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November 10, 2008

A LOVELY DRAWING BY MONICA//check out her blog, it's so cute!!

Today I got an email from Monica of The Mo & Minikille Dressing. She did this virtual drawing of me, isn't it cool? Do look at her blog-she posts drawings like these of her great outfits everyday.

Thanks Monica! 


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Photo of MissMagAddict

That's so cute!

Photo of Blue

That's a wonderful drawing! Love the Balmain jacket

Photo of izh

OMG this is so cool! ^^ and it really kind of looks like you! :) fab!

Photo of Sunset

Love it! Now you NEED that Balmain jacket.. (if you don't have it already!)

Photo of Sunshine

She is a fraud, a copy cat.
A french illustrator named Marie Perron has be doing the exact same thing for years, only she does it better, and for ELLE and Jalouse.
I really loike your blog and I don't think you should be promoting people scam of other people.

Photo of Fashion Fille

oooh i love that! awesome virtual clothes ;)!

Photo of jebrew

I just started my own fashion blog about conscious consumerism and I mentioned your blog in my most recent post. http://fashionconscience.blogspot.com/2008/11/ebay-tips.html
I thought you might enjoy. I love your blog.

-Jenny Brew

Photo of stefanie

haha wow ^-^ Mm that jacket is to die for!

Photo of Marjorie

hey Jane, how are you?
My name's Marjorie and i'm french.I love your blog, i'm a new fan of your enormous talent. I'm part of Modepass group on www.modepass members.com
Do you know Modepass?
I think you're a great artist.
Kisses from France

Photo of Logo Design

Wow, What a amazing style, Very beautiful and interesting , I like it so much .

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