Some designers exist for the love of their art; others exist for making money. I think you'd fine the money-loving designers are more interested in making them in 3d world countries.

As well as that I'm probably going to keep and use a $700 piece of clothing for longer than I'd use a cheap piece of clothing from Walmart. We all need clothes- the cheap piece of clothing is probably more likely to be produced under the labour of a 3rd word country. Which is more ethical?

I think the word "closeminded" is better applied to Anon. Many people in the fashion indutsry are aware of poverty, etc etc...and try to do something about it. For instance that model you mentioned, Liya Kebede.
It feels like this Anon person saw ONE entry on Jane's blog and decided to write that....that's what I call closeminded. How can you say something like that about someone if you don't know them?

This is interesting..", driving us to wish we could acquire more."..I don't feel that at all. I think it's an attitude encouraged by the fashion industry; although to be fair it's an attitude encouraged by basically all businesess. I mean, I don't feel this need to acquire more. Buying fashion doesn't just let the fashion industry flourish...what about all the industries connected to it? It's all interconnected. And again, much of what Jane buys isn't made in a 3rd world country-- her Margiela shoes; Italy, for example.

I did say it was unreasonable to parallel the acts of Bartok and Bach to the outlet of a personal style blog; but it's still a creative act, nevertheless. I think it's wonderful that Jane does something creative with her clothes. I think it's wonderful that one teenager can be independent and think for herself and not be a zombie to MTV and her peers.

In the end, I think Anon's comment came on as an assult, and I don't like to see a friend of mine treated that way. It's not so much that I disagree with you, but that I disagree the way Anon treated Jane.

Photo of chauss

love the new skirt. :)

Photo of silver

those dries are AWESOME. i never knew of the brand until I read your blog.

Photo of Tavi

Epic jacket you're wearing. Um, a paper trench coat? I'll have 4, thanks. Also, I think your pink tulle Comme des Garcons drapy skirt would be a really interesting layer to add to the black one you bought-kind of poofy hips overload, but I'd like to see it with the hand shirt.

Photo of nenuca

Love the blog and your shoes but I still can't swallow how much money you spend on one or two items. I know this is prying into your personal life but a blog does that anyways, are your parents like oil tycoons or something, living in texas and all.

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