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November 03, 2008


On today's inspiration board
-Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner
-Blood Tea & Red String, a stop-motion animated film by Christiane Cegavske, 13 years in the making
-The "AFRO-DISIAQUE" editorial from Nov (?) issue of Vogue Paris
see the whole thing at the awesome blog Where the Lights End
-A shot from Wong Kar-wai's In the Mood for Love
A shot from Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon
-The artwork of Egon Schiele

I also want to say thanks to Glamour France for  featuring Sea of Shoes in their "Princeses Fashions" article!

Scans here and here!
Unfortunately I don't speak French but I'm sure it's lovely!


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Photo of B

Jane (and Mom!) I hope you realize that you are going places. People are organically noticing you and your talent and passion. Keep up the amazing work, (all while tackling high school, no doubt!) I applaud you, and love reading your fantastic blog!

Photo of carlotta and annie

you have there three of my favourite movies ( i have never heard of blood tea and string though)+ my favourite artwork by egon schiele . amazing!

Photo of Ally

The title page says "they're ages 14 to 16, Miu Miu and Prada are their religion, and they have a wardrobe to make Eva Longoria jealous. Here are these "baby trendsetters" who are changing the world."

The article talks about a box in the attic with vintage fashion from the 80's, then goes on to say how you're a "fashion addict" with an interesting shoe obsession, and how shoes are the only thing you can be creative with at school, because of the uniforms. It talks about how nothing exciting goes on in Texas, so you have to make up stories and personalities, and then says that you're very fashonable (naturally). Then it explains steampunk, and how you don't follow the silly trends.

All in all, a lovely article indeed.

Photo of Sandra

Haha I was going to translate the article for you but Ally has done a good job of doing that already!

Congratulations Jane!!! It is SUCH an honor to be in French Vogue...you deserve every bit of it. I adore your style :)

Photo of Brigadeiro

I recently posted on 'In the Mood for Love' as one of my favourite movies and fashion inspirations, cool to see it on your board! Ahd oh my, that editorial is unreal! GORGEOUS!

Speaking of unreal, it must be so surreal to be featured in a magazines such as Teen Vogue, Glamour France...And why not? Your style is so awe-inspiring! Congratulations ;)

Photo of Priya

Just wanted to say you and your mum have the most impeccable taste and you both always look stunning. Btw I love Kubrick, Schiele and WKW too! If you're a fan of Schiele I suggest you check out Gustav Klimt-- I think you'll enjoy his paintings as well. I really enjoy reading your posts, congrats on being featured, and I wish you and your mum all the best. Thanks for sharing your life with us :)

Photo of phee

anyone wanna provide a word by word translation?

Photo of reader in DC

Funny you should ask - Jane, I love your blog & it is an inspiration, figured this was the least I can do! I'm afraid I am rusty at French though, and so this translation is not so elegant, the original is much better to read. :) Please anyone correct if I've made an error or there is a better word - I know there is a better way to say "pointu" but it escapes me at this late hour!

>>They are named Jane, Kristen, Arabelle and Chloe, they live in the United States, and all seem to have walked right out of a fashion magazine. Designer pieces, oversize necklaces, high heels, they perfectly master the codes of the "it girl." Models? Fashion editors? No, just high schoolers who love to go shopping with their mothers. Except that in their closets, you'll find Miu Miu shoes and Chanel jackets and that with their knowledge of fashion, they'd be able to hold a conversation with Carine Roitfled. More innovators than fashionistas, they don't follow trends, they influence them. They've all already posed for Teen Vogue, and the sites of Jane and Arabelle have shaken up the blogosphere. Elizabeth Spiridakis, style blogger for the New York Times, admits to have almost "cried" in discovering Arabelle's blog, stunned by the young woman's stylistic maturity, and the French blogger Punky B. was flabbergasted when stumbling upon Jane's blog: "I devoured it all at once, it was impossible to stop." Drunk on "fashion based shows" - television programs dedicated to fashion - and others, Gossip Girl, they study the fashion culture like pros. They're combing through magazines, spending hours in vintage boutiques, and creating "mood boards" - the tableaus used by fashion editors - which they show on their blogs. So Miley Cyrus, the heroine of the Disney show "Hannah Montana," photographed by Annie Leibovitz for the cover of "Vanity Fair" at age 15, doesn't really make an impression on them. Kristin is starting an online fashion magazine, while Chloe celebrated her 15th birthday backstage at New York fashion week. Attention - they've arrived! Kate Moss and her friends had better watch out.
The most specialized
At the Aldriges', fashion is passed from mother to daughter. So, once the former, who was a model in Japan during the 80's, decides that Jane is old enough to be initiated, she'll go find a box in the basement. "I remember it like it was yesterday. 'For Jane' was written on it. And inside, all of my mother's vintage Comme des Garcons. That was my first emotional response to clothes." Today, Jane is a true "fashion addict," who cultivates an obsession very specifically for shoes. Boots, stilettos, sandals, wedges... she has dozens of pairs in her closet. "It's the first thing that other girls look at when I arrive at school in the morning. And, with uniforms required, the only eccentricity that's allowed." On her blog, www.seaofshoes.typepad.com, she shows her "mood boards," posts photos of her outfits and transforms her shopping trips with her mother and sister into mini news reports.. when she isn't hunting for couture pieces on eBay to kill time. "In Texas, where I live, not much happens. It makes you want to invent your own stories, to create personalities." Her precise, sophisticated look gave her the chance to pose for Teen Vogue and for Refinery 29, a very in-vogue American fashion site.
Her dress code for winter: the "steam-punk." But.. what's that? It's science-fiction written today that takes place in the 19th century. To translate into aesthetic terms: a Victorian inspiration. To translate to the level of shoes: a pair of laced up boots by the Belgian designer Anne Demeulemeester, to look for on her blog.
What she'll never wear: the must-have piece of the moment, the one that's in all the magazines, on all the young women. The worst "fashion faux pas" according to Jane: to never take any risks.

Photo of Brigadeiro

Thanks for the translation DC! Shame we don't have the next few pages ;)

Photo of Natacha

Hi, it's the first time I post a comment on your blog, even if I read it very often!! I see you was on Glamour french, I live in France (my english is not very well but I expect you understand me ^^)! That Glamour says in this article is SO lovely, you are for this magazine an exemple and a model for the "blog world".

Photo of kajsa

Just wanted to say that I borrowed some pics from your blog during the last couple of weeks for postings at my blog. Hope its okey otherwise I will of course take them away!?!
Made a post about what makes me happy when autumn is making my northern parts of Sweden a chilly colourless place to live in. And your blog is certainly a inspiration when my brain is running mad in lack of whattowear-thoughts!
So thanks. And again, I hope it was okey of me to borrow some pics. (if you want to se the post just follow the link to my blog)

Photo of Carole of Paris

Hello, I am French and have just received in my limps with the letter new Glamour of December. The article "Fashion Princess" in which you appears is brilliant. I liked the article much on you, like your photographs.I was as a fan of Glamour to leave you a small message on your blog which is splendid. I wish you good continuation. PS: you will excuse me for the spelling mistakes if there is, I am not billingue unfortunately. Carole of Paris

Photo of stefanie

Congrats! You deserve it, your style (and your mom's ^-^) are impeccable. HAve a great week!

Photo of stylenowhere

You always make the most wonderful inspiration boards and congrats!

Photo of meghane

hey, Im an eighteen french girl who simply loves glamour. So I received my december glamour and saw the "princesses fashion" article! I have to say that It made me go to your blog and I wanted to tell you that I love it!!! Its amazing, you're very talented! I think I'll continue to come here because Im fond of fashion and you're just amazing!! good luck for everything you do

ps: you're mum is so ROCK'N ROLL, lucky you!!! ( sorry for my english... I certainly did mistakes...)

Photo of Gina

I am such a huge fan. Turning to your blog is my first act of every morning these days. I am obsessed!

Photo of Kitty Manoir

I'm french and i read glamour : don't worry it's a lovely article about you!

Photo of nina

hi there,

you should really do the next "mothers and doughters" shooting for the french fashion label comptoir des cotonniers from paris!
you both are gorgeous!
here ist the website and more informations about the shooting:


think about it!
all the best,

Photo of MissMagAddict

Honestly I can't believe you've been on tFS all this time & I only found you yesterday. I spent awhile last night going through your entire blog & I'm totally smittem with you & your mom. I adore the way you both style yourselves & your lives. Your passion for fashion & life shines through. It is so rare these days to find an original content blog... so please keep creating your life & always stay true to yourselves.

Congratulations on the French Glamour article. It is wonderful & you surely deserve it.

Photo of Manon

Je suis française . Fan de Mode , mais pas aussi mordue que toi . ^^
Je t'ai découvert grâce à GLAMOUR . Et j'adore ta façon d'être .
Bref ...

Bonne continuation .

P.S: I'm sorry , je ne parle pas bien anglais =S .


Photo of shopgirl

hey, i'm a french girl and i just read the article in glamour !
i had already been on your blog so it was a nice surprise to see you in !
your margiela shoes are incredible btw !
keep posting your fabulous looks, you and your mom look great !
Congrats !

Photo of Laura

First of all congratulations for the blog, it´s great! I would love to check the blogs of the other girls featured in the "Princeses Fashions" article, but I don´t live in France, so I can´t buy the magazine, could somebody please post the links to their blogs?
Thanks a lot!

Photo of Jeanne

They only tell good things about you, that french fashion bloggers like punky b couldn't just leave your blog how much they liked it !

Just keep doing it, it is awesome-

Photo of escritora

congratulation :) article in French Glamour isn't something usual :)

Photo of Erin

Pointu actually means edgy in french fashion speak. It means "sharp" normally. I am American but have lived both in France and the US and I actually found your blog through Punky B! I normally read only the french fashion blogs because I prefer their style but you are my exception. Keep up the good work!
BTW, I also second the suggestion above that you think about doing Comptoir des Cotonniers "meres et Filles" campaign. You and your mom would be shoo-ins, though you might have to go to London for casting, I don't think they do them in the US:(

Photo of Clotilde

I read the article from Glamour (that's why I'm here), then I wondered if this site was that incredible, and, oh Yes, I think so.
The links for the other blogs are:
and there's nothing told about the last girl...

Photo of Céline

omg girl you're just amazing! you really have your style wich is beautiful!
in fact I have found your website cause I have just been reading the article on you on the glamour france.(i'm french hehee)
I'm a fashion addict too an I think you're one of the most well-weared ameriocan girl i've seen ;)
Parsisian fashion girls have found a worthy descendant :D
Bisouuux et continues comme cà! (kiss and continue like that!)

ps: sorry for the mistakes! (?)

Photo of Céline

omg girl you're just amazing! you really have your style wich is beautiful!
in fact I have found your website cause I have just been reading the article on you on the glamour france.(i'm french hehee)
I'm a fashion addict too an I think you're one of the most well-weared ameriocan girl i've seen ;)
Parsisian fashion girls have found a worthy descendant :D
Bisouuux et continues comme cà! (kiss and continue like that!)

ps: sorry for the mistakes! (?)

Photo of Prêt à Porter P

so cool!! congratulations!!
i can understand a bit of the article so far, i guess my french lessons are paying off.

Photo of Shay Wilson

cool inspiration board as always! I dressed up as Pris for halloween, pics on my blog.

Photo of little_lj

Yes yes and YES to Priss from Blade Runner. Gorgeous.

Photo of arabelle

hey, i'm the arabelle in the article, would someone scan me my part? xD

Photo of Christine

How amazing! You ladies deserve everything you've got!
I'm extremely jealous I've gotta say.

Photo of Ariane

Hey!!! I don't want to sound like all the other french girl who read the article and who wrote comment above but i think you are amazing.
I already knew about your site but i never thought about writing a comment.
It was pretty funny because when i read the article in Glamour this afternoon i was: "whoaw i know this girl"
and then i read the article and i think it was quite good.
It actually says everything i think about you:
A real fashionista who knows about fashion (obviously) and who really likes shoes,...
No seriously i really love your tastes and i shall wish you well and good luck for the future.

Photo of Nina

in the mood for love is one of my favorite films. maggie cheung has such amazing style.

Photo of TootyLaCoquette

Hey !
I dare posting on you blog after reading it for few months now.Congrats on being in the Glamour France !

A french reader ;o)

Photo of cheng

congrats again, Jane. i love your inspiration boards.

Photo of Cely

Jane, i've read your blog for 6 months, but i've never commented your article.

I'm 14 years old, and I live in France. I'm really fond of your blog, your outfits, your inspiration boards ... You always look so AMAZING. ♥

I read the article in Glamour, you're the best !

Love. =)

PS : Sorry for the mistakes i probably made, I started learning english 3 years ago... =o

Photo of Inès

Hello, I am French and I am a follower of the glamorous magazine and as subscribed I saw that of December when you intervenes. I find your blog rather symphatique and I wish you a good continuation. Kisses, Inès

Photo of Juliette

HI !
I'm french, and i see you in glamour.
I just want you to know that i love your style !

I wish you a good continuation on the futur.

Photo of Anne

Je lis le glamour ( français ) & c'est d'ailleur comme ça que j'ai touvé ton blog !!
Et pour tes chaussures Waouh !!

Et désoler je ne parle pas bien l'anglais =S

Photo of Roumayssa

I was going to translate this article too, but DC did a good job.
Hi, I'm a french girl and i'm suscribed to Glamour France, so when i received it in my letterbox, and i saw you, i was like "hey i already went to her blog."
Galmour's right, you're a real fashion princess, and you're a real source of inspiration, you always look amazing. I wish you a good continuation
P.S: Your shoes are WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!! I wish i could ever have them!!! lol

Photo of Laura

The article about you in the french Glamour is really lovely. It's actually thank's to it that I have discovered your very nice blog, and I'm so glad I have ! It's such a pleasure to look at your gorgeous outfits & especially your shoes :))
Keep doing this way, your blog is wonderful !

Photo of Laura

Thanks Clotilde!

Photo of sophie

it's the first time that i comment on your blog and i just wanted to say that you're such an inspiration! keep on doing that!

also, i've been wondering about this for so long.
what program do you use to make your collages? (gonna need that for a project at uni)

thank you.

sophie xxx

Photo of PM

I personally think this jacket looks tacky. Due to the added lace doiley on the sleeves and collar lining. Looks 90s and not in a appealing way-

Photo of Becca

how amazingly fantastic is that article! If you want a translation I can oblige. You are fabulous - congrats on the feature!

Photo of Roxane

Hi, I'm French, and I saw you in Glamour magazine..I love your clothes and your style...You're so beautiful :D
I hope you'll succed in this fashinable world because you're great :)

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