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November 30, 2008


I am wearing a vintage Jean Claude Jitrois leather jacket that my mom recently bought on eBay. It is totally amazing and we're both really excited to have this piece in our collective vintage archive!!

It has beautiful gold detailing, as you can see, in the shape of leaves. I took so many more pictures of it today (and some other things) but the pictures I took just didn't turn out well...some other day when I have better light I will show you close up pictures of it. The leather is gorgeous and there is even detailing on the inside of the tails. The detailing and tails give it the same kind of military feeling as some of the jackets in my last post.

Today I am wearing it with Y-3 wool pants and gold-green satin Marni buckle pumps, and an American Apparel grey tank top and a load of gold chains (not visible in this photo) isn't our new Christmas tree pretty? We haven't decorated it yet because we've yet to make our ornaments.

November 29, 2008

MILITARY/BAND JACKETS//they are so cool

Military/band jackets are so cool

-Jimi Hendrix agrees
-Prince agrees
-Adam Ant agrees
-Giovanna Battaglia agrees
-Japanese cool kids agree
-The Beatles agree
-Christophe Decarnin agrees
-John Galliano agrees


In the 'Ultimate Wardrobe' of my mind, I would have an awesome band jacket to wear everyday. The thing is its just not that easy: it is so hard to find an authentic band jacket. Maybe all of the cool ones have already been bought. Almost everytime I look on eBay (and I check all the time) the only ones they have are too big or they have wierd logos on them. One time there was a red band jacket with tails that I was going crazy over and I bid on it, but it ended up going for $$$$$!!

You see the image of the girl from FRUiTs magazine wearing the cut-off jeans and blue admiral jacket? This is such an amazing outfit, I'm obsessed with it! It's an old picture, from like the late nineties I think. I found it a couple of years ago and from then on I've been on the hunt for a jacket just like hers...

I have a Kansai Yamamoto jacket with some military-ish detailing on it that is actually quite amazing but it's not the 'real deal'. I'm talking about actual band-geek jackets.

It makes me wonder too, military/band jackets have a huge pop-culture signifigance right? Just look at my listup there, cool people wear military jackets. Cool people have been wearing military/band jackets for a long time. So why aren't there cool reproduction military/band jackets being made? There are always 'military inspired jackets' out there but I feel like they're pretty half-assed. Why not go crazy with gold tab detailing, stand up collars, tails, and huge buttons?

A little selfish part of me is even reluctant to post this because in the back of my mind I worry that there will be a day that I find the ultimate band jacket on eBay and someone else will see this and snap it up. Haha. But I know I'll find one some day soon.

November 26, 2008

LAST DAY OF THE TRIP//checking out joan shepp

One of the stores on my hit-list here in Philadelphia was Joan Shepp...ever since I visited their online store a couple of weeks ago I have been in love with this Ivan Grundahl wired taffeta skirt.

and today I got it!! It's kind of whacky and dramatic-I cant wait to wear it with my Comme des Garcons 'glove' shirt. The tails on that coat + the drama of this skirt are made for eachother, in my opinion.
(No pictures of it on for now...I was going to wear it to dinner tonight but I think I'm going to stay in and try to sleep off my cold)

My mom and I were lucky enough to meet Joan Shepp when we went-she was so cool and has incredible style! She took us down to her basement, where she kept her special pieces of Yohji Yamamoto and vintage. Awesome stuff!! Joan also had this fantastic Junya Watanabe jacket on display.

It's made out of paper, wow!

Joan wasn't the only one in the store with great personal style, I loved Tuesday's outfit: head to toe Junya Watanbe! Her top had a flowered hood too.


Isn't she so cool?!

Today my mom wore the Hussein Chalayan jacket I mentioned yesterday-the wool scarf is actually attached to the jacket. She also wears Ray Ban glasses, Levi's jeans, and her single lace Ann Demeulemeester boots.
I should also mention that my mom was able to find one of the Martin Margiela shoulder pad jackets at Joan Shepp. As I am writing this post in our hotel room, she is getting ready to go out for dinner and she's wearing it with vintage paint-splattered 501's and her Ann Demeulemeester boots and it looks amazing!


As for me, I am sooooo over the all-black wardrobe I packed for this trip. (Well I did bring my marbled Dries van Noten dress-wore that a couple of times over pants) But today I wore the Rick Owens coat and Ann Sofie Back sweater again, with a vintage Japanese kimono sash (worn as a scarf) and my  triple lace Ann Demeulemeester boots.

(Hah. We're wearing the same boots-slightly different versions, but hey they are awfully comfortable to walk around in)


and before I sign off.....a very very exciting purchase from Joan Shepp..

These Dries van Noten shoes are BEAUTIFUL!
I loved every piece of this collection-apparel, jewelry, and shoes but this pair was a special stand-out. The color of the leather straps is so rich and they are gorgeous mixed with the thinner black satin straps. Seriousely, these shoes are perfection-just look at the curve of the base of the heel, it is exactly the right curviture for this shoe because it matches the arch of the sole.

Not to mention that these shoes look good with everything!

This trip has yielded amazing finds. I wish I could have gone to the vintage stores everyone has been telling me about here (and thank you to readers who emailed me reccomentations!) but they wouldn't even have wanted me in the store, this cold is soo disgusting. It's been kind of a culture shock just walking down the streets here in Philadelphia and New York-you process as much information walking one block here as you would walking for a whole hour where I live! Pretty overwhelming.

I'm going to be happy once I get back to Dallas tomorrow afternoon-I miss my dogs like crazy.

xox Jane

November 25, 2008

IN PHILADELPHIA//and 'fresh talk' with the supermelon

It's been kind of crazy since we got to Philadelphia last night, but tomorrow we're all going shopping and I'll bring my camera. The only picture I took today was of my outfit this morning in our hotel room. I've got a nasty cold keeping me down but I won't let it get in the way of checking out Philadelphia.

Before we left for Philadelphia yesterday we went to Opening Ceremony-which was an amazing store, and I can't wait to check out the Opening Ceremony in LA next time I'm there. I got this amazing Ann Sofie Back assymetrical sweater (which I am wearing in the above photo) and did I mention we saw Bjork in there? Crazy! My sister and my mom also bought some great stuff, hopefully they'll wear it tomorrow and I can snap some pictures.

I also did a Fresh Talk feature on the Supermelon-thanks again guys!


November 23, 2008




I was very excited to check out the Y-3 store here and was not dissapointed. I took a picture of Ming, who works there because his outfit was so cool-don't you love his coat?




Today I met Chadd, the Senior Sales Assistant the Rick Owens Boutique here in New York. Isn't he amazing?? Jackie from V.O.D. here in Dallas told me to be on the lookout for him when I was in New York-Chadd is from Dallas too!


The Rick Owens store was incredible. My mom and I both attempted to try on those boots but neither of us could get our feet into them. Sigh.

^The boots that were impossible to put on :-(

^Today I'm wearing a Rick Owens coat (it's not new, my mom bought it last year and lent it to me for the trip, none of my coats are warm enough for NY), Y-3 pants, and my triple lace Ann Demeulemeester boots.

I'm leaving late tomorrow night for Philadelphia but I hope to check out some more stores that were on my hit list.
Thanks so much to everyone who reccomended restaurunts/shops!

November 21, 2008


Also, to change things up...here are my top three albums of this week as well:


Ryuchi Sakamoto's Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (1983)

Morgan Geist's Unclassics (2004...but it's a mix of elctonic disco 1978-85..) and Japan-Tin Drums (1981)

Must get packing :)

SCHOOLS OUT//tomorrow i leave for new york &then philadelphia

*Note the Miu Miu dragonfly shoes-my mom bought them for herself at Neimans Last Call in a size 8 even tho she is a size 10-shes decided to buy her own properly fitting pair on eBay and hand these down to me which is awesome because these shoes are awesome!

November 17, 2008

MANIC MONDAY//this whole week is manic actually

(If I don't update much between now and Friday it's because I have an epic amount of papers, homework, and exams this week-but I'm very excited to leave for New York on Saturday! ;-D)

I am obsessed with this editorial from i-D last year and the image of the girl cutting her hair is from the 2004film Mind Game by Masaaki Yuasa, which I have yet to see but the DVD is on the top of my Christmas wish list...

xox jane


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