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November 25, 2008

IN PHILADELPHIA//and 'fresh talk' with the supermelon

It's been kind of crazy since we got to Philadelphia last night, but tomorrow we're all going shopping and I'll bring my camera. The only picture I took today was of my outfit this morning in our hotel room. I've got a nasty cold keeping me down but I won't let it get in the way of checking out Philadelphia.

Before we left for Philadelphia yesterday we went to Opening Ceremony-which was an amazing store, and I can't wait to check out the Opening Ceremony in LA next time I'm there. I got this amazing Ann Sofie Back assymetrical sweater (which I am wearing in the above photo) and did I mention we saw Bjork in there? Crazy! My sister and my mom also bought some great stuff, hopefully they'll wear it tomorrow and I can snap some pictures.

I also did a Fresh Talk feature on the Supermelon-thanks again guys!



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Photo of Saree

i so love this outfit.. im looking forward to get those boots though.. do you know where can i buy them online? kisses... keep having fun on your trip! :)

Photo of Eden

Link broken. Better fix ;)

Photo of Claire

Lovely outfit, Jane. It's definitely in keeping with my aesthetic and with the dark and gloomy weather we've been getting in suburban Philly. Do let us know what great places you find in the city... I'll definitely have to explore the next time I get up the courage to take SEPTA there!

Photo of camille

DAMN. this is so good. your long blonde hair makes it even better.

Photo of Emily

This isn't a critical question or anything, but I'm wondering: are you 16, or 18? The blog says 16, but your facebook says 18 - I'd just like to know so that I can gauge just how bad I should feel about being so behind you style-wise!

Photo of Gnarlitude Jen

This outfit is perfection, Jane! I am totally infatuated with extra long sleeves right now and your Mom is the best for letting you borrow that jacket.
My friends just opened a bookstore/gallery in Philly, if you have the chance to stop by tomorrow it's called Juanita & Juan's on the corner of 11th and Cherry.. I think you'll dig it.

Photo of Dani

Just stopping by to say I absolutely adore your blog! Your style is unique, fresh, and delish(:


Photo of mattie


Photo of connie

Those booties are gorgeous, as is the sweater! I can't wait to see more!

Photo of Prêt à Porter P

very cool. those pants/jeans are perfecto, where are they from?

Photo of Sunset

Absolutely love that sweater!

Photo of Sophie

Ann Sofie Back – I’m so proud to be Swedish!:) Btw, I could kill for those shoes, they look really good on you! /Sophie from Sweden♥

Photo of ahlux

where are your boots from miss?

Photo of brigadeiro

HOT HOT HOT! Hope you feel 100% soon, and am so envious you're in Philly! Such a gorgeous city, great shopping and Philly steak cheese sandwiches!

Photo of Lou

I hate you for having those shoes!!
You do not understand the craving I've been having for them for...all my life. Impossible to find in my size though!
Love the layered look.
I adore the randomness with which you put your outfits together.
I find you a lot more inspirational than most people.
You even beat the swedes. Well most of them! And I looooooove the Swedes. :)

Photo of kajsa

Oh, Ann Sofie Back! Swedish design on americas best dressed 16 year old! Now I feel a little bit more proud to be a Swede. (haha, like I had anything to do with your sweater^^)

Photo of Monse

hi jane! i'm a huge fan of your blog!
your shoes are just like.. i don't have words to describe it! (L)
love your style!
those boots OMG! love it!
sorry, my english isn't very good! lol

visit my blog.. i'm so new at this!


Photo of Fashion Tidbits

those are some awesome booties!

Photo of Curious

I was just wondering - where does all this moolah come from, especially at such a time of financial crisis? Do you work anywhere? Or does the blog generate money somehow? Because I think we can all agree that the idea of having a wardobe full of designer items worth literally thousands and thousands at the age of sixteen is pretty alien to most of us. You might as well be a modern-day unicorn to your average ramen-eating H&M wearing student.

Photo of Curious

(That's not neccessarily a critique. I'm just generally flabberghasted and curious.)

Photo of Vogueite

Balenciaga fall 06 platforms?

Photo of izh

hi lovely boots! where'd u get it? :)

Photo of Manon

Hey Jane, I am a french girl so sorry if there are some bad word. I have the magazine ''Glamour'' and I see you a week ago and I think you are a very good look.
Good continuation for buy your dress and your shoes!!
Kiss Kiss Manon =)

Photo of Sarah Frost

WOO! Go Philly :) I live just 10 minutes outside the limits of Philly, in the happy suburbs. I hope you're enjoying it!

Photo of denise

this is AMAZING. i had no idea you had the balenciagas!!

Photo of Eda

OMG! You saw Björk?? That's like seriously COOL! I'm just in love with her voice & I appreciate her a lot!
Great wardrobe BTW! ;) I loved loved your outfit especially the jacket. If I had that jacket I wouldn't mind the cold neither! ;)
I love your blog! Keep up the great work!
Eda, Reader from Turkey!! :)

Photo of Marina

Great sweater and I like that you wear it with Balenciaga boots.Amazing style!

Photo of Fashion Chalet

Those shoes are so hot. I love Balenciaga!!

Have fun at Opening Ceremony <3


Photo of Emma

it's really nice to see some swedish design on you =)
I love ann sofie back

Photo of Marian

hope you feel better soon hun.great feature in Supermelon,just read it.Love the sweater.
enjoy Philly!

Photo of Aminatha

Bonsoir. Do you speak french ? Because me i am french !! And i love
Your "style". You are toO so beautyfull..! And sorry for my horibl english. La Bise. A+ my url: retronelle.skyrock.com

Photo of Nubby

One of your best looks yet; avant garde + black + minimal yet equally amazing!

Photo of Dexter

Awesome shoes, great sweater, enjoy Philly!

Photo of Katura

I've just got to say, I've been lurking on your blog for a while now..and I'm absolutely in awe. You've got kick ass style and amazing taste!

I'd love to go on a shopping trip with you! And those Balenciaga's...to die for. You're too lucky to have found those like you did!

Enjoy Philly!


Photo of Eden

Curious; Jane is in fact a unicorn. So that solves that problem!

Photo of belle fantaisie

love love love your boots!

Photo of juliet

I hope you feel better soon!

juliet xxx

Photo of rachel

do you live in dallas? it's just that a lot of the places you site on here are in dallas. funny thing is, that i live in dallas as well.
just noticing.
amazing blog. mine is in no comparison to yours.

Photo of jess

i have those boots too, we are so lucky haha

Photo of Amy Williams

Love this look!
That asymmetrical sweater looks amazing from what I can see, ASB does some amazing desgins.


Photo of ash

great look, and great interview. it's fantastic that everything is going so well for you, minus the cold!

Photo of letslivefast

oh wow you went to opening ceremony (amazinggg) AND saw bjork?!! luckyyy
and that sweater looks awesome.

would you care to link exchange? :)

Photo of a la mode

those boots are incredible! are they balenciaga?

Photo of Sunshine

Those Balenciaga boots are amazing!

I have be desperately searching for them for over a year!
Does anybody know a good place to look for shoes from past collections?
If there are any suggestions, please let me know!
Stop by my blog:

I love this outfit Jane, look great for someone who is supposed to be sick!
And I just bought Glamour ( I'm in Paris), you look beautiful, and if you don't understand french, they only wrote wonderful things about you!


Photo of Linda Famularcano

Looking fabulous as always (^_^)

Photo of katie

Do you use a nikon? For some reason the photo quality of your shots reminds me of nikon :)

Love this outfit, and I get what you're saying about being sick of black.. I feel that way all the time! I really enjoyed the interview as well.. you come across as having a head on your shoulders, definitely a good thing! And I idolized Picasso as a child too! :)

Sincerely, a fellow southerner..

Photo of katie

oh, and do you have any further details on seeing bjork? I'd go crazy if I saw her in person!!

Photo of shahnaz

hey what is the brand of your shoes?! i love them? do you think that i can still find them somewhere?

Photo of Kathleen

One word: amazing. Love the emphasis on the shoulders on that sweater and those absolutely stunning booties. Can I steal them from you now? lol.

Photo of Alexis

Oh my goddd I love your shoes

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