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November 23, 2008




I was very excited to check out the Y-3 store here and was not dissapointed. I took a picture of Ming, who works there because his outfit was so cool-don't you love his coat?




Today I met Chadd, the Senior Sales Assistant the Rick Owens Boutique here in New York. Isn't he amazing?? Jackie from V.O.D. here in Dallas told me to be on the lookout for him when I was in New York-Chadd is from Dallas too!


The Rick Owens store was incredible. My mom and I both attempted to try on those boots but neither of us could get our feet into them. Sigh.

^The boots that were impossible to put on :-(

^Today I'm wearing a Rick Owens coat (it's not new, my mom bought it last year and lent it to me for the trip, none of my coats are warm enough for NY), Y-3 pants, and my triple lace Ann Demeulemeester boots.

I'm leaving late tomorrow night for Philadelphia but I hope to check out some more stores that were on my hit list.
Thanks so much to everyone who reccomended restaurunts/shops!


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Photo of escritora

fantastic ensembles :) your mum has wonderful leather jacket *envy* :)

Photo of KD

Chad is so intense!! Did you go to Allan & Suzi's?!?!?! You must!!!!!!!!

Photo of Rianna Bethany

Looks like your having an ace time in N.Y, those boots are beautiful, shame they didn't fit. Shop shop shop and shop some more! I found Century 21 quite a crazy shopping experience if your in the mood for rummaging for a bargain.
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxx

Photo of Eli

I love how your family photo is a combination of shades of black and grey!

Photo of Lanvin

Hi Jane,
Thought you might like this little gem:


In your size too I think?


Photo of Jeunesse

Your sister is so pretty. Well all of you are! Nice to see those Ann D boots again... love those heels!

But I have to say... Chadd kinda crept me out. He looked like a hungry anemic hobo. Your Dad was right, he looked like tree, albeit with Chanel as leaves.

Stay pretty. Ciao!

Photo of kristin

love everything but Chadd. man is creepy! and I've seen him in NYC too. the pic of the three of you in the airport is great!

Photo of flashflash

great outfits!!! if you want to see some street style in spain, visit us!

Photo of emmy

Rach: think the black jacket that Jane's sister is wearing is Juicy couture (f/w 07 though)...

Photo of Virginie

J'aime beaucoup ton blog!

Photo of Sophia K.

You always look so amazing. This makes me miss going to NYC havent been in 2 years. Chad is a very interesting person wow I would have to take his picture as well. Keep blogging. Oh and not to sound strange but I have a ton of the same furniture as you (:

Photo of dayna

Isn't NY freezing? I live in NJ and I'm NY at least two or three times a week, hehe. it looks like you had SO much fun. I'm jealous! you have more fun than I do when I'm there!

I want to try those boots on.
ahhh, amazing!


Photo of ita-darling

what kind of sunglasses does your mom wear? they are very nice. I have the same gray leather jacket!

Photo of belle.chantelle

wow that sales associate is wicked cool!

Photo of casey

Those RO boots are amazing! I'm rather new to your blog but I enjoy it. I didn't know you were from Dallas either, I'm originally from there too

Photo of cheyenne

chad is very pale. but very victorian. tim burtony with sumthin' else. i like it :]
have fun!

Photo of tis serendipity

wow i can't imagine how you were able to walk around NYC in those boots! =) you look great! hope you're having a great time there and that the cold gets better...

Photo of Guru

OOOOh I want that Balenciaga gray leather jacket so badly -

Photo of BobDylan

Chadd is the spawn of the devil, otherwise I love your outfits every single one of them!

Photo of catherine

i've tried on the rick boots and they are hard at first, but the more you put them on, that second layer of leather gets softer and more worn in, and it's simple as pie to get them on later! keep working! they are so worth it! i love them and they're sooo comfortable!

Photo of yellowshoe.blogg.se

the boots from the show is soo hot and the heels on yours is crazy.
how do you afford all the designershoes??

Photo of Shopping and Info

I want your mom's gray Balenciaga leather jacket- if she ever wants to get rid of it- email me- before she sells on Ebay if she does or a consignment shop.

Photo of Mavis


Check it out..Winifred Lai(one of the fashion icons in Hong Kong) was wearing the RO boots. She said they are comfortable so even she was running around for her new book sharing functions in Beijing, she still could manage to wear them!

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