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November 01, 2008

DENIM DAZE//collectible americana

Love-worn vintage jeans have always been an obsession of mine.
I found this ediotrial in the October i-D really inspiring.

 Styled by Marina Burini, photographed by Vanina Sorrenti


Scans from tFS

Junya Watanabe was easily one of my top 5 Spring 09 shows. It was a mish-mash of classic Watanabe staples: African tribal elements, classic Americana, and a few semi-Edwardian sillhouettes.

Images from elle.com

Japanese boro textiles aren't denim but their look is relavent to this post:
"In Japan, mended and patched textiles are referred to as 'boro', or rags. For some time within Japan boro was regarded with shame because these utilitarian textiles are strong evidence of rural Japan's impoverished past."
Sri Threads

Above is a indigo-dyed Boro kimono: photo taken from the Sri Threads flickr photostream.

A boro quilt made from homespun hemp and cotton work clothes.

Today I experimented with some denim looks of my own:

A pair of Current & Elliot jeans I am borrowing from mom, Sid & Nancy shirt, vintage ruffled bolero, linking elephants belt, vintage rhinestone and gold necklaces

Vintage patched Levi's, Prada booties, scarf from Anthropologie, Tom Binns cuffs, beige sweater

My mom is wearing her new Current & Elliot jeans, a Ralph Lauren jacket patched in a 'boro' fashion, a Morrocan scarf, and those Givenchy shoes.

Hope you all had a good Halloween! :)

xox Jane


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Photo of pea

very inspiring!
and your mom rocks!!
I adore the jacket and the whole look.

Photo of The Stylish Wanderer

You look fantastic, your mom does too. I love that collection.

Photo of Amee

I'm having a hard attack over those Givenchy shoes. I'm also loving the mixture of textures on both outfits! Y'all are beautiful!

Photo of Amy Williams

Omg - THOSE givenchy shoes!! Amazing!!
Love the Current Elliot jeans...I'm wanting some atm, and those Tom Binns cuffs are ridiculously amazing, you wear them so so well.

Photo of courtney

Okay, i just realized who you look like & your style is kind-of like her too. there was a girl on one of the real world series ... she was from england & I think her name was giselle or something? You look like a tiny, pixie version of her :)
love you & your mom's style ~ makes me want to have a kid & turn her into a mini me. :)


Photo of Brigadeiro

OMGosh! The Givenchy boots! My jaw just dropped! And that indigo-dyed Boro Kimono is just 2D4!

Love your black ruffled bolero, with the tee & your mom's jeans! I just posted on a Zac Posen splash print pleated evening bolero, and that's how I'd love to wear it! Shame I can't fit any jeans atm, boo hoo! (I'd love you to have a look and offer suggestions on how to dress it: http://brigaderochoc.blogspot.com)

All outfits above are just unreally gorgeous!

Photo of Emalyn

I just died. Those Givenchy wedges are deaaaaadly!

Photo of Helen

How can it be a Sid & Nancy shirt if there's a huge John Lydon staring out from the front?

Photo of Nathalie

what did you dress up as for halloween? :)
wow, you and your mom are so cool.. i love the ruffled bolero!

Photo of jamie

i'm panting at the moment. you are the best!

Photo of Brigadeiro

I was so amazed at so many things I forgot to say your mom's RL denim blazer's just gorgeous! I still can't get over her Givenchy boots...*sigh*

Photo of Sandra

you are SO cute! i'm so jealous of your wardrobe...you and your mother always wear the most UNIQUE and amazing clothing

Photo of nicole

I think your mom should start a timeshare for those boots :)

Photo of Brian

Jane! I've been charmed by your site for so long now that I finally feel compelled to drop a note. Normally, I would say that you and your style are brimming with freshness, elegance and wit, like a librarian who has just taken off her glasses. But that would be a bit too verbose for a comments page. So, I'll leave it at this: Well done, lovely site, keep up the good work.

Photo of Mimi

Your mom has impeccable style!!!

Photo of carlotta and annie

your mum looks amazing in her givency's. and you dont look half bad either ;)
no i love the second look, the scarf, and the cuff's compliment each other in a way that i would have never thought.

Photo of fashionispoison

omgomgomg!! THE givenchy boots. oh God someone please hold me i'm about to fall off my chair! i need those shoes so badly. you and your mom look beautiful as usual! i love how little makeup both of you wear. <3

Photo of Raquel

ha, ha Fashion! Jane your outfit with the bolero is really hot!

Photo of Mike

watanabe was a fuckign mess
theres no defending that collection
i appreciate the cdg aesthetic but that was just fucking disgraceful tbh.

he was sooooooooooo much better last season

Photo of Jane

thanks so much everyone :)
i didn't dress up for halloween because I was unfortunately, and for the first time ever: grounded. i was gonna go as yohji yamamoto too-what a bummer.
helen: it may have a picture of john lydon but it is splashed with the news of nancy spungens death. its just a cheesy shirt i picked up on eBay: i wasn't buying it because it was "so totally authentic". ;)

Photo of Catherine

The vintage bolero and Givenchy booties are so beautiful~ :) You and your mother truly have the most creative closet.

Photo of Brigadeiro

Jane, thanks for dropping by my blog and for your comment/suggestion on how to wear the Zac Posen bolero/jacket! Love it!

"Thanks for your compliment! Especially seeing I absolutely love love love your style! I like your suggestion! I used to take more 'risks' when I was younger, must start that up again I used to take more 'risks' when I was younger, must start that up again! :)"

PS> I see you've paired back your blog list, but any chance you'd like to exchange links? :)

Photo of SD

you and your mom have one of the most unique styles i have ever seen
i love it
i linked you back at my blog
hope it's not a prblm


Photo of Brigadeiro

Bahahaha...just read my comment above, don't know what happened there...sorry, that's what happens when I'm up 'til 4am...

Photo of Helen

Oh, alright! I just got curious, there's a lot of stuff going on in the shirt, so I wondered what the Sid & Nancy-part was. Sex Pistols-merch is my guilty pleasures, and I love this shirt, too. The authenticity doesn't really matter in this case :)

Photo of Eden


I think once you get past the overt African symbols which are present at first glance, you find a very subtle collection. It's almost a cliche with hidden depth, which is pretty wonderful.

I mean, Galliano also used African symbolism at Dior- but in a very superficial way. If you look at the clothes there's no depth-- detalils, but no depth. So I think that simple fact that Junya re-invented the whole African referencing thing is rather brilliant. But you have to look beyond the surface.

Photo of tanya

what I want to know is... for what did you get grounded?

Photo of tindi-rindi

I bought a Tom Binns cuff myself few days ago, I was loving his work for quite some time now, so I was glad to find one I love. I bought this silver icy one, it is all in silver tones and has a leaf peaking. Love LoVe lOvE ir of course. I think I need a colourful now :P

Btw, what shoes did you wear with first outfit? :P

Photo of escritora

you (you and your mum) are sooo stylish. push your mum into her own blog, please :)

Photo of irene

AMAZING!!! those denims are amazing amazing amazing! =) wow

Photo of replica handbags

I love your blog. It's always filled with pretty pictures! :)

Photo of diamondsinchampagne

That ruffled bolero is too gorgeous!!!

Photo of So

Oh I love the second outfit!!

Photo of chauss

what is it about denim that's smooshy, frayed, destroyed, shredded? i love it...

Photo of Saree Elias


Photo of Aha

There is something for You in my blog :) BR, Aha


Photo of heltzuu

I love your Sid & Nancy shirt! Your mom looks so great, I wish my mom had such a great style, too! (sorry my bad English, I'm from Finland :) )

Photo of Cece

Super fab denim pics...love your look in the sex pistols t. Excellent combo!

Photo of Mike

why were my comments deleted?
i wasnt insulting anyone...

Photo of --

maybe because it was an embarrasingly shallow evaluation of the collection? it was painful to read.

Photo of Julie

I just discovered your blog
I love your style, you are so young and you have already a very creative approach of fashion !
And I love your mum's Givenchy boots too :)

Photo of Mai.

(don't tell but i like YOU and your MOM's denim looks better than the ones you posted before...)

by the way, loving the kimono!
i'm still, slowly, bringing MY mother to the fashionable light, she was a babe in her day, but you know how times change...shes getting better though!

you two are absolutely fabulous!

Photo of Mike

how was it painfully shallow?
i appreciate junya just as much as the next person
that collection was a disappointment compared to his last two

Photo of crista

awesome post!!!! i am totally jealous of your mom.... i wish mine was into fashion as much as yours is!!!!!!!

Photo of kirafashion

Great style!
I saw at Style Discovery!
Thanks to her :)

a kiss!

Photo of joana

OMG! You and your mom are the best!!
I've never commented here before but I just had to mention that The Givenchy shoes made me become your moms no.1 fan!


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